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Medical Transcription Process at Outsource2india

Medical transcription is the process of converting voice files into accurate data files in the required format. As a busy healthcare physician, all you have to do is dictate your observations about your patients into your digital recording device and then send the voice files to us. We will use our reliable, fast and secure HIPAA-based medical transcription process to generate 99.9% accurate medical documents within a 24 hour turnaround time.

Dictating the Information
Transmitting the Voice Files
Transcribing the Voice Files into Text
Editing and Reviewing the Transcribed Files
Sending the Completed Transcribed Files

Step 1: Dictating the information

The medical transcription process begins with the physician recording patient-related information into a digital recording device, such as a PC, a hand-held digital recorder, a cassette recorder, an analog recording device or a phone-in recorder. It is very important to use a good recording device, as it can have a direct impact on the quality of the recording, and may thereby affect the accuracy of the transcribed documents. Do choose a digital recording device as it will offer superior voice quality and clarity when compared to an analog recorder.

You can also install specialized voice recording software modules in your PC.

Step 2: Transmitting the voice files

Once the voice files are recorded, you can directly upload them to our secure and encrypted FTP server in real-time. The medical transcriptionists at our office will immediately download the voice files and start transcribing them. You could also send the voice files from your PC to the central server of your hospital. We can then download your files directly from the server. By directly accessing your voice files, we can provide fast medical transcription services on a 24/7 basis, without any time delays.

Step 3: Transcribing the voice files into text

In this stage, the downloaded voice files are assigned to our experienced team of transcriptionists, who convert them into word processing documents. Headphones are used to listen to the dictated notes, and foot-pedals are used to replay the voice files. Each voice file is given a unique job ID, so that the same file is not sent to two different transcribers.

The voice files will be typed verbatim without any modifications. Editing will be kept to a minimum, with only obvious grammatical and usage errors getting corrected. If a particular voice file is incomplete, unclear or inconsistent, our transcriptionist will immediately request for the relevant physician's comments on the same.

Our medical transcriptionists extensively research on the internet and refer to printed and online medical dictionaries to overcome problems with unfamiliar medication names, unknown terminology, unclear enunciations, or poor voice quality in the recording.

Step 4: Editing and reviewing the transcribed files

Once the transcription is completed, the text files will be sent to our team of experienced editors who will proofread the document in its entirety. The transcribed files are thoroughly checked to identify omissions and eliminate even the smallest of errors. We check the accuracy of the data, along with the corresponding dates. Special attention is paid to the prescribed format and other applicable standards. Our thorough editing process enables us to provide physicians with 99.9% accurately-transcribed files with zero errors. After our editing process is completed, the transcribed files are sent to be reviewed by the originating physician. At this stage, comments about inconsistencies will be checked by the relevant physician. Corrections, if needed, will be made by our transcribers.

Step 5: Sending the completed transcribed files in real-time

The edited, reviewed and corrected documents will be sent to the customer in one of several ways: as an email attachment, an upload to the hospital server, as a web application, or sent via fax. We will ensure that transcribed files reach your hospital within the quickest turnaround time.

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Why outsource medical transcription to Outsource2india?

  • You can be assured about the privacy and confidentiality of patient information, as we use secure servers, 128/256-bit encryption and third party certification while downloading files. We also ensure the secure exchange and storage of files
  • Our transcriptionists work on state-of-the-art dictation technology and infrastructure, along with the latest transcription software and methodologies to provide fast and 99.9% accurate transcriptions everyday
  • Our turnaround time is less than 24 hours. With Outsource2india as your partner, you can send the files to be transcribed in the evening and be sure to print them out the very next morning
  • The medical transcription team at Outsource2india comprises of experienced language specialists, with a thorough knowledge of medical terms, expertise in the English language and exceptional typing and listening skills
  • We have over 10 years of experience in transcribing, formatting, editing and proofreading medical documents for healthcare facilities in the US, UK, Canada and Australia

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