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7 Telemedicine Trends that will Transform the Healthcare Industry

7 Telemedicine Trends in Healthcare Industry

Telemedicine is one of the most important fields in today's healthcare industry. It plays a key role in the industry's shift towards a more value-based care which helps to cut costs, generate additional revenue and enhance patient satisfaction. Telemedicine has experienced one of the massive growth and deployment in the last decade and has brought about considerable changes to the healthcare industry.

The global telemedicine market is estimated to be worth more than $34 billion by the end of the year 2020. Accounting for almost 40% of this share, North America is the largest telemedicine market globally. Increasing number of chronic diseases, rising aged population, and the software industry boom are the major factors which drive this massive growth in telemedicine.

Key Statistics - Growth and Benefits of Telemedicine

The number of people using telemedicine and being open to this idea is increasing due to its accessible and convenient nature. Healthcare providers too, see a series of advantages using this method as there are fewer hospital readmissions, satisfied patients, and better revenue generated. Some of the key telemedicine statistics include:

  • More than 50% of all U.S. healthcare organizations provide a telemedicine program
  • About 90% of the remaining healthcare organizations have already started working on a telemedicine program
  • Telemedicine now accounts for almost 25% of the health IT market
  • More than 50% healthcare organizations claimed that telemedicine improved the quality of patient care provided
  • About 55% of the patients claimed that telemedicine increased their involvement in their own treatment decisions

7 Telemedicine Trends for 2018 and Beyond

Earlier telemedicine providers had proprietary standards to connect to devices using the internet and conduct a health session. These days there are open connectivity standards that eliminate additional steps to initiate a session. Some of the latest telemedicine trends for 2018 and beyond are listed below:

  1. Built-in EHR Integration to be Popular

    Built-in EHR Integration to be PopularHealthcare professionals in the telemedicine system often use different EHRs, so integration of electronic records with telemedicine is becoming a norm. As provider-to-provider telemedicine consultations increases, so will the need for patients' EHRs to be seamlessly available to all clinicians involved, whether between provider organizations or within a single healthcare organization.

  2. Patient Data Collection and Data Analytics to Rise

    Patient Data Collection & Analytics to RiseTelemedicine services will be used to collect the patient information automatically during the telemedicine session. Using this data, patient engagement and patient tracking will be focused in 2018 and beyond. Newer technologies will not only help improve the quality of the telemedicine session, but also improve the treatment and make use of the analyzed data to manage the entire program efficiently.

  3. Increased Reimbursement and Payment Opportunities

    Increased Reimbursement and Payment OpportunitiesMany health plans have already started covering telemedicine. On the government front, the coming years will see an increase in the coverage plans for the Medicaid managed healthcare organizations. Healthcare professionals are becoming more open towards using newer payment models apart from the traditional fee-for-service reimbursement.

  4. Increase in International Arrangements

    Increase in International ArrangementsIn the coming years, more and more hospitals and healthcare providers will tie-up with international medical institutions, spreading their healthcare expertise abroad. These overseas partnerships will provide access to more patients, help bolster international brands and generate additional revenue.

  5. Development of a Common Software Platform will Come into Picture

    Development of Common Software Platform will come into PictureHealthcare organizations increasingly want an enterprise-wide telemedicine platform that supports healthcare sessions covering multiple medical conditions such as pediatrics, neurology, emergency care, and behavioral health, among others. The benefits for providers include dealing with a single vendor, single user interface, training material, and applications that can calculate and provide the statistics irrespective of the medical condition.

  6. Richer Clinical Apps to be Developed

    Richer Clinical AppsDoctors and physicians want a telemedicine session which gives a bedside experience for both the patient and the healthcare provider. Apps will be developed which will be compliant with the standard procedures and have the customizability to adjust the way an information is displayed and used by the physician.

  7. Embracing Open Connectivity

    Embracing Open ConnectivityIn order to offer system architectures and platforms which interact with each other, IT vendors will gladly welcome the open Internet connection protocols. This will enable physicians and patients to communicate in spite of using multiple platforms.

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What Future Beholds for Telemedicine?

Remote healthcare services have been on the rise for organizations around the world. Telemedicine is used by healthcare providers to diagnose and provide treatment to patients in remote places. Telemedicine has rapidly changed the way in which the doctor would interact with and treat patients. Some of the points to consider while discussing the future of telemedicine include:

  • Using a mobile device, it has become very easy to download applications to connect to an online doctor of your choice. Certain forms of telemedicine require you to go to designated centers to consult a physician virtually. With today's technological advancements and a fast and reliable internet connection, it has become possible to avail Telemedicine facility from the comfort of your home.
  • The advantages of telemedicine communications considerably reduce the overall cost and time of the healthcare, not only for individuals but for the healthcare organizations as well. Also, it eases the life of a patient who does not have to travel far away just to see a general practitioner for a common malady such as a sore throat, only to be referred to a specialist later on.
  • Smart mobile phones support Teleradiology applications by incorporating certain technologies and have come to the aid of stroke victims. This helps in a more accurate and precise prognosis of the initial signs and symptoms, as well as a guide to prevent them from recurring in the future.

More and more people around the world are demanding a proper healthcare for themselves and their loved ones. Having access to the best doctors at your fingertips is important for this demand. Telemedicine services not only benefit the patient but also efficiently manage a doctor's schedule as well. It would be most appropriate to say that telemedicine is the future of healthcare and healing.

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