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Outsource Pathology Transcription Services

The team at Outsource2india undertakes transcription of basic diagnostic /clinical patient reports and doctor's notes. We also offer specialized transcription of forensic pathology reports. Our team of transcriptionists specialized in Pathology Transcription have good knowledge of the medical terminologies used in pathology.

The Medical Transcription team at Outsource2india uses the latest software and technology and provides error-free files within 24 hours. We send accurate transcribed files via our secure FTP or as an encrypted attachment to your email address. We help you provide better patient care by maintaining accurate patient records based on your notes. Outsourcing this requirement to a specialized medical transcription vendor, such as Outsource2india can be advantageous to your practice.

Pathology Transcription Services Offered at Outsource2india

We provide transcription services for doctors, clinics, medical and research centers, criminal investigation centers etc. We offer the following pathology transcription services to customers:

  1. Transcription of basic diagnostic /clinical patient reports and doctor's notes
  2. Specialized transcription of forensic pathology reports

Why Outsourcing Pathology Transcription a good option?

  • It will help you save precious time and thereby increase your productivity
  • It will save you money and resources as you will not need to hire and train in-house transcriptionists
  • Since an experienced pathology transcription vendor will be taking care of all transcription, you can stay assured of both quality and accuracy
  • You can get a prompt delivery of your transcribed pathology reports without facing any hassles

Outsource2india, one of India's leading providers of medical transcription specializes in pathology transcription. We have provided pathology transcription services to several physicians and hospitals. Since we follow HIPAA guidelines and Quality Assurance processes, you can get access to error-free transcribed documents.

Why Choose Outsource2india for Pathology Medical Transcription

1. Capability: At Outsource2india, we use the latest software, technology and infrastructure to provide customers with accurate services within a quick turnaround time. We have the capability to handle your entire pathology volume.

2. Process: We can transcribe the recorded spoken word by the physician into either an electronic or paper text format. After the transcription is completed, the transcribed files will be sent to our team of proof readers who will check the files for accuracy.

3. Expert transcriptionists: Our pathology transcriptionists undergo a training of 6 months before they take up a project. We also ensure that our transcriptionists and proof readers are aware of medical terminologies.

4. Quality: The three tier work-flow process that we follow ensures that every file goes through a quality check before submission. The transcriptionists who transcribe pathology voice files have a good knowledge of the medical terminologies used in pathology. Each transcribed file is checked in detail for accuracy.

5. Turnaround time: As our pathology transcription customer, you can receive your transcribed files within 24 hours. We will send you the transcribed files via our secure FTP or as an encrypted attachment to your email address.

6. HIPAA compliant: The medical transcription process that we follow is 100% compliant. We ensure that every team member at Outsource2india undertakes HIPAA training.

7. Free trial: You can send us a sample of your pathology transcripts and we can offer you with a free trial even before you sign up with us.

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