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Billing Services using AdvancedMD Software

Outsource Billing Services Using AdvancedMD Software

We use AdvancedMD billing software to take care of your Revenue Cycle Management ensuring a significant increase in claims reimbursement for your practice starting at just $1280/month

Are you looking for ways to handle your billing services using AdvancedMD software? Are accountability and transparency a priority before outsourcing billing services using AdvancedMD software? If yes, we, at Outsource2india know how to tackle most concerns that get in the way of healthcare practices by using AdvancedMD medical billing software. Our adeptness in the workflow and the software will help you get paid swiftly without facing denial.

Outsource2india has billing professionals who have honed their billing proficiency in using AdvancedMD. We can work with a range of EHR so that we can serve dermatologists, family practice physicians, and other practices. Outsource billing services using AdvancedMD software and we will bring to the table the billing and coding expertise to optimize your revenue stream by capturing payments on time.

Medical Billing Services Using the AdvancedMD Software

Electing Outsource2india as a provider of billing services using AdvancedMD software is a great choice because we are among the few qualified billing service provider using AdvancedMD software. Our expertise can help you maximize revenue every month at just a fraction of the cost. O2I is a comprehensive billing service company that handles healthcare services such as patient call management, claims submission, and much more using AdvancedMD billing software. We can handle the following tasks with AdvancedMD -

  1. Practice Management

    Practice Management Services

    Since a major portion of the information is siloed in businesses, we can resolve challenges by ensuring the efficient flow of information between multiple points with billing services using AdvancedMD software. This helps you stay on top of unpaid invoices and the service levels.

  2. EHR Management

    EHR Management

    Billing services using AdvancedMD software from O2I can facilitate the availability of patient data on your device or desktop browsers. This is enabled by AdvancedMD software because it is supported on various EHR. Therefore, information can be accessed without efforts.

  3. Patient Consultation

    Patient Consultation

    We will review the service levels experienced by your patients by getting in touch with them via a preferred channel. Our experts will capture valuable feedback and save the data for analysis by outsourcing Billing services using AdvancedMD software.

  4. Billing Management

    Billing Management

    We will take care of your revenue cycle management (RCM) as well as provide high-quality reports so that you can send invoices on time to get paid faster. Our billing management team will leverage AdvancedMD to accomplish flawless results.

Benefits of Using AdvancedMD Software

Private practices can be a challenging environment to work for front-end staff especially when they are stretched between patient engagement and billing functions. Therefore, we believe that your professionals should have a rewarding experience. Outsource billing services using AdvancedMD software to us and get the following benefits -


Eliminates front-office legwork and boosts productivity


Improves your healthcare coverage saves the overhead cost with personalized telemedicine


Facilitates electronic prescription of medicines and follow-up with patients via EHR


Build a strong relationship with patients by conducting patient surveys


Decreases no-show-rate by automatically sending reminders


Enables you to plan and manage patient information based on specialty


You can get comprehensive reports on completed/pending tasks to facilitate seamless follow-up


Increases the productivity of your team by enabling self-help tools for your patients


Get instant reports on your financial health

Our Medical Billing Process Using AdvancedMD Software

At Outsource2india, we understand your concerns about process transparency. Therefore, we educate our clients and provide sufficient information before commencing the process. When you outsource billing services using AdvancedMD software we will take the following approach -


01. Requirement Discovery

Our project heads will understand your existing methods and collect the requirement to customize solutions


02. Aggregating Data & Ensuring Correctness

We will collect and collate data that is essential to achieve maximum billing efficiency. The data will be checked to ensure accuracy


03. Processing with AdvancedMD

Once we receive the data it will be analyzed and used as input in AdvancedMD. The software will automate billing and patient management without errors


04. Re-verify and Finalize Report

The outcome will be reviewed by QA experts and reports will be created for record-keeping and analysis

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource AdvancedMD Software Billing Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india has the expertise in AdvancedMD billing software and can resolve your billing issues by reducing the burden on your front-end staff. This would allow them to focus on other key aspects of your practice. Here are more reasons why you should consider O2I's AdvancedMD billing solutions -

  • Certified Healthcare Software Company

    Outsource2india is a HIPAA compliant AdvancedMD billing solutions provider. We are also ISO 9001:2015 accredited because we fulfill the quality requirement in healthcare billing.

  • Data Security

    We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited billing and healthcare BPO services provider because our team will ensure the safety of your confidential healthcare data by complying with the best security policies. We take measures to prevent unauthorized access to patient data.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Outsource2india prioritizes service quality and therefore ensures 100% quality satisfaction through multi-tier quality control checks. We will thoroughly investigate lapses and keep errors at bay so that your claims can be settled faster.

  • Short Turnaround

    The AdvancedMD is a Cloud-ready software that shrinks the effort needed by our agents to complete billing and documentation formalities without lapses. Our services are always faster and accurate when pitted against traditional healthcare back-office operations.

  • Scalability

    AdvancedMD billing solutions are scalable and offer legroom to scale up with ease. You can get in touch with our agents and convey your intent and we will process the requirement to scale up efficiently.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    AdvancedMD billing solutions are cost-effective. We make our services affordable to help our clients take advantage of solutions that can reduce the stress and optimize the RCM.

  • Single point of Contact

    We provide a single point of contact along with the service so that you can convey your concerns and get prompt support without waiting tentatively.

  • Experienced Team of Healthcare Agents and Project Managers

    Outsource2india has a skilled team of healthcare agents who can spearhead the project to complete billing requirements using AdvancedMD. Our proficiency in billing tools can enhance your revenue without having to hire dedicated professionals.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We have the latest healthcare BPO infrastructure that is complete with the best software, hardware, and security systems that keeps our process running without a hitch.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Our data transmission system includes SFTP and VPN that enables secure data sharing without concerns about security.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    At Outsource2india, we support our clients' 24/7/365 basis because our delivery centers are highly equipped with the best resources to handle nearly all the challenges faced by our clients. Reach us through your preferred channel and include information on your concerns and we will handle the rest.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Full-service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

Outsource2india Provided Full-service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

AR Follow-up with insurance providers was made efficient by using AdvancedMD. O2I's solution enabled the client to secure pending claims on time. The cash flow and practice performance were quickly enhanced.

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O2I Provided Comprehensive Billing with the help of Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Comprehensive Billing with the help of Medisoft Software

Over 1000 claims were processed in a month by the O2Is team. The BCBS issues causing delayed settlement was resolved in three weeks.

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Your efficient response to this urgent request is greatly appreciated Thank You! Many thanks again for all your help over the last very busy week!! Much appreciated.

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Outsource AdvancedMD Billing Services to O2I - Healthcare Billing Experts

Outsource2india is a leading provider of healthcare BPO and billing services in India using AdvancedMD software. We have a strong global footprint with delivery centers on 3 continents. We have a team of full-time professionals who can handle billing and patient management roles using AdvancedMD. This will eliminate errors and delay in the claim reimbursement. We can optimize your RCM making it easier for your front-office professionals to deliver the experience that patients prefer.

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