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Otolaryngology Billing Services

Outsource Otolaryngology Billing Services

O2I's efficient and effective otolaryngology billing services help patients improve their revenue by streamlining receivable account recovery and claims denials

Is otolaryngology billing is cumbersome for your in-house team? Are government regulations often forcing you to make changes in medical billing codes? If you feel overwhelmed to handle, outsourcing otolaryngology billing services to Outsource2india can make sense. O2I has provided otolaryngology billing services for two decades. We also use our expertise to guide doctors in every possible way, which makes us a suitable partner for outsourcing otolaryngology billing services.

With a team of experienced coders, O2I knacks in supervising various requirements of Otolaryngology billing such as patient billing, insurance claims submission, charge entry, denial management, and revenue follow up. We are adept at meeting all your requirements to deliver high-quality medical billing services with a short turnaround. Our otolaryngology billing and coding services make sure that our clients don't encounter claim denials, penalties, delays, etc.

Otolaryngology Billing Services We Offer

O2I otolaryngology billing experts provide billing and coding services for the following ENT specialties -

  • Otology
  • Rhinology
  • Audiology
  • Laryngology
  • Hearing Aids
  • Nasal Endoscopy
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Sinus Balloon Dilation
  • Sinusitis Treatment and Surgery
  • Allergy Treatment and Medication
  • Treatment for Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Treatment for Auditory Complications (hearing loss)

O2I's Effective Otolaryngology Billing Process

O2I's process is simple and efficient to follow. This is because our workflow is transparent and straightforward. Here are steps involved in a typical billing process -

Patient Registration and Scheduling  

01. Patient Registration and Scheduling

We provide personalized patient registration process for personalized scheduling with appointment templates, send welcome emails, and automated reminders

Verifying Insurance Eligibility  

02. Verifying Patients Insurance Eligibility

We collect patient schedules from the hospital and verify their insurance coverage. We then contact patients for additional information to update the system

Medical Billing Code  

03. Medical Billing Code

Our credentialed coders who work relentlessly to stay on top of the ever-evolving industry will use their expertise to provide efficient medical billing and coding services

Creating Charges  

04. Creating Charges

After the verification, we will create a medical claims process that coheres with rules to specific locations. Typically, the claims are created within 24 hours

Auditing Medical Claims  

05. Auditing Medical Claims

The claims are audited involving several quality checks. The fulfilled claims are put through the second round of tests to check the correctness of procedures and diagnosis codes

Claim Transmission and Clearing Rejections  

06. Claim Transmission and Clearing Rejections

The claims are filed for wire payments. The claim is checked for accuracy and is sent back if there are errors. The inconsistencies will be corrected and resubmitted

Payment Posting  

07. Payment Posting

We will post the payment along with Explanation of Benefits (EOB), indexing EOB, review of EOB for under or overpayment, and reconcile to match with actual deposits

Denial Management  

08. Denial Management

We will determine the pattern and cause of denial. With intelligence, O2I can increase the rate of first-time claim acceptance and eliminate the claim denial queue

Recovering Unpaid Claims  

09. Recovering Unpaid Claims

We will track all the unpaid insurance claims over 30 days and quickly collect the dues, to reduce the receivable amount. We also investigate underpaid to reprocess and quickly appeal denials

Patient Follow Ups and Collections  

10. Patient Follow-ups and Collections

We will connect with patients with delinquent accounts. Unsettled and unresponsive accounts are forwarded to the collection department and the clients are notified. The collection team will follow up with respective insurance agencies to settle the final payment

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Offshore Otolaryngology Billing Services to O2I?

O2I's otolaryngology billing experts have the knack of providing thorough medical billing solutions beginning from claim submission to insurer follow up. Some of the perks of outsourcing otolaryngology billing services include -

  • Compliance to Administration

    When you outsource otolaryngology billing and coding services to us, you don't have to worry about the new changes happening in the healthcare industry. We are always ahead of the curve and swiftly comply with everything HIPAA to ISO 9001:2015 standards to produce quality billing services.

  • Absolute Security in Billing

    O2I has been providing medical billing solutions to clients from more than a decade. One of the cardinal things that stand atop is the security of billing data. We are globally known to render highly secure and error-free medical billing system that is compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2022 standards.

  • Improved Billing Accuracy

    Outsourcing otolaryngology billing services to O2I have the benefit of better follow-ups on claims that were underpaid or the claims that are due to be paid. Health organizations are packed with clients and seldom get time for chasing these claims consistently. However, O2I's outsourced billing services comes with an experienced team to work on it. We ensure accuracy in each step for better satisfaction.

  • Scale Up Efficiently

    The otolaryngology billing services can be scaled up or scaled down no matter which option you prefer. We can give you the choice to flexibly choose the service because we understand the hassle with frequent regulatory changes that throw timely payment off the track.

  • Quick TAT to Let you Focus on Patients

    When you outsource to O2I, you get rid of coding, billing, and constructions tasks, which enables you to concentrate more on treating your patients with better care. You don't have to worry much about the billing, as we ensure that all your bills are paid accurately in a quick TAT.

  • Better Vision of Revenue Model at Affordable Rate

    We provide a clearly sophisticated report and reviews of your otolaryngology billing and coding services. This gives a better insight into your revenue inflows and helps in planning future strategies. All of which you can avail in an affordable package. Our no-frills Otolaryngology billing services are customizable to your exact needs.

  • SPOC for Otolaryngology Billing Services

    We provide a dedicated contact whom you can reach via your preferred methods to get answers for your concerns. You can also get timely reports that are necessary to evaluate if the process is on schedule and if the SLA is being met.

  • Access to State-of-the-Art Technology

    We regularly upgrade with latest tools and technologies to pace up our workflow in meeting the client requirements. Thus, we have access to the best billing software and technologies to open doors for multi payments and meet the coding and billing requirements.

  • Reduces your Infrastructure Investment

    O2I's slick otolaryngology billing services diminishes the need for investing in updating the operating system, hardware, software, increasing office space, and other sophisticated infrastructure. This will save a lot of money and time for our clients.

  • Productive Staff

    Outsourcing otolaryngology billing and coding services to O2I can give you access to the best ENT medical billing experts who have been in the industry for a long time and known to provide high-quality services within a given time.

  • Secure Data Sharing

    When we share healthcare data, we use the SFTP and VPN to combat issues that can arise if the data is exposed to unauthorized elements on the internet. We also recommend our clients to send data using our secure channel as a safety measure.

  • Round the Clock Patient Helpline Services

    We operate 24/7 throughout the year to ensure that none of your patients must wait for resolving their issues. We provide support to patients through multiple channels to allow them to connect to us through their ease of mode.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Home & Lab Sleep Tests Streamlined Eligibility Verification Process for the Client

O2I's Home & Lab Sleep Tests Streamlined Eligibility Verification Process for the Client

The coverage verification was enhanced by Outsource2india by carrying out home and lab sleep tests. The client was glad about the outcome.

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O2I Provided Research and DME Billing Services to California Client

O2I Provided Research and DME Billing Services to California Client

Our research and high-quality DME gave the Californian client the leverage to negotiate with insurance companies about the EndoPAT coverage.

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Outsource Otolaryngology Billing Services to Outsource2india - Healthcare Experts


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At O2I, we emphasize on using our expertise to help healthcare organizations to overcome the issues associated with otolaryngology billing. Whether it is the use of CPT codes or modifiers, we are well-organized and experienced in using them perfectly to make sure timely payments. Some other trademarks of O2I otolaryngology billing and coding services are conscientious documentation, several tiers of the review system, and proper appeals procedure to handle the denials. If you are endeavoring for a rightful, reliable, and trustworthy partner to outsource otolaryngology billing services, then Outsorce2india apt for you. With vast experience, experts, latest technologies, and resources we make sure that you'll get high-quality medical billing services.

Contact us now to outsource otolaryngology billing services and rejoice the benefits of O2I services.

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