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India, the new Teleradiology Hub

Electronic transmission of radiology images, like X-rays, CTs, and MRIs from one location to another for interpretation and/or consultation is known as 'teleradiology'. With increasing demand for imaging scans, and US facing about 20% shortage of radiologists, the market for teleradiology services has increased significantly in past five years. This has helped India become the largest teleradiology hub in the world with various companies mushrooming in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi and other Indian cities. These companies offer teleradiology services to hospitals/healthcare institutions in US and other Middle-Eastern and European countries.

What Experts Say?

Many radiologists believe that India can become the new outsourcing hub for teleradiology, the science of the future that increases a physician's reach irrespective of the geography. Teleradiology allows patients to be effectively diagnosed and treated during day or night, within minutes.

Various senior radiologists confirm that the fast growth in radiology solutions is due to a large pool of well-trained doctors and high tech infrastructure available in India. They also acknowledge that many Indian doctors are offshoring X-Ray reporting and imaging radiology services to the US, UK, Europe, Singapore and Middle East.

Moreover, experts believe time zone difference to be the main factor that encourages American hospitals to outsource emergency night shift services to India. Many countries that have CT or other scanners but no radiologists to interpret the results, are outsourcing the task of covering night shift from another geographic zones, or remote areas to India.

The Future of Indian Teleradiology

India has the potential to become an International hub for teleradiology services, if it maintains high standards. This includes having a sizable physician group with higher skill set and expertise, and high bandwidth for efficient and productive teleradiology solutions. Furthermore, effective utilization of time differences to ensure round-the-clock emergency services, especially in areas where qualified radiology personnel are less.

Outsource your Teleradiology Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india, is a premium outsourcing company in Bangalore, India, offering offer superior and cost-effective global healthcare BPO. All our radiologists are licensed, certified, and hold fellowship from respected Universities. We offer teleradiology services for Doppler tests, Abdominal and Echocardiography Ultrasounds, whole body CT screenings, MRIs of Musculoskeletal, Spine and Brain, Thoracic Imaging, Clinical Trials, Nuclear Medicine/Cardiology Coronary CTA, etc., within the shortest time.

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