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Why Outsource Teleradiology Services to O2I?

  1. Licensing and Credentialing

    Outsource2india's radiologists who provide services for hospitals in the U.S are ABR certified radiologists. All our radiologists are licensed to carry out a practice within different states in the United States. We ensure that we meet all the requirements to obtain a hospital appointment within the different states in the U.S

    Our radiologists have licenses in U.S states, such as, Indiana, Maryland, Nevada, Texas, New York, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado, New Jersey, Washington, Delaware, Oklahoma, Michigan, California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Louisiana, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Minnesota amongst others. At Outsource2india, we have an insurance policy that gives us protection throughout all the states in the U.S. Even if your hospital belongs to a state in which we do not have a license, we can obtain a license for that particular state and provide you with our world-class teleradiology services. At O2I, we accelerate the credentialing, licensing and the other necessities required for a hospital to start outsourcing teleradiology services.

    Outsourcing teleradiology services to O2I can help you take advantage of our cutting-edge teleradiology services.

  2. Fast Turnaround Time

    Our experienced teleradiologists can provide expertise preliminary reporting services within a quick turnaround time of less than 20 minutes. We will then upload the reports on a secure FTP. The physicians at your hospital can access the report online and complete the final review of the report. Outsource teleradiology services to O2I for the fastest turnaround time.

    Outsourcing teleradiology services to O2I can help you benefit from getting reports at the fastest turnaround time possible.

  3. Quality

    At Outsource2india, we employ only exceptional radiologists who are competent, proficient and experienced in providing high-quality teleradiology services. We ensure quality assurance at each step of our process, thereby making sure that you receive the best of services.

    Outsourcing teleradiology services to O2I can give you access to high-quality services.

  4. Security and Confidentially

    At Outsource2india, we employ only the very best in radiology technology. We have a secure virtual private network. PACS data is sent only on our secure VPN. Our network, technology and infrastructure ensure total security, consistency and confidentiality of the scans that you send to O2I.

    Outsource teleradiology services to O2I and be assured of total security.

  5. 24x7x365 Customer Support

    At Outsource2india, we provide 24x7x365 days customer support services for our customers. Our customer care executives are available 24 hours to provide helpdesk and support services. Customers can check the status of a report in real-time and can access billing, usage summaries, tracking and other project related information online. Our customer care executives are also available to answer queries and to provide information.

    Outsourcing teleradiology services to O2I can help you benefit from 24x7 customer support services.

Our Unique Workflow

Image Review

Client-end PACs queried & image is reviewed

Radiologist Reviews

Indian MD radiologist reviews and submits transcribed report to senior radiologist for approval

Send Approved Report

Approved report sent to US certified radiologist

Board Certified Radiologist Reviews

Board certified radiologist reviews and signs-offs

Email Report

Certified report sent to client via email / fax or submitted In client-end PAC

Outsource to O2I and benefit from our unique and structured workflow.

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