Internal Medicine EMR Services

Internal Medicine EMR Services

We use consolidated models to integrate practice management, electronic prescription, imaging, and much more as part of internal medicine EMR services

Are you in need of a holistic approach in internal medicine practices? Is your team of internists becoming less efficient in keeping up with the complex compliance across the healthcare landscape? There is a general concern about how internal medicine practices can deliver care with higher efficiency. Therefore, internal medicine EMR services are the way to go for practices to take smarter steps ahead.

At Outsource2india, internal medicine EMR services can be customized to your practice's strategy for streamlined diagnosis and prevention of conditions. Additionally, the internal medicine EMR will facilitate seamless access and management of information between internists. Our solutions can be modeled from scratch and tailor-made for any mobile platform so that your practice can exclusively focus on patient care.

Internal Medicine EMR Services We Offer

If you are looking for ways to combat the rising cost of operations, look no further than Outsource2india's internal medicine EMR services. Our cloud-based healthcare IT solutions can ensure seamless adaptation of practices around evolving healthcare system. Our internal medicine EMR services include -

  1. Optimization of E&M Coding

    Outsourcing internal medicine EMR services is the right choice because it can keep track of receivables, perform calculations, and charge entry automatically so that computations are prone to fewer errors.

  2. Data Mining Report Compilation

    You can get data mining reports on the go to analyze demographic reports of diseases and decide upon the right countermeasure for combating conditions.

  3. Enterprise-level Messaging

    Communication with patients, partners, and other internists are enhanced with our solution. With internal medicine EMR, you can assign tasks, set reminders, and jot down notes to make your practice perform better than before. Keep track of patients and their follow-up schedule without throwing off balance the practice calendar.

  4. Integrated Knowledge Sharing System

    The internal medicine EMR allows expansion of knowledge by facilitating community-level interaction between internists. It has a large repository of information that can accelerate decision-making, create alerts, and provide clinical guidelines that can align your practice in the right direction.

  5. Auto Capture of Notes

    Capturing data is as easy as pointing and clicking the information seen on the display. The template we offer facilitates internists to add clinical and transactional data on the fly.

  6. Workflow Editor

    Patient encounters can be captured with agility like never before with our workflow editor and with numerous templates to choose from you can find one that aligns with your practice style.

  7. Management of Referral

    Our services can help you seamlessly handle referrals and transmit appointments electronically to the right provider.

  8. Clinical Overview

    What if we told that you can get information like a descriptive patient summary with a few clicks? Yes, this is possible with O2I's internal medicine EMR system because we can populate your display with essential information that includes trends and alerts for efficient decision-making.

  9. ePrescription

    Sending prescriptions is easier with O2I's internal medicine EMR because it enables electronic transmission of prescriptions as well as managing refill requests.

  10. Document Imaging

    Your electronic charts can be populated with scanned photographs, medical imaging data, paper charts by just scanning the files.

  11. The Computerized format of Physician Authorization

    Be it lab reports, radiology reports, procedures, or electronic orders our internal medicine EMR services can enhance the efficiency, and add agility to your workflow so that decisions can be made on time.

  12. Physical Exams based on Templates

    The internal medicine EMR system includes a predefined template that can be used to carry out physical examination of body parts. The template will include medical drawings that can be used for commenting and visualizing the clinical observation of patients.

  13. Interactive and Intuitive KPI Dashboards

    It is easier to create custom dashboards that display graphical information on key performance indicators (KPI) with O2I's internal medicine EMR system.

  14. Remittance Tracker

    If you want a reliable way to compare and optimize remittance, our solution can provide reports that can be used to compare remitted and contractual accounts. Therefore, we can enhance your insurance remittance without fuss.

Our services can be extended to streamline patient care across subspecialties of internal medicine such as -

  • Allergy and Immunology
  • Rheumatology
  • Substance abuse disorder
  • Psychiatric illness
  • Otolaryngology
  • Neurological disorder

Internal Medicine EHR Services Process We Follow

At Outsource2india, we follow the most fluid process for internal medicine EHR services. Our process is efficient and transparent allowing businesses to understand the efforts we take to deliver robust solutions. The internal medicine EMR process is as follows -


01. Requirement Discovery

Once you approach us, we will collaborate with your team to understand your requirements. It would let us understand your needs better


02. Strategy Selection

After a series of meetings, we will decide the best approach for consolidating your patient data and streamlining the quality care and experience


03. Internal Medicine EMR Services Implementation

We will work on a template to design the system that can adapt to your practice and its existing structure without a major revamp


04. Service Testing

The system will be tested for efficiency so that it is robust in real-time conditions. The testing will be carried out in stages to ensure that systems work as expected in real-time conditions


05. Feedback and Reporting

In the project aftermath, we will request your feedback for service enhancement. Additional reports will be generated for service optimization and recordkeeping

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Internal Medicine EMR Services to Outsource2india?

Choosing Outsource2india as an internal medicine EMR service provider can leave you with more options to serve patients in an efficient way. Practitioners outsource internal medicine EMR services for the following reasons -

  • Certified Internal Medicine EMR Services Company

    Oustource2india is HIPAA accredited and ISO 9001:2015 certified provider of internal medicine EMR services in India. We ensure adherence to mandatory compliances of the industry and guarantee 100% quality.

  • Data Security

    We follow the latest security protocols to ensure that your data is always secure with us. With great concern and care, we handle your data so that you can confidently let us handle your needs. Therefore we are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    The internal medicine EMR will be implemented and checked iteratively before being certified for quality. The QA checks are done with utmost diligence so that the scope of error is minimal in real-time conditions.

  • Short Turnaround

    The turnaround time for implementation of internal medicine EMR services is reasonable and can vary slightly depending on the complexity. We can assure you quick delivery of finished results without putting you on hold.

  • Scalability

    We offer a stable way to scale up or scale down your requirements without straining your budget. With our internal medicine, EMR services you can always a step ahead to serve your patients in the best way.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The pricing for internal medicine EMR is apt for your budget size. Whether you are a small, medium, or large practice, we can offer the right solution at a special price that fits within your capacity.

  • Single Point of Contact

    You will be amazed by the dedication of our project manager who will be assigned exclusively as a point person for your project. Therefore, you will be provided timely updates and support during the project without stretching the promised timeline.

  • Experienced Team of EMR Agents and Project Managers

    We have the world's best team of EMR and QA experts along with project managers who will help you understand our services in a better way and get timely support. Our team possesses 10+ years of experience in internal medicine EMR services and you are guaranteed 100% quality and satisfaction.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Outsource2india has one of the best infrastructures that includes the best software, hardware, and security systems. We are constantly at the edge of innovation trying to onboard the latest technologies and resources when it is accessible.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Unlike in the past where digital data is transmitted over a less secure network, we have advanced VPN and FTP that lets you send and receive files over a secure network that is guarded using advanced security software.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can reach our experts on a 24X7X365 basis because we are available round-the-clock. Our contact centers are spread across 2 continents and have skilled experts who can speak several languages and have knowledge of internal medicine and EHR and EMR systems.

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I want to express my sincere appreciation for the dedication you have shown towards our company, truly a blessing and I thank you. You are doing a great job which allows us time to take good care of the client in areas we could only glance over.

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Outsource Internal Medicine EMR Services to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

Healthcare industry is undergoing a major change that requires considerable efforts to stay abreast. Whether you are an internist or general practitioner, If you do not have the right skills in internal medicine EMR services it's time to outsource your needs to a true leader in healthcare BPO and there is no other name that stands out like Outsource2india. We offer nothing but the best EMR services that you can count upon to plug revenue leak, enhance the revenue cycle management. Our cost-effective services can help you focus on patient care and nothing else. So, consider us as your internal medicine EMR services partner and you can make the best of our special rates and quality services.

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