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ICD-10 Compliance at Outsource2india

As the transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 befalls, we clearly understand the challenges and the benefits that complying with ICD-10 poses and offers. O2I is already ICD-9 complaint and our preparedness and adaptive nature makes us better positioned to offer ICD-10 complaint coding and billing services to our clients, as per their transition and compliance driven requirements. Soon all healthcare institutions would need to follow the ICD-10 requirements, and O2I has already enabled transition to ICD-10.

Key Differences Between ICD-9 and ICD-10

A major difference is the increased specificity of information which is conveyed in the ICD-10 codes. For instance, treatment for a burn on the right hand is just coded as "treatment for burn on the arm" in ICD-9 as against "treatment for a burn on the right hand" in ICD-10.

Other notable differences are tabulated below (source: AMA):

Code length of 3 to 5 characters
Code length of 3 to 7 characters
Approximately 13,000 available codes
Approximately 68,000 available codes
Limited space for adding new codes
Flexibility for adding new codes
Lacks detail
Very specific
Lacks laterality
Has laterality

Value created by ICD-10

  • More specific information codes, enables easy health condition and treatment assessment
  • Avoidance of supplementary documents to explain a patient's condition
  • Achieves more accurate reimbursement and payment claims procedures
  • Prevents and identifies healthcare frauds
  • Helps in designing better and safer healthcare measures and policies

O2I's Healthcare BPO is ICD-10 Compliant

We clearly understand what it takes to comply with a new set of codes and know the various Dos and Don'ts of ICD-10 implementation and the kind of sustained effort that goes into achieving it. Our specifically designed learning process has clearly made us better equipped in offering our clients the best coding and billing services.

Advantages Offered by O2I's ICD-10 and HIPAA 5010 Compliant Services:

  • We are steadfast at getting to terms with the approximately 68,000 new codes of ICD-10
  • We are following all those available new code books, which are still getting revised to accommodate the complete changes
  • We are more cautious and prepared to simultaneously handle both ICD-9 and ICD-10 till the transition period is complete
  • Our ongoing training programs and change management methods have made our resources better equipped to take care of the new billing procedures and policies
  • We are better trained to avoid lag time because of the newness of the procedures
  • When ICD-10 would get implemented, O2I would be able to quickly adapt to the new reimbursement policies, ANSCI reporting procedures and the new electronic formatting methods
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