EOB Processing Services

EOB Processing Services

If you are time-bound to decipher EOB statements on your own you need experts like us to help you out. Outsource EOB processing services to us and get EOB support at rates starting from $1280/month

Having difficulty in understanding your EOB statement? Want to draw out the maximum compensation minus the trouble that comes with processing? Well, you've hit on the right link. We at Outsource2india's offer the best EOB processing services available online. It states the reimbursement amount, deductibles, any co-pay balance as well as the procedures not covered by the policy.

The processing of EOBs is, without a doubt, a lengthy, time consuming one especially when dealt with manually. This inevitably ends up being overwhelming for your staff whose efforts could be made use of for other urgent matters. We provide EOB processing help to individuals, physicians, dentists, healthcare centers, and private hospitals. With our successfully developed workflow, opting for our EOB processing services will entitle you to faster claim approvals, far fewer rejections and/ or denials, and fewer payments-in-parts.

EOB Processing Services We Offer

Over the last 2 years, executives at Outsource2india articulately handle the overall EOB processing via an impressively designed system. Being a top EOB processing service providing company, we offer Explanation of Benefits (EOBs), a statement that provides clearly by describing the cost of medical or dental benefits as per your chosen medical or dental health insurance plan respectively. The services that we are reputed for are as mentioned below -

  1. Evaluation of EOBs

    Evaluation of EOBs

    Once the claim is filed the EOB is sent across with particulars such as -

    • The complete patient, doctor and hospital details
    • Medical/ dental service procedures performed
    • Cost of the performed procedures and/ or services received
    • Discounts
    • The amount covered by the insurance plan
    • Payment to be made by you
    • Co-payments in cahoots with patients
    • Details of deductibles
    • The amount that may have been utilized from spending accounts such as Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)
  2. EOB Authentication

    EOB Authentication

    We conduct stringent checks to ensure that all documents, bills, and invoices handed over to us are valid. Any medical claims and encounters submitted, if not per the billing system, will be returned to you with a complete explanation of the missing or incomplete information. We identify the circumstances that could delay the claim process and help you with tackling the same.

  3. EOB Fraud Detection

    EOB Fraud Detection

    Our thorough assessment helps detect any incorrect details mentioned in the EOB communicated. We ascertain that you do not lose out or end up paying in case of any unlisted service mentioned and/ or any discrepancies in the EOB.

  4. Eligibility and Benefit Verification

    Eligibility and Benefit Verification

    We thoroughly cross-check if your claim can provide you with more advantages than you are led to believe by the insurance company. The EOB statement is verified by us and only after we are satisfied by the amount to be remitted do we go ahead with the EOB processing.

  5. EOB Processing Software

    EOB Processing Software

    The EOB processing software is the latest of its kind. Every bill input is precise and all documentation on a claim can be examined at a glance making the processing much simpler. Being a top provider of EOB processing services in India, we maintain a record of who accessed and/ or edited any EOB data to ensure that complete confidentiality is maintained.

  6. Explanation of Benefits Management System

    Explanation of Benefits Management System

    With our digitalized data storage and retrieval system, EOBs are scanned, uploaded, and securely stored in our database. Our online filing helps save a lot of space that would otherwise be taken up by tons of paperwork. This eliminates the need for hoarding hardcopies and making sure that they are not misplaced or tampered with. We also provide complete assistance with secondary insurances with primary EOBs.

  7. Pre-Authorization


    We can help amplify the insurance benefits via prior pre-authorization. Based on the EOBs that you received you can prepare yourself for the reimbursements you will compensate with or come up with the procedure that could grant you a better pay-out. This is where we step in and help you out with pre-authorization. Thus there will be no surprises at the time of receipt of the claim amount. Also, the chances of denials are reduced with the sending across of pre-authorizations.

  8. Claim Management

    Claim Management

    This helps us optimize claim management as well as to conduct predictive analyses to overcome potential denials. One of the biggest reasons for claims denial is due to errors while processing. You require highly-skilled and efficient staff to notice any errors in EOB and if your employee misses it then there are high chances of losing out on the claim. We are adept with the analytics that helps us gauge the claim payouts. With our extensive experience, in dealing with various insurance providers, we can recognize how much money can be recovered from a certain policy although the insurers may state otherwise.

  9. Claim Remittance Details

    Claim Remittance Details

    We cross-check to see that the compensations are made according to the EOB received. We immediately notify the insurance company of any payouts that have not been calculated, denied, or do not match with the sum that you were assured. This ensures that you get your promised dues. After insurance payments are revealed, if need be, the EOB processing software can then be used to create any secondary claims for submission.

  10. Additional Information

    Additional Information

    Benefits of our processing services also include help with specifics such as procedure of filing an appeal in your state of residence, tracking EOBs via aging reports, etc. With our searchable repository, all documents can be tracked, viewed, and modified according to the insurer's terms and conditions.

  11. Online Claim Status Tracking

    Online Claim Status Tracking

    You can check the progress of your application via the link provided to our online tracking system. If we detect any hurdles during the claims process they are immediately verified and corrected by us.

EOB Processing - Our Process

All claims are thoroughly assessed. Outsourcing EOB processing services is easy and the methodology followed by us for EOB processing is as follows -


01. Data Accumulation and Entry

All patient information, consulting physician details, CPT (and/ or CDT), and ICD codes provided are entered and collated into the billing software.


02. Adjudication

All claims are thoroughly examined for accuracy. This helps us weed out any deceptive claims.


03. Assessment of EOBs

All data is authenticated and the documents are cross-checked for any errors.


04. Submission of claims

All claims are sent to the insurance company selected by you.


05. Follow-ups

Timely follow-ups are done ensuring no delays in payments.


06. Intimation of Claim Status

We inform you at every stage of the claim process.


07. Re-adjudication

Any denied claims are re-adjudicated and resubmitted for approval.


08. Remittance Confirmation

All remunerations are thoroughly checked to confirm the dues to be received.

Other Services You May Benefit From

Why Outsource EOB Processing Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource EOB Processing services to us for the highest remuneration. We provide EOB Processing solutions to any/ all of your questions, uncertainties, and concerns for which you can consult with our team without any hesitation. You can reach out to us for help on opting for insurance companies that provide benefits best suited and profitable for the treatments that you'll provide or have to undertake. Besides granting you the fastest compensations within a relatively short period, availing our services provides you with the following advantages -

  • State-of-art Technology

    We possess the latest EOBs processing software with an easy- to- retrieve data repository. With such a system you don't have to worry about misplacing or tedious manual searching for any document.

  • Patient Data Security

    All your data is secure with us. We strictly comply with our non-disclosure agreement wherein we do not disclose any information.

  • HIPAA Compliant

    All our results comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) standard.

  • Cost-effective Services

    Our services are a value for your money. We invest a considerable amount of time and resources to ensure that you are satisfied with your dues thus steering you away from any EOB processing hassles.

  • Experienced Team

    With an expert negotiating team at your disposal, we help overturn any refusals in our favor and obtain the maximum claim amount.

  • Flawless Services

    Our error-free services entitle you to faster EOB processing with a considerably low denial rate.

  • Single Point of Contact

    You are provided with the perfect assistance in dealing with all your policy particulars and EOB details.

  • Remote Billing

    If required, our certified crew can remotely acquire all your software inputs, in real-time.

  • High-Quality Screening

    Our thorough review and scrutiny of all minute details ensure a higher success rate of the majority of dental claims.

  • Rapid Turnaround

    With our EOB management system and fast handling, we are focused on providing you with all reimbursements at the earliest.

  • Data Archiving and Extraction

    All claim files are meticulously arranged for immediate access at a later date eliminating the need for bulk storage.

  • Claims Coding and Formats

    We are known for our accurate report submission based on in-depth knowledge of CPT, CDT, HCPCS, revenue as well as other typical medical/ dental billing codes.

  • Insurance Fraud Detection

    We can predict and identify any fraudulent activity thus helping you evade or fall prey to any deception and/ or scams.

  • High-priority Service

    We expedite your EOB process ensuring more than the anticipated payout in very less time.

  • All-round Support

    We serve worldwide, across all time zones. Our team can be approached via chat, phone, e-mail, or across our social media platforms 24/7 throughout the year to set you up with on-site consults and the necessary help.

Client Success Stories

O2I Helped the Client Streamline their Eligibility Verification Process

Helped the Client Streamline their Eligibility Verification Process

Eligibility verification, pre-authorization, and A/R follow-up were among the list of services we offered to a reputed clinical billing consumer. Our reasonable rates combined with a high-quality process made the client happier.

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O2I Provided Pharmacy Insurance & Medical Insurance Eligibility Services to a Telemedicine Provider

Provided Pharmacy & Medical Insurance Eligibility Services To A Telemedicine Provider

A birth control telemedicine provider received eligibility verification services from us. We were successful in honoring our commitment and assurances to the project.

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Outsource all your EOB Processing Services to Outsource2india


Overall, I am pleased with the support. The response time and communication were fine. Knowledge of billing and claims was above the expectation. I recommend Outsource2india to those who are contemplating claims adjudication services from an experienced partner.

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We have a thorough knowledge of various commonly opted- for insurance companies and the dues provides by the same. Availing EOB processing services from Outsource2india is cost-effective enabling you to focus on things that require urgent attention as well as increase your employee productivity. You don't have to waste a significant amount of time and resources to recruit new staff which could prove to be an additional burden. Our RCM and digitalized EOB processing experts can give you the respite from deliberating and compiling together a report for the insurance company. Currently, we have the lowest claim-denial rate as compared to other EOB processing service providers available online.

Get in touch with Outsource2india Solutions today, the leading EOB processing service provider. Choose us and be assured of the best EOB Processing services available online.

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