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Outsource Oncology Transcription Services

Oncology aims at diagnosis, therapy, treatment and screening of people affected with cancer. Being a critical disease, cancer treatment mandates a physician's complete attention and care to a cancer patient. Therefore, it's imperative to make available clearly transcribed documentations and medical reports related to cancer diagnosis and patient's health condition at every point of interaction to assist in the treatment.

O2I, is a renowned oncology transcription company offering specialized oncology transcription services for over a decade. We understand the importance of accurate documents in the oncology treatment and help our clients focus solely on their cancer patients rather than worrying about their medical charts and reports.

We Offer Complete Oncology Care Transcription

O2I delivers 360 degree oncology care transcription services with great precision at highly affordable rates. Our medical transcriptionists consult oncology experts to take care of all oncology medical transcription requirements right from -

  • Patient Documentation
  • Point of Care Interactions
  • X-Ray/MRI/Scan Reports
  • Physical Test Reports
  • Diagnosis Reports
  • Operative Reports
  • Medication
  • Other Therapy Reports
  • Patient's Physical Response Details
  • Discharge Summaries
  • Patient Doctor Meetings

Exclusive Oncology Transcription Resources

O2I maintains exclusive and expert team of oncology transcriptionists to take care of all your oncology transcription needs. As this exclusive team focuses on just one medical condition, our oncology transcriptionists become adept and extremely capable of handling peculiar coding and transcription challenges with ease, less errors, and quickness. This team is well supported by our software and support staff, ensuring faster turnaround times.

Oncology Study

An exclusive advantage of outsourcing oncology transcription to O2I is that our expert oncology transcription team, as part of their continuous training process, keeps track of all the latest studies and developments in the area of cancer care. This makes us better equipped to understand any medical terminology, physician's notes, and dictations related to oncology with ease and transcribe them accurately.

Quality and HIPAA Compliance

All our transcription services come with O2I's highest quality assurance, experience, support, and trust. Our services are fully compliant with the latest CTC codes and HIPAA. O2I ensures precise codes and error free transcription for all its medical transcription services including oncology care.

O2I is EMR Ready

If you feel the need to have your dictations or EMR instantly available, O2I offers instant and error free EMR transcription and recording services. With customized dictation styles, and documentation formats, our team can ensure faster and almost instant transcription and EMR services.

Outsource Oncology Transcription to O2I

Do you run an exclusive oncology care unit clinic, hospital or an oncology transcription company, or are you a solo practitioner thinking about oncology transcription outsourcing to achieve maximum cost benefits? If yes, all you need to do is outsource oncology transcription to O2I for unmatched quality and error free transcriptions, so that you can completely focus on highly important oncology care.

Just upload your point of care dictations, patient notes, automated transcriptions or any other to-transcribe material to O2I, and let us deliver all what you need.

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