Pulmonary EMR Services

Pulmonary EMR Services

Add more time to the day by outsourcing pulmonary EMR services to us. We can make your practice more efficient and patient-friendly with our services

Is your pulmonary clinic having a tough time managing patient consultations as well as EMR creation and management? If you prefer to give your patients the best treatment, it is imperative to outsource pulmonary EMR services to Outsource2india. If your practice is dependent on EMR records to treat pulmonary illnesses we can build a pulmonary EMR that comes ready with ICD-0 and CPT codes to capture charges and process claims.

As EMR tools can be customized to meet specific clinic needs, outsource2india has developed the art of delivering a range of EMR support services for pulmonary clinics. As a Pulmonary EMR service providing company, we have over 24 years of experience in helping our clients leverage our Pulmonary EMR solutions to streamline their administrative process right from the patient registration stage to the payment posting stages.

Pulmonary EMR Services We Offer

Our pulmonary EHR services support a wide range of pulmonary ailments starting from asthma, bronchitis, and lung module treatment to Pneumonia, pulmonary edema to tuberculosis. We have helped our clients become less resource-dependent while discharging their functions. Every time our clients have approached us for our services, we have ensured fast, accurate and reliable services on a consistent basis. Our Pulmonary EMR services include -

  1. Selecting the Right Pulmonary EMR Tool

    Selecting the Right Pulmonary EMR Tool

    There are several advanced pulmonary tools available in the market and depending on your practice you may require either a simple or an advanced tool. Just as a simple tool would fall short of meeting all your requirements an advanced tool may be too sophisticated for your operations. So, you need to pick a tool which is apt for your practice. Our experience in understanding EMR tools can come handy for your business requirements. We have knowledge of most EMR tools in the market including the newly launched ones and can help you find a tool that meets all your requirements effectively.

  2. Assisting With EMR Tool Migration

    Assisting With EMR Tool Migration

    Your practice must be depending on a pulmonary EMR tool that is outdated. To catch up with the market, your practice may lead the most advanced EMR tool. If so, how to deal with the information contained in your legacy system? This is where we come in. We have wide experience in migrating the information, design, and templates from an existing system to a new EMR system in record time and with minimal disruptions. We carry out all necessary integrations with easy and seamless information exchange. We have wide experience in integrating a range of touchpoints such as payer networks, labs, pharmacies, etc.

  3. Pulmonary EMR Image and Templates Customization

    Pulmonary EMR Image and Templates Customization

    Pulmonary treatment is quite unlike other forms of medical treatments. It is heavily dependent on image templates which need to come in the format as required by your practice. There has to be a specific provision for recording specifications such as abnormality, deformation, and appearance of lungs and the windpipe. These images need to be indexed and stored in the right order such as images prior to treatment and images during successive stages of treatment. We assist you to arrange the entire documentation electronically with customized templates. Our service assists you to copy and index documents and images into the database so that it can be easily shared across the practice.

  4. Pulmonary Billing

    Pulmonary Billing

    Pulmonary billing consists of procedure and treatments that may or may not be covered by the insurance provider. The ones that are not covered by the provider are billed to the patient. Our service takes care of both types of billing. We take care to carry out appropriate patient verification, identify available insurance benefits, enter correct diagnostic codes during the billing process, and cross-check codes for accuracy. Thereafter, we submit bills justifying claims. We simultaneously follow up with the patient to collect their part of the payment upfront. Once claims are settled, we complete the payment posting facilities. Denied claims are followed upon rigorously until they are settled by the agency.

  5. Pulmonary Inventory Management

    Pulmonary Inventory Management

    We take care of the end-to-end management of pulmonary inventory. This primarily includes managing personnel, hardware, and disposables. We keep track of your stock and order before shipping it on time to ensure there is no shortage at any point in time. Our highly trained inventory management professionals have in-depth knowledge of pulmonary products and services. With true professionals onboard, we commit ourselves to a goal of 99% order fulfillment. Our inventory management team maintains excellent relationships with all major manufactures of pulmonary disposables. This allows us to provide a quality product on time and at highly competitive rates. Our clients avail our services to make sure that their clinics are well-stocked.

  6. Pulmonary EMR Software Development

    Pulmonary EMR Software Development

    We have over two decades of experience in assisting pulmonary clinics to build their own EMR tools. We often recommend this to our clients because the available EMR tools may not meet their specifications to perfection. Based on practices' requirements we customize features. Popular features we commonly include in pulmonary EMR software include specific templates, customized dashboards, claims management, as well as document management, to manage labs, x-rays, and insurance cards, digitally mark-up a document before attaching it to the patient charts. Our powerful solutions have assisted our clients to streamline their workflow as per their requirements.

Pulmonary EMR Development Process We Follow

We follow a well-defined process to deliver robust pulmonary EMR services. Our process is marked with complete transparency and accountability. Our EMR service process consists of -


01. Understanding Requirements

Knowing your needs helps us comprehend your requirements in detail. Therefore, we sit with you to understand your needs. This helps us come up with a blueprint that is tailored specifically to your needs


02. EMR Planning

We collaborate with the implementation team to finalize the plan. We take into account all existing challenges and draw a plan to counter challenges


03. EMR Development

The project will commence led by a senior project manager. In addition to an intuitive interface and simplified layout, specific attention is paid to develop all the features integral to your practice


04. Pre and Post-Implementation Testing

We test the EMR for performance and functionality. If bugs are detected in the system, it will be flagged and dealt with corrective measures


05. Deployment and Maintenance

We implement the solution at the client's end and test it once again to validate its performance in a real-time environment. We will track your feedback and attend to all performance-related issues if any

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Pulmonary EMR Services to O2I?

Several US-based pulmonary clinics rely on Outsource2india for their end-to-end pulmonary EMR requirements. Our wide exposure in serving pulmonary clinics has honed us in delivering services that are both HIPAA compliant and cost-effective. You can look forward to the following benefits by Outsourcing Pulmonary EMR Services to us -

  • Certified Service Provider

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited services provider. This serves as a guarantee that we are a fully dependable provider of Pulmonary EMR solutions. We provide our clients with the confidence they need to focus on their core tasks.

  • Compliance Guarantee

    We understand that compliance is the cornerstone of any healthcare practice and so we keep ourselves 100% compliant with HIPAA requirements. Our team is well acquainted with HIPAA rules and keep themselves updated on the every HIPAA updates.

  • High-quality Pulmonary EMR Services

    We always go the extra mile to make sure that the pulmonary EMR we implement for your practice is bug-free and reliable. You can always count on us in this aspect because we have a dedicated team who would test the implementation with real-time values to ensure guaranteed performance before delivery.

  • Data Confidentiality

    O2I is an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified company. This means you can keep all your concerns related to data confidentiality at bay. We bank on updated technology and advanced physical infrastructure to keep data safe.

  • Scalable & Cost-effective Services

    Our pulmonary EMR service is scalable and so can meet peak season demands with ease. At the same time, we guarantee services at competitive rates. Our clients avail our services at costs that are 40-50% less than the market price but with the same quality.

  • Latest Infrastructure & Data Sharing facility

    We have the best-in-class infrastructure that comes complete with the best medical billing software and advanced security layout within the project zone so that your data is safe with us. We also use SFTP and VPN to ensure the safety of your data.

  • Fast Turnaround

    We have a well-developed EMR process backed with the right infrastructure and resource to ensure fast turnaround. At the same time, we have global delivery centers to ensure work is delivered round the clock.

  • Dedicated Team with Project Manager

    We help you with your requirements by providing you with a dedicated team and a single point of contact. Our team consists of certified members well-versed with various categories of drug codes and compliance standards. The team is led by a person with considerable experience in pulmonary EMR services.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    Get support from our contact support human agents who operate out of 8 countries worldwide. Our support will cover your needs anytime you prefer to reach us.

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I wanted to inform you of what a great job O2I is doing for our firm. Vinoth Kumar and his team have done amazing work and are extremely reliable. We definitely consider O2I a part of our strategic plans moving forward. Initially, we needed to get a feel of your services and expertise in order to move forward on other enterprise accounts, and now we have the confidence in doing so. Thank you to you for all of the help over the year!

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Medical Billing Company, USA
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Outsource Pulmonary EMR Services to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

Outsource2india has over two decades of experience in supporting a host of Pulmonary EMR Services in India. Our specialization in pulmonary EMR service covers all aspects of the ailment and supports treatment with medication template creation, doc management, ICD and CPT codes, flow sheets, lab orders, and reports, etc. The experience we have acquired by working with several pulmonary clinics prepares us to assist you to meet the day-to-day challenges in this field. Our flexible EMR services engagement models are designed to make it easy for you to avail our services.

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