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AR Calling Services

Outsource AR Calling Services

Reduce the considerable spending on hiring an in-house team, operational costs, and boost your return on investment with Outsource2india's AR calling services

The financial health of a healthcare organization is crucial for its survival and the healthcare practitioners would not be able to continue their services unless they receive the full settlement. Thus, a systematic AR calling is critical to a successful medical business.

At Outsource2india, we make sure that the AR calling process is handled by a skilled and competent team of AR calling professionals who have extensive experience in using the advanced tools to thoroughly follow up with the clients to get the full remittance. Our AR calling services focus on the difficulties that delay debt collection, which may include claim issues, negligence, etc.

AR Calling Services We Offer

Our AR Calling staff can ensure that claims are paid as quickly as possible so that the healthcare professionals can focus on delivering world-class medical services rather than performing management tasks. Some of the services that fall under our AR calling services include -

  • Track Unpaid Insurance Claim

    If you want to maximize the payment that you are entitled to and in the shortest possible time, then, you must outsource AR calling services to us. Our expert healthcare support team can help you maintain low average AR days by diligently following up with the medical insurance company and patients for any impending settlement amount.

  • Manage Patient's Collectible

    If you are dissipating valuable resources to manage the patient's collectible, but not getting the intended outcome, then, do not worry, we can help you with the collections, payments, etc. This will streamline the entire process of administrating the patient's collectible and ensuring that you recuperate from the financial constraint.

  • Track Electronic and Paper Claim

    Our AR analysts can proficiently monitor the receivables while ensuring that it remains within control. They can efficiently track each electronic and paper claim. They are also vigilant while handling the rejections from a clearinghouse/carrier.

  • Generate AR Reports

    Our AR calling experts can assist you to create monthly/quarterly/yearly financial reports on the account receivables. This will assist you in distinguishing the collectibles & non-collectibles and also in the identification of co-insurance along with its calculations.

AR Calling Services Tools We Leverage

We use the most advanced software/tools to offer fast, economical, and secure AR calling services. If the claim is not remitted within the expected time, our support team will receive a warning message/alert. It will also indicate the real amount and the expected refund, based on which the team will mark the underpayment. This way, with the help of the software, our team can successfully track every unpaid medical claim, handle debt collection, and generate debtor reports.

The software/tools we leverage helps us improve your facility's cash flow by effectively managing the AR calling process. A few of the tools we rely on are -

Armatic CMI Accounting DocuPhase Esker's accounts receivable Funding Gates NolaPro PayStand Quantum Invoicing QuickBooks Sage Business Cloud Accounting SlickPie WorkflowAR Xero

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Choosing Us for AR Calling Services

Outsource2india has been a prominent AR calling services provider for the last two decades and has earned the trust of the world's leading healthcare customers. We have the necessary resource capabilities and expertise to make the most of your entitled amount help you resolve all your AR calling related issues. Outsourcing AR calling services to O2I can give you the following advantages -

  • Affordable AR Calling Services

    We have the most efficient and flexible AR calling services to give you the option to take the pricing model based on the hours or the units of work performed, and more. We can also adjust the price of the AR calling service based on your niche requirements.

  • Data Security

    We use a secure server to receive/download your healthcare company's data to our database only via FTP. Our secure workplace and strict compliance with mandatory security policies. Our professionals have restricted systems' privileges only to the needed equipment and programs. In addition, the workstations are continuously being monitored from login to log out.

  • 100% Information Security

    Outsource2india has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2022 ISMS, reflecting our commitment to establish, implement and protect safety parameters within the framework of healthcare organizations. We are capable of protecting your medical information from any security incidents.

  • HIPAA Compliant Services

    Outsource2india sticks to 100% HIPAA's standard adherence that ensures the implementation and compliance of all necessary safeguards in physical systems, networks, and processes. We begin any healthcare project only after signing the HIPAA agreement.

  • Multiple Delivery Centers

    We have over 10 delivery centers around the world, which enables us to provide fast AR calling services. These centers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thus, giving you a time zone advantage. Also, we promise you that no matter where you work in the world, our representatives will always be able to make calls/emails/messages during your working hours.

  • Best Infrastructure

    Our offices have advanced infrastructure facilities, system, and tools necessary to provide high-quality AR calling services. In addition, we have autonomous Internet leased circuits, 200% power backups, integrated IT redundancies, and more. In addition, we require our healthcare staff to adhere to confidentiality measures of the HIPAA.

  • Accuracy

    We have a devoted quality assurance team to handle the project that allows us to provide over 98% accuracy for all the healthcare support services, including medical billing, AR follow-ups, revenue cycle management, etc., that exceeds the industry norms.

  • Ease of Scalability

    We have the required resource capabilities with respect to the numbers and infrastructure facilities. You can count on us to manage your business needs, so you only pay for the services you get.

  • Better Productivity

    We use a methodical approach to tackle the challenges associated with the AR calling. By choosing us to offshore AR calling services, you can increase productivity immediately.

  • Saves Time

    By outsourcing AR calling services to us, you can protect your healthcare professional from monotonous AR calling works. This will give them additional time to concentrate on their core abilities and serve the patients in a better way.

  • Skilled Team

    We have a healthcare and insurance support team of more than 300 experts, which includes, AR analysts, medical billers & coders, medical claim processing experts, etc. They are proficient to provide the industry's best AR calling services, process claims rejections, analyze and verify the code, and track the patient's remaining balance. This will ensure a steady flow of cash that will help you bring about accelerated growth in your healthcare organization.

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Outsource2india is a prominent provider of AR calling services in India with extensive expertise in medical billing & coding, medical claim processing, payment posting, revenue cycle management, and many other healthcare BPO services. We have 25 years of experience in serving the healthcare support services to clinics, hospitals, and doctors around the world. Also, our delivery centers are spread across multiple time zones that enable us to deliver high-quality healthcare support service in the shortest possible time.

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