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Medical Record Retrieval Services

Outsource Medical Record Retrieval Services

We make retrieval of medical records, indexing, and a myriad of other manual claims processing functions faster and efficient through automation and use of the software starting at $4 per read

Are you still stuck with manual methods for retrieval of medical charts, and faxing the same to providers? Well, fret not! Outsource2india is a top medical record retrieval service provider that uses intelligent software to automate medical record retrieval services. We help in acquiring, exchanging, and sharing member medical records. Despite adopting electronic medical record systems (EMR), if you've been unable to fully automate medical record retrieval, it's best left to medical record retrieval service providing company like O2I because it reduces TAT, provider inconvenience, and underutilization of resources.

Outsoure2india has made a name for itself as one of the best medical records retrieval companies. We make retrieval of medical records easier and more efficient over manual methods. We streamline record aggregation, storage, and indexing using smart algorithms for reducing the downtime and enhancing transparency.

Medical Record Retrieval Services We Offer

Over the last 25 years, Outsource2India has branded itself as a top provider of medical record retrieval services in India. Being a leading medical record retrieval service providing company, we provide comprehensive medical record retrieval services that include -

  1. Medical Record Retrieval for Legal Professionals

    Medical Record Retrieval for Legal Professionals

    If you own a law firm that deals with torts, insurance cases, medical malpractices, personal injury, worker compensation, service liability, and more, you are likely to need the help of a medical record retrieval service provider like us. In each case, document trails may be needed to find facts and deliver justice. Therefore, we perform extensive medical record retrieval by sleuthing record creation and maintenance sources. Once all documents are found, we will index the same and present it in the requested order.

  2. Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Professionals

    Medical Record Retrieval for Insurance Professionals

    Insurance companies may have a pile of claims that are due for processing and more on the way. With limited resources, processing claims in real-time can be a tremendous challenge that can drain you economically as sourcing documents, creating paper trails, and verifying data for accuracy can consume time. Therefore, we take that burden by determining coverage data, meeting policyholders and collecting eligibility data, legal liability data, and more.

Medical Record Retrieval Process We Follow

O2I's Medical Record Retrieval is done with maximum transparency. The methodology adopted by us for the billing is as follows -


01. Requirement Gathering

We collaborate with clients to discover their medical record retrieval needs and preferred format


02. Data Capture with OCR

We capture the medical record data by exploring sleuthing data sources and EMR


03. Validation of Scanned Data

The scanned data will be checked for accuracy, date, and other details describing the care details


04. Format Conversion

The patient records will be converted to a format preferred by the client


05. Report Dispatch

The complete workflow will be tracked and converted into work reports

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Medical Record Retrieval Services to O2I?

Choosing our medical record retrieval service has plenty of benefits. So preferring us over other medical record retrieval companies has following advantages -

  • Patient Data Security

    Being a top medical record retrieval company, we comply with the NDA by not disclosing any data to third-party sources.

  • Value-for-money

    Our medical record retrieval services offer the best value because we use cutting-edge data capture and research technology to ensure captured data is complete and accurate.

  • Error-free Services

    While working with agility, we take care not to include erroneous data that may have been missed during preliminary assessment.

  • Experienced Team

    Our team handling the medical record retrieval services has 10+ years of experience in the process and adhere to the SLA to avoid missteps.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Compared to other medical record retrieval service provider, we are better equipped to handle our services in a tight TAT.

  • Scalable Services

    You will no longer have to risk congestion in the workflow because our solutions are scalable.

  • All-round Support

    We can be reached via phone call, email, web chat for faster resolution of your concerns. We work round the clock to address concerns.

Client Success Stories

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O2I Assisted Medical Billing Firm with ICD-10 Implementation

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Hello, I wanted to reach out to you directly and express my gratitude for the hard work that the Data team, as well as the AR team, has done with EJ practice. I have pushed both teams extremely hard over the past month and their efforts, as well as ours, have paid off.

RCM Account Manager,
EMR System Provider, FL, USA
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Outsource Medical Record Retrieval Services to Outsource2India

Outsource2india has helped healthcare providers, legal services providers, and other domains a way to streamline claims and litigation process via medical record retrieval services that are 100% accurate and fast. Outsourcing medical record retrieval services to Outsource2India helps in faster settlements and forging sound relationships besides accelerating payments. Choosing our medical billing services has many advantages over other service providers because we ensure accountability in every step. Plus outsourcing medical record retrieval just became simpler and affordable.

Get in touch with Outsource2India today to outsource medical record retrieval service and get an instant quote.

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