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What’s the Future of Teleradiology Outsourcing

What’s the Future of Teleradiology Outsourcing? Top 12 Trends

With more demand than ever, teleradiology is seeing transformation at an unprecedented scale. Discover what the future of teleradiology outsourcing will look like in 2020

Teleradiology outsourcing refers to the transfer of radiological images for remote diagnosis and reporting by experts through the internet. With the advancement of technology and cloud-based solutions available to healthcare businesses, the trend of outsourcing teleradiology has taken over the market like never. According to the survey, Global Teleradiology Market 2016-2020, the international market for teleradiology services shows a growth projection of over 15% growth in 2020.

In fact, many other studies have predicted a humungous, 140% increase in the offshore teleradiology services amongst the Medicare population by 2023, making the future of teleradiology outsourcing a brighter and more lucrative one. The teleradiology outsourcing market growth can also be attributed to outsourcing services being more cost-effective and timesaving, thanks to their quick turnaround time.

Top 12 Teleradiology Outsourcing Trends and Predictions for 2020

With the increased demand for radiologists around the world, the need for outsourcing teleradiology has significantly increased and is expected to further grow and be at its peak by 2023. Here are the top trends of teleradiology outsourcing in 2020 that are highly contributing to its prominent and sustainable future.

  1. The popularity of Cloud Infrastructure

    The popularity of Cloud Infrastructure

    Among the future and trend of teleradiology outsourcing, the most innovative technological phenomenon has been the introduction of the cloud environment and cloud-based collaboration tools. Uploading, accessing and storing of radiology images, reports, and other data on these virtual centers have led to significant benefits. Reduced costs of infrastructure and easy access anywhere and everywhere by the authorized radiologists are some of the few key advantages of cloud-architecture, making it one of the top global teleradiology trend in the market.

  2. The emergence of Efficient Workflow Processes and Technologies

    The emergence of Efficient Workflow Processes and Technologies

    With increased workloads, the teleradiology outsourcing market has been progressively adopting advanced and efficient workflow management systems, like, The Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS) and Radiology Information System (RIS), to enhance radiologists’ productivity and their quality of life. The add-on features and collaboration options made available through these systems are enabling seamless communication and data flow between hospitals/diagnostic centers, clinicians, and radiologists.

  3. Shift to Consumer-focused Approach

    Shift to Consumer-focused Approach

    Like in every other sector, the focus in the healthcare industry has also shifted to consumer-led services. This is also mainly due to more aware and inquisitive consumers looking for the best possible medical and health facilities available in the market.

    This customer-focused approach has given the patients easy access to expert and second opinions, from radiologists around the world.

  4. The Power of AI

    The Power of AI

    AI has been instrumental in the growth and success of so many industries and the same goes for teleradiology. The usage of artificial intelligence in the field has really changed the game and has become the top trend in the field of Radiology Outsourcing in 2020.

    AI isn’t just promising in yielding high-accuracy reports but also serves as a virtual assistant to the teleradiologist and improves the quality level of the reads. With underlying opportunities being tested and explored, AI comes with a promise to revolutionize the teleradiology outsourcing market.

  5. Greater Need of Sub-specialization

    Greater Need of Sub-specialization

    With rapid consumerization and advancements in healthcare facilities, a trend of greater sub-specialized teleradiology services can be seen. The state of teleradiology in 2020, predicts favorable growth for teleradiologists with expertise in specialized fields. Having all the specialists in-house is heavy on the pockets for healthcare businesses and hence they choose to outsource these specialized services.

  6. Customized 3D Report Viewers

    Customized 3D Report Viewers

    One of the cornerstones in the field of teleradiology, the invention of 3D report viewers, is evolving the future of teleradiology outsourcing. In the past, only high-end workstations had access to 3D viewing but cost-effective and thin client solutions available in the market have paved a way to 3D post-processing and viewing of medical images not only throughout Medicare organization but to patients as well.

  7. A Thriving Teleradiology Marketplace

    A Thriving Teleradiology Marketplace

    Believe it or not, very much like Uber, a marketplace for teleradiology with blockchain technology backed by cryptocurrency truly exists. Any radiologist from any country can register to provide teleradiology services and the payment is immediately reflected in their digital wallet. This platform is enough to speak for the future of teleradiology outsourcing.

  8. Increasing Trend of Outsourced Radiology Coverage

    Increasing Trend of Outsourced Radiology Coverage

    While outsourcing radiology services is gaining momentum all around the world, the US and the UK are the biggest contributors. As the hub of inventive and highly advanced healthcare facilities, the United States is at the forefront when it comes to outsourcing teleradiology services. In fact, the majority of the hospitals and the big diagnostic centers are outsourcing teleradiology services.

    More and more healthcare institutions are opting for late-night weekends, after-hours, emergency, and vacation coverage through outsourcing teleradiology services. The future of teleradiology outsourcing is a sustainable one and one can be sure of it because, for many hospitals, outsourcing teleradiology reads and diagnostic images interpretations have become business norms and day-to-day practice.

  9. Elevated Mobile Solutions

    Elevated Mobile Solutions

    The uses of smartphones can never cease to amaze us. Every day, there’s a new innovation and development in the field of mobile technology. Mobile solutions have also paved the way for better and quick teleradiology services thereby increasing the scope of outsourcing teleradiology services.

    High-powered smartphones have given access to radiologists to high-quality resolution images viewing and reading. Apart from this, it has increased the number of radiologists in outsourcing teleradiology services as they can now conduct readings and develop reports on the go, wherever they are. Hence, it is not wrong to say that the teleradiology outsourcing future depends on the efficient radiology-led mobile applications and support systems.

  10. Capturing the Far-flung Areas and Unexplored Markets

    Capturing the Far-flung Areas and Unexplored Markets

    Many studies have indicated that teleradiology outsourcing is gaining momentum in the remote areas of the countries with limited healthcare facilities and lack of radiology experts. Teleradiology outsourcing companies operating in multiple countries, in fact, at the advantage of identifying and establishing a market with the unexplored and distant regions within the countries. The new markets shall also significantly impact teleradiology trends and the future.

  11. Infallible Compliance to Country-Specific Data Security Laws

    Infallible Compliance to Country-Specific Data Security Laws

    One of the essential requirements in healthcare, or for this matter, any industry, is data protection. The unprecedented boom in the usage of the internet comes with its own set of challenges and, data security is the number one threat to anyone who conducts business online. To ensure high data security, each country has its own set of measures and in case of teleradiology, too, every country lists down stringent measures and laws for data protection, through various data security acts.

    Healthcare organizations are bound by the relevant law prevailing in their country and therefore, it takes great measures to ensure the safety and trust value of the company that they are outsourcing the teleradiology services to. Hence, the biggest focus of teleradiology outsourcing companies is to adhere and strictly comply with all the data protection laws of their clients’ countries.

  12. Growth in Radiology Online Training Centers

    Growth in Radiology Online Training Centers

    The increase in the demand for teleradiologists and sub-specialty teleradiologists has led to a new online market of radiology education and training. The online education and training in sub-specializations of radiology are beneficial in many aspects. One, it is increasing the number of trained teleradiologists in the market. Second, the trained radiologists are more tech-savvy and are highly receptive to the technological advancements in the field. Thirdly, more suppliers of the service, lead to competitive prices, benefitting the end consumers and making it all the more affordable for medium and small vendors.

Future of Teleradiology Outsourcing Looks Promising

The future in teleradiology services is guided by the usage of the internet and the availability of high-tech mobile solutions. All the top trends of teleradiology outsourcing in 2020 that we discussed above indicate technological innovation as the paramount reason for the growth of the teleradiology outsourcing market.

Therefore, as long as healthcare organizations and companies availing remote radiology services are harmoniously working together with the aid of technology towards one common goal, giving patients top-notch medical and health care, teleradiology outsourcing shall always be a lucrative market.

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