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Specialized Teleradiology Services for UK

At O2I, we provide specialized teleradiology services for the U.K. We have certified and licensed teleradiologists who are experienced and well-trained in providing competent teleradiology services to a number of customers in the U.K. Our proficient teleradiologists can provide accurate and DICOM complaint radiology reports within a quick turnaround time. At O2I, we use an effective streaming technology to avoid delays during report submission. Outsource teleradiology services to O2I and get access to expert teleradiology services.

Why Outsource Teleradiology Services to O2I?

With the acute shortage of teleradiologists in the U.K and the need only growing, U.K healthcare providers have started outsourcing to countries like India. At O2I, we have been providing quality healthcare BPO to a large number of global customers. Discover more about outsourcing teleradiology services to India.

Our teleradiologists are certified and licensed. O2I's teleradiologists are experienced and well-trained in providing competent teleradiology services. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing teleradiology services to O2I. Outsource teleradiology services to O2I and give your healthcare organization a competitive advantage!

O2I's Teleradiology Services

  • Reporting of X rays images
  • Reporting of ultrasound images by using the colour doppler
  • 3D Rendering of images and initial reporting of colour dopplers
  • CT Scans of the head/brain/chest/pelvis/abdomen etc
  • Profusion studies
  • MRI scans

Find out more about O2I's Teleradiology Services.

Get the O2I advantage!

  • Fast turnaround time
  • On time reporting with streaming technology
  • Competent & trained professionals
  • Time zone advantages
  • Skill set availability
  • DICOM mandates adhered to
  • Quality Assurance
  • 24x7x365
  • Cost-effective services
  • Certified & licensed teleradiologists
  • Overflow work can be easily managed
  • Weekend and night-time coverage
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  • 24x7x365 Coverage
  • US Board Certified Radiologist with malpractice insurance
  • Time zone advantage
  • Customized formats of reports
  • Flag off of high priority cases for quick completion
  • Online communication through chat, VOIP
  • BS7799, HIPAA Compliant

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