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Outsource Medical Reports Transcription Services

Medical Reports Transcription Services

Are you short of skilled professionals to carry out medical reports transcription? Are you let down by the cost of transcription services that fall outside your budget sphere? Stop looking for a solution elsewhere because we offer one-stop transcription solution to end your woes. Partnering with professionals who are familiar with medical reports transcription can ease your burden while letting you focus on quality practice and patient care.

Outsource2india is a go-to partner for medical reports transcription services because we have been in business serving clients for nearly two decades. Beyond our expertise, we also make sure you get a usable transcription that streamlines patient care, claims filing etc. Our customizable medical reports transcription services adhere to HIPAA compliances and are available in the format and language of your choice.

Medical Reports Transcription Services We offer

O2I is a high-touch medical reports transcription services provider that has closely worked with many practices across the world. The services we offer are reliable and capable of freeing your in-house healthcare professionals to focus on patient care instead of the back-office functions that require undivided attention to detail. The solutions that we provide as part of medical reports transcriptions are as follows -

  1. Transcription of Operative Notes Report

    Filing medical records without error is essential in transcription of physician operative notes as it helps physicians to rely on record transcriptions to understand the operative case before providing medical care to patients. At O2I, we value the trust that physicians have upon us by turning their dictations into physician operative notes transcription at a cost-effective rate.

  2. Transcription of Discharge Summary Report

    We transcribe the discharge summary, which is a comprehensive synopsis of the hospitalization. This record contains consumables, treatment & medication expenses, laboratory tests, and miscellaneous services used by patients during the stay at a hospital. The conclusion of discharge summary transcriptions will include proposal, medical advice, patient encounter, and follow-up encounter details. The reports we transcribe can help in optimal patient care after the discharge.

  3. Transcription of Plan (SOAP) Note Report

    If you have SOAP reports that require transcription we have you covered. The SOAP notes delivered by medical offices may need transcription for assessment of patient cases and optimal treatment approach. When healthcare facilities and physicians receive a large volume of SOAP notes it may pose challenges without an organized way of record-keeping. Our SOAP note report transcription can save you from documentation hassles without stretching the budget.

  4. Transcription of Consultation Report

    Consultation reports are mostly created in a jiffy and may contain errors and intelligible values that might pose challenges at a later stage. Our medical report transcriptionists can unburden your concern by digitizing the consultation reports for billing, record-keeping, and insurance purposes. Our knowledge of the healthcare terminologies and medical practices enables accurate transcription of consultation reports.

Medical Reports Transcription Process We Follow

Medical reports are relied upon by hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies to process bills and payments. If reports are inaccurate or intelligible then healthcare providers are likely to face short pay or outright denial of claims. Therefore, working with specialists can mitigate risks by a huge margin. Here is a snapshot of the process we follow in medical reports transcriptions -

Dictation Capture  

01. Dictation Capture

We capture dictations from your end via voice recording device or by downloading the audio uploaded on our secure network

Transmission Process  

02. Transmission Process

If you have recorded dictations using a recording device, it can be transmitted to us via VPN or FTP

Medical Record Transcription  

03. Medical Reports Transcription

Your medical reports are accurately transcribed by our transcriptionists using HIPAA compliant methods and the digitized reports are proofed

Real Time Workflow Management  

04. Real-time Workflow Management

The report on the transcription will be readied by our experts and the details will be enlisted in a readable format for recordkeeping

Delivery of Transcribed Records  

05. Delivery of Transcribed Records

The report will be prepared in a format and language of your choice and uploaded on your EMR or EHR system in short notice

Why Choose Outsource2india for Medical Report Transcription Services?

If you want a reliable partner to outsource medical reports transcription your search is over. Here's why. Outsource2india is not just any medical reports transcription services company. Our practices differ from the rest because we present our team who come with specialization in an array of transcription assignments from local and international clients. Here are more reasons why you should offshore medical reports transcription services to us -

  • Certified Radiology Transcription Provider

    We possess more merits than any competition to become your trusted partner in medical report transcriptions, thanks to our team who transcribe each report with care and quality to ensure that you are satisfied with the results. For 25 years we have adhered to HIPAA compliant practices and paid attention to quality, so we are rewarded with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  • Data Security

    O2I handles data security with high importance. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 certified because we meet the information security needs of customers with complete knowledge and expertise in managing confidential data. Our transcriptionists are contractually bound to maintain the confidentiality of the task because they sign the non-disclosure agreement before committing to the project.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Being a leading provider of medical reports transcription services in India we know that our commitment to quality medical reports transcription services is critical to keep us in business. After completion of the medical report transcription, our proofing experts will run quality checks to ensure that the reports are accurate and complete with limited scope for errors and rework.

  • Short Turnaround

    Outsourcing medical reports transcription can highly benefit your practice because we understand that most clients are concerned about the quick completion of medical reports transcription. We have the skill and expertise to shorten the time needed to transcribe medical reports so that other administrative functions such as claims filing and billing process can be accelerated without efforts.

  • Scalability

    Scaling is simple and fast because we follow a customized system that lets you choose a best-fit solution for your business. O2I's medical reports transcription services can help you can easily scale up or down with ease depending on your practice's needs.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Why let yourself be consumed by cost concerns when we can fully customize medical reports transcription services to meet your primary needs? Talk to us and we will assist you to select affordable medical reports transcription services that fit your budgetary peaks.

  • Single-point of Contact

    We don't like to keep our customers waiting when they call or send us emails on medical reports transcription. We run global contact centers that remain operational on all days. Additionally, we provide a dedicated agent to assist you personally so that any time you wish to reach us, you are assured to get a lightning fast response anywhere, anytime.

  • Experienced Team of Transcriptionists, Proofing Experts, and Project Leads

    We are a team of passionate medical reports transcriptionist holding a specialized license. Our vast team of 200+ professionals delivers unmatched results by following strategic business models from our global delivery centers. With 10+ years of experience and knowledge in AHDI/AAMT standards.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    Our infrastructure includes physical, technology, and security apparatus. With each infrastructure subsets seen as a pillar of quality services, we empower our team to commit to medical reports transcriptions without slack in quality or accuracy.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Sending your clientele's confidential data to us requires a highly secure channel and strategy to avoid the data from ending up in wrong hands. Therefore, we provide a secure FTP and VPN so that your data can find its way to us in a secure way without stumbling across obstacles.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    Our contact centers are open throughout the year on a 24X7 basis so that all client concerns can be swiftly addressed. We can be contacted via emails, phone calls, and web chats. You can dial us in without concerns about the time zone.

Client Success Stories

O2I Processed 3000 Encounters Related Rehabilitation Care Group of Physicians

O2I Processed Over 3000 Encounters Related to Rehabilitation Care for a Group of Physicians from Indianapolis

A US client's EMR was streamlined by O2I's expertise. We optimized organization and storage of patient encounters in a client-specified format

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O2I Provided Transcription Automation for Australian Radiologists

O2I Provided Transcription Automation Services to a Group of Australian Radiologists

A team of Australia based radiologists sought assistance from O2I for transcription of 2000 STAT. Our team delivered on promises in quick TAT by learning to use a specific software.

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Outsource Medical Report Transcription Services to O2I - Leader in Healthcare BPO


Hi, I am pleased with the support. The response time and communication are fine. Knowledge about billing and claims is excellent. All the best!

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Outsource2india has emerged as an expert medical reports transcription provider by successfully solving the transcription needs of over 250 healthcare facilities, hospitals, and private practitioners. We consider it as a cost-effective alternative to digitizing your medical reports without losing the meaning or accuracy. With skill in interpreting different style of dictation and accents, we are ready to serve your needs with agility. Our global offices are secure, advanced, and tech-enabled to handle most healthcare BPO needs in stipulated time. We also provide other transcription services that include radiology transcription, discharge summary transcription, neurology transcription, and more.

Reach us now if you are looking for a cost-effective medical reports transcription solution to increase revenue.

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