eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology

eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology

Implement and host eRAD as the PACS system to access a comprehensive suite of support solution to detect, read, and report patient cases from any location

As a radiologist or teleradiology service provider, are you looking for an expert partner to help you streamline the workflow of the eRAD PACS system for teleradiology? If so, you must outsource eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to Outsource2india. Our team consists of expert radiologists, analysts, healthcare support staff, and consultants. We also possess in-house competence to implement, host, and support the eRAD PACS system.

eRAD as a robust PACS system offers a complete workflow alternative to address the challenges of flexibility and configurability related to the complex reading environment of teleradiology. Since the last two decades, we have excelled in various teleradiology solution, healthcare support, telemedicine services, and other diagnostic support solutions. As a radiologist group, you can rely on our professionalisms for all your eRAD PACS system needs.

What to Expect from Outsource2india's eRAD PACS System?

eRAD has evolved from a remote reading solution via web-based PACS to a comprehensive suite of support solutions, covering specific features & tools for detection, reading, and reporting. By outsourcing eRAD PACS system for teleradiology, you can access your enterprise's scalable, web-based PACS to help you with the research, detection & reporting, practice workflow.

As the official reseller of eRAD, we can create a complete diagnostic solution that will help you with case reporting, access expert radiologist, create analytics report, etc. A few of the major features of O2I's eRAD PACS system for teleradiology are -

  • Integrated Extended Reporting

    It is not necessary to purchase a separate reporting system when you go for web-based report editing eRAD scrolling installation and provisioning. With eRAD PACS system in your facility, you can edit, scroll, dictate, attach images, use speech recognition in your PACS system. You can also access real-time cases from any system.

  • Easy Data Sharing

    eRAD PACS allows you to safely upload images, scan documents and share/update data across multi-sites. This ensures consistency across systems and eases the monitoring of the case with zero interference.

  • Fast Image Prefetching and Pre-caching

    A third-party archive eliminates the hassle of complex traditional migrations, thus, the research time in any case (emergency or otherwise) will reduce significantly. Also, the research on a radiologist's workstation is based on strategy-based pre-caching for optimal efficiency, thus, pre-fetching will be easier than ever.

    Choosing O2I as your eRAD PACS system for teleradiology service provider, you will get a world-class web-based PACS, which would be platform independent, and can be accessed from anywhere.

  • 3D Volume Rendering

    If as a group, you cover multiple locations, then with 3D volume rendering in the eRAD PACS system, you can manage your workflow in an expert manner. You can reconstruct any images and improve clinical quality by identifying the same points in all orthogonal images by associating the 3D volume with the 2D series. Thus, the option to streamline the workflow is just a button away.

  • Absence of Web Footprint

    As a zero-footprint application that makes the accessibility of files simpler, eRAD PACS system for teleradiology offers a robust browser-based platform. With this in your clinic, you can easily check the patients' case history, scan & download reports/images, and update from any mobile devices.

  • Event-driven Workflow

    eRAD PACS system allows its user to boost their workflow productivity by creating specific events and triggers. The users can set rules to trigger notifications, create learning assignments, share among peers, etc.

  • Integrated Mammography Module

    The mammography module is fully integrated with the eRAD PACS system and provides a comprehensive set of breast imaging tools. Thus, a dedicated tool or workstation is no longer necessary. This simple arrangement will save countless hours, boost productivity, and remove clutter.

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Choose Outsource2india for Outsourcing eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology?

O2I provides eRAD PACS system that can stand the test of time, and fully loaded with several technical features, including LDAP support, custom web templates, SSL encryption protection, etc. If you choose to outsource eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to us, you can avail the following benefits -

  • Flexible Pricing Models for eRAD PACS Systems

    We offer flexible pricing options for eRAD PACS systems based on your location, turnaround, project duration, etc. Also, we can customize the technical features of the eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to suit your exact demands. With us, you need not to worry about the price or the turnaround.

  • 100% Adherence to ISMS Regulations

    As a prominent provider eRAD PACS system for teleradiology in India, O2I has added another feather in its cap after ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certification. The accreditation shows our capability, competence, and will to establish, monitor, and address and information security issues. With us as your partner, you can rest assured that none of your data will be mishandled, leaked, or misused.

  • HIPAA Compliant Services

    We are HIPAA compliant organization and strictly adhere to each and every norm mandated by HIPAA. Thus, you can expect a rock-solid security measure that can secure the protected health information of your facility.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our office has the most advanced servers, advanced systems, solid networking tools, firewalls, spam filters, etc. In addition, our office is equipped with secure VPN communications systems, 200% power back up, etc.

  • 24/7 Support

    We provide robust back-end support for all processes and 24/7 online support is available through chat rooms and toll-free helpline to facilitate your queries and escalations.

  • Exceptional Team

    When you decide to outsource eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to us, we will engage the best of the QA team and sub-specialty radiologists who will work with project and guide its development.

  • Economies of Scale

    If you do not have the means to expand your service reach, you can choose us as your eRAD PACS system for teleradiology service partner. Through the commitment of our experienced staff, we can meet your requirements, irrespective of the image volume or turnaround time.

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Outsource eRAD PACS System for Teleradiology to O2I


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Outsource2india is a global leader in providing eRAD PACS system for teleradiology that can address the incumbent needs or radiologists, clinics, hospitals, etc. Since two decades, we have provided all types of teleradiology solutions to radiologist communities around the world. With world-class infrastructure and a vast network of radiology consultants, we have catered to the eRAD PACS system needs of more than 1000 global clients.

By outsourcing eRAD PACS system for teleradiology to O2I, you can leverage the extraordinary features of the tool to change your competitive position in the radiology/teleradiology service market. Get in touch with us to know more about the eRAD PACS system. We will be more than happy to help.

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