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We are now doing over 150,000 Medical Billing transactions/month for a Healthcare Technology Company in USA.

Outsource Ambulance Billing Services

Ambulance Billing Services

A smooth revenue cycle management is the key to running profitable business. But how accurate is your service invoices? You could be at the risk of losing thousands of dollars to inadequate documentation and erroneous billing. Ambulance companies with limited resources have paramedics who are stretched between emergency care and documentation process - the root cause of billing errors and the eventual rejection of claims. But there is a solution in sight.

Outsource2india's ambulance billing services offer a reliable way to free paramedics from billing errands during emergencies. Our certified billers are responsible for correctly interpreting emergencies and preparing error-free invoices to help you get reimbursed faster without concerns about accompanying paperwork.

Ambulance Billing Services We Offer

O2I is a professional billing services outsourcing company which is a first-choice for many ambulance billing, EMS billing, and other medical billing requirements. We present an array of customized coding and billing services that are handled by certified professionals with rich experience in ambulance billing. The service we offer are as follows -

  • Ambulance Billing and Payment Capture

    If you are concerned with on-time revenue recovery, leave your worries behind. Our ambulance billing services not only address concerns with accurate claims processing, but also comply with international regulations. We are adept at dealing with a spectrum of claim types irrespective of the complexity.

  • Fire Inspection Billing

    If you want to outsource fire inspection billing without risking delay or rejection of claims, we can help you capture payment in the shortest time without you being bogged down by convoluted regulatory compliances.

  • Handling False Alarm Billing

    The cost of dispatching services to false alarms can run from few hundred dollars to thousands in case air ambulance is summoned into action. This can unnecessary burden revenue growth and operability. So, we maintain a database of false alarms and repeat offenders who are penalized according to the guidelines.

  • Billing First Responders Without Transport

    If you are a first responder company without patient transport facility, we have you covered. O2I ensures that all associated costs are recovered with ease and accuracy.

  • Managing Membership Programs

    We can offer membership management that allows you to leverage our expertise in managing programs on demand.

  • Tailored Integration of ePCR

    To make report information readily available to stakeholders, we gather and customize electronic patient care reports from many electronic patient care reporting ePCR companies so that you can get a single view of the report populated with segmented patient information.

  • Follow-up with Unpaid Dues

    Piling bad debts can be bad for long-term operability. So why let unsettled bills shrink your business performance? We run detailed scans to find absconding patients and send follow-up reminders to clear unsettled bills. In case the patient is unwilling to make payments, you can leverage our report to file debts at their county of residence.

Ambulance Billing Process We Follow

Like every success-driven organization, our methodical approach allows us to hit bullseye in our project undertaking. Here's how we carry out ambulance billing for our client -


Sourcing Support Documents

When you outsource ambulance billing services, we analyze and ensure all critical paperwork is in place to avoid complications in claims processing due to unavailability of necessary documents


Pre-authorization Support

We provide pre-authorization support to ambulance companies while responding to patients who repeatedly summon their services


Customized Billing and Patient Statements

We assist the ambulance companies with tailor-made billing process and patient statements that suits their needs


Electronic Claims Filing

We have opted electronic method of claims submission which mitigates the risk of loss or mismanagement of records as well as expedites claims process leading to faster reimbursements


Routine Follow-up on Claims

We help you improve collections from insurance companies and routinely track progress of claims process


Round the Clock Service Support

We value our client's trust. Hence, we offer regular support in revalidation, enrollment, and handling patient requests


Hello, I wanted to reach out to you directly and express my gratitude on the hard work that the Data team as well as the AR team has done with EJ practice. I have pushed both teams extremely hard over the past month and their efforts, as well as ours, have paid off.

RCM Account Manager,
EMR System Provider, FL, USA
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Why Choose O2I's Ambulance Billing Services?

To continue offering a better experience to patients, ambulance companies need to get paid. However, when collections are irregular, operations can suffer and lead to downtime as well as monetary loss. It is our goal to ensure that you don't tied up with billing functions.

But what if you can avail more benefits that allow your paramedic team to focus on what they do best? Your search ends with us! Working with O2I can fatten your revenue and lower the risk related to documentation. Here are more reasons why you should partner with us -

  • Safe and Reliable Billing

    We understand the struggle of every ambulance company when things go haywire during claims process where they don't get paid or receive only a portion of the contracted amount. With these concerns in focus, we electronically file your claims from a secure infrastructure. We have complete internal control over the process which guarantees a seamless flow of revenue.

  • Certified Ambulance Coders

    Our team of certified ambulance coders (CAC) carry 8+ years of experience and are true professionals at DSM-5, ICD-10, and ICD-11 coding system as well as latest billing software.

  • Customized Reports

    We provide a detailed, high-quality financial summary specific to the beneficiary of ambulance services. This is in addition to the weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports provided by the billing department of standard ambulance companies.

  • Routine Payment Follow-up

    It is important for us to ensure that our clients get reimbursed on time. So, we take best measures to keep your revenue flow consistent with routine follow-up with insurers regarding claims process.

  • Tailor-made Communications

    A good client experience is all about customized communication that fosters positive relationship. We provide statements and claim forms are made to order according to your specification.

  • Continuous Staff Training

    A good client experience is all about customized communication that fosters positive relationship. We provide statements and claim forms are made to order according to your specification.

  • Continuous Staff Training

    We can train your in-house crew to suit up for the job and handle challenges as they come in the healthcare industry. Our advanced staff training can improve your response mechanism and soften the impact on your business.

  • Remote Access 24/7

    If you wanted access to patient records anytime, anywhere, we can readily facilitate your requirement. Get round-the-clock access to all accounts through the world wide web. This is a key feature that sets us apart.

  • Electronic Claims Filing

    Claims processing is daunting task because it involves a dizzying amount of paperwork which is a challenge to billing departments. Our electronic claims filing leads to faster reimbursement because it is less error-prone and facilitates round the clock access to all documents.

  • Process Transparency

    We ensure utmost transparency in the billing services so that every payment we capture is duly reflected in the report. This gives our client the satisfaction and peace of mind.

Benefits of Outsourcing Ambulance Billing to O2I

Preparing the Source DocumentsPreparing the Source Documents
Boost in revenue by up to 30%Boost in revenue by up to 30%
Fast and Error-free billingFast and Error-free billing

Client Success Stories

Outsource2india Provided Charge and Demographics Entry Services for a Leading Ambulance Billing Company in Georgia
Read how Outsource2india assisted a Georgia based Ambulance Billing Company process close to 1000-1200 claims per month at an accuracy rate of 98%. Read the case study.

Case Study Ambulance Billing Services

Outsource Ambulance Billing Services to O2I - A Leader in Medical Billing & Coding

Outsource2india is an ISO-certified provider of ambulance billing services in India committed to providing accurate billing services to global clients. 25 years since we began providing medical billing and coding services, we are still strongly backed by loyal clients. Our certified ambulance coders (CAC) are aware of latest regulations and by-laws of every major insurer. We carry out billing with due diligence so that you get maximum reimbursements from insurers. At a reasonable cost, we handle all tasks of ambulance revenue cycle from a secure facility backed by the latest IT resources and support. Partner with us to take an innovative step ahead in ambulance billing. Charge Entry, Internal medicine billing, Hospice billing, and more.

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