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Otolaryngology EMR Services

Outsource Otolaryngology EMR Services

Reduce the cost of maintaining health records by outsourcing Otolaryngology EMR services to us. In doing so, you can save the cost of hiring full-time professionals for the task

Do you want to reduce your practice management costs, while getting a customized solution to reduce your back-office burden? Outsource2india has been supporting otolaryngology departments, hospitals, ENT clinics and independent practitioners for delivering cost-effective and compliant back-office support and otolaryngology EMR services. The specialized field of otolaryngology requires continuous patient analysis, tracking, and management. This mandates the need for systematic practice management and electronic health records management tool that is specifically designed for this domain.

At O2I, we help otolaryngologists or ENT physicians by enabling access to accurate, timely, and complete information to diagnose and treat patients. As a renowned otolaryngology EMR service providing company, our advanced solutions can be used to streamline your workflow and improve patient care. All that even if you are on a shoestring budget.

Otolaryngology EMR Services We Offer

O2I understands the unique demands of this domain. Our otolaryngology EHR services are designed to meet your needs timely and cost-effectively while reducing administrative challenges. Our services include -

  1. Otolaryngology EMR Consulting

    Otolaryngology EMR Consulting

    Is your current practice management tool not able to meet your requirements? Do you want to implement a new otolaryngology EHR solution but don't know where to start? Having worked with hundreds of healthcare organizations, O2I can help you achieve your goals through technology and fill the current gaps through EMR services best suited for your unique practice style. We not only help you with streamlining your medical practice and redefining the workflows but also help you with other technical tasks like hardware selection, network set-up, security management, database management, back-up management, updates, maintenance, and staff training. We understand your preferences and present a solution that meets your requirements. Our end-to-end otolaryngology EHR consulting services will help you make a smooth transition to the latest technologies.

  2. Otolaryngology EHR Tool Migration and Integration

    Otolaryngology EHR Tool Migration and Integration

    Are you already using an ENT EMR solution and want to make a switch to a technologically advanced one? No need to feel overwhelmed with the steps involved and the business disruption it might cause. O2I can seamlessly migrate your old technologies to new and compliant otolaryngology EMR solution in a systematic and phased way, with minimal business disruption. You can shift to a feature-rich, customized and interactive tool with ease. We also ensure that your new system remains well-integrated with network hospitals, labs, pharmacies, departments, inventory, insurance providers, and other relevant third parties.

  3. Forms and Templates Customization

    Forms and Templates Customization

    Just like any other medical specialty, otolaryngology also requires a lot of customizations to meet the vast requirements of the field and the personal preferences of the ENT practitioners. We customize your selected otolaryngology EMR tool with several forms and templates that cater to your field like allergy, facial and reconstructive surgery, head and neck, laryngology, otology and neurotology, pediatric otolaryngology, ear conditions, nasal issues, throat problems, sleep apnea, infections or tumors, etc.

    These templates allow you to quickly and easily record patient information and get suggestions about symptoms, treatment plans, drug interactions, flow sheets, lab orders, patient education, and so on. We create custom lists for various procedures like lab order, procedure orders, radiology, otolaryngology PE, otolaryngology ROS, patient assessment/plan, letters, drug interactions, patient history, flow sheets, patient education, and more, according to your preferences. This high level of customization helps you achieve your business objectives through the otolaryngology EHR tool.

  4. Medical Billing

    Medical Billing

    We can make your billing process systematic and error-proof. O2I's dedicated team takes care of all the back-office billing tasks so your clinical staff can focus on caring for your patients. We integrate your existing otolaryngology EMR tool with the billing solution so that you get an integrated view. We use the ICD-9/ICD-10 and CPT codes and also implement them in your tools so that it becomes easier for your staff to select the right ones. O2I ensures that all the payments are made on time and without errors. We alert your team about any billing discrepancies. Our team conducts insurance eligibility checks and also connects with the insurance provider so that processing can be done on time.

  5. Otolaryngology EMR Software Development

    Otolaryngology EMR Software Development

    Even though hundreds of ready-to-use tools are available for EHR management, many ENT doctors still find that they fall short when it comes to customization according to their preferences. Outsource2india has 25 years of software development expertise and we can build top-notch solutions that are designed from ground-up for your specific business situation. Our customized solutions will fill the gaps in your processes and quickly turn your old system into a new feature-rich one with advanced capabilities. We can develop software for your particular needs, irrespective of your current technology environment.

Otolaryngology EMR Process We Follow

At O2I, we take pride in offering transparent service that is a great value add for your practice. Not only do we educate you on the process, but we also provide close-knit support to help you through various stages of the process. Our process is as follows -


We will work with you to discover your requirement as well as to understand your existing workflow


By understanding your existing EMR workflow we will design an optimized version that is enhanced in every way


We will implement the Otolaryngology EMR that was prototyped in the previous stages


We will test the EMR with near-real values to ensure that the performance is uninterrupted during the operation


We will deploy the EMR and help you migrate the existing data. Additionally, feedback will be collected to optimize the new EMR for enhanced precision and compliance with SLA

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing Otolaryngology EMR Services?

O2I is a dependable provider of otolaryngology EMR services in India. By partnering with us, you'll get several advantages -

  • Certified Otolaryngology EMR Services Provider

    Outsource2india is as HIPAA compliant and ISO 9001:2015 certified EMR services provider. We adhere to the best policies to deliver services as per the client's expectations.

  • Secure Data Management

    We understand that medical data is highly confidential. While outsourcing to us, you do not have to worry because we have an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation for handling your data with care and concern. We have secure data transfer and access protocols to keep your information safe.

  • Quality Assurance

    We have appointed quality assurance experts who ensure that the entire process is optimized and there are no errors. They constantly monitor the team to ensure compliance with international medical standards, codes, and norms.

  • Scalable Solutions

    Our services make it easier for you to share patient records and information across clinic locations, healthcare facilities, other physicians, insurance providers, labs, and departments. You will always have instant access to hospital data so that you can make informed decisions all the time.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Experience fast services like never before because we deliver projects on time without adjusting the promised turnaround. We work with agility to cater to our client's need without barriers.

  • Reduced Operational Cost

    Our global model is not only faster but also highly cost-effective. Our clients achieve 40-50% cost reduction by outsourcing otolaryngology EMR services to us.

  • Dedicated Project Manager

    O2I can become your solution provider for everything related to otolaryngology EMR services. We appoint a SPOC who works with you and ensures that all your EMR needs are met timely and transparently.

  • Trained and Certified Team

    O2I offers a world-class team of licensed medical professionals and qualified resources who are well-versed with various categories of drug codes and compliance standards. Our team is well-versed with HIPAA compliance and Medicare Part D. We provide continuous training to the team on various EMR tools available in the market and they are more than capable to handle all your needs.

  • Managed Services and Superior Infrastructure

    Tell us your challenges and we would provide end-to-end practice management services to resolve them through technology and support. We can take care of everything like IT services, EMR tool management, data entry, dictation transcription, referral management, reporting, quality analytics, and other infrastructural needs of our EMR professionals.

  • 24/7 Support

    Our otolaryngology EMR services are available 24x7. We provide great operational reliability and you can trust us for quick turn-around and efficient services. We work in the time zone of your choice.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Full Service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

Outsource2india Provided Full-service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

By harnessing the processing capabilities of AdvancedMD we carried out AR follow-up with insurance providers for a US client. This enabled the client to secure the outstanding dues in time.

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O2I Provided Full Service Billing by using the Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Comprehensive Billing with the help of Medisoft Software

Over 1000 claims were processed by O2I while resolving BCBS challenges to prevent the delay in the settlement of claims. The process was completed in just 3 weeks much to the client's satisfaction.

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Outsource Otolaryngology EMR Services to O2I - Healthcare Experts


Your efficient response to this urgent request is greatly appreciated Thank You! Many thanks again for all your help over the last very busy week!! Much appreciated.

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Outsource2india is an ISO-certified company that offers HIPAA compliant, reliable and professional otolaryngology EMR services in India. We aim to design practical technological solutions that are highly flexible and customizable. For over 25 years, thousands of medical professionals, clinics and hospitals have trusted us for our technology-based business solutions. Our experience has enabled us to meet the tough challenges in today's healthcare domain. We offer unmatched capability in delivering excellence in all types of services related to otolaryngology EHR. Partner with us to learn how you can reduce your operational overheads and smoothen your workflow.

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