3D Medical Illustration Services

3D Medical Illustration Services

Get professional 3D medical illustrations that enrich the quality of education, research, and marketing from O2I - a one-stop-shop solution for your medical illustration needs

Are you in need of 3D medical illustration experts who can visualize and recreate anatomical structures with traditional and digital methods? Are your in-house 3D medical illustrators lacking precision in rending anatomically correct teaching models for medical education, health promotion, and research activities? If you can't get the best out of your existing resources, outsource 3D Medical illustration services to the people who know their ropes.

Outsource2india is an ISO accredited 3D Medical illustration service provider based out of India. We have certified illustrators who create accurate material for recording and circulation of medical knowledge through a high-quality visual communication platform. We not only create 3D medical illustrations, but also provide advisory, administrative, and educational consultation in visual education.

3D Medical Illustration Services We Offer

O2I's 3D medical illustration services can shrink the time and cost of creating teaching models for surgical manuals, brochures, websites, displays, and much more. We carry several years of experience in 3D medical illustrations for the following -

  • 3D Medical Illustrations

    3D Medical Illustrations

    We have the bandwidth and expertise to create 1800 high-quality 3D medical illustrations in a minute worth of animation that runs at 30fps. We rely upon computer rendered medical illustrations to capture isolated frames from an animation sequence. We can render medical illustrations quickly and accurately at no additional cost.

  • 3D Biomedical Illustrations

    3D Biomedical Illustrations

    We can create high-quality surgical manuals with precision at a custom cost which is highly affordable. We are unintimidated by tight deadlines and project complexity. We have experienced professionals who are adept at traditional and digital medical illustration. We are well-versed in designing illustrations for medical journals, billboards, product brochure, and other commercial purposes to exhibit your biomedical products. We also make top-notch medical illustrations for serving as marketing material and guides. Textbooks, journals, and other consumer publications can be designed with creativity and accuracy for interactive learning. Our illustrations can serve as a pedagogic material in lawsuits to disclose information on medical malpractice or injuries.

  • 3D Anatomical Illustrations

    3D Anatomical Illustrations

    Whether it is surgical manuals, web graphics, brochures, tradeshow pamphlet graphics, product packaging or other marketing material we can design anatomical illustrations for all your custom needs. You can get the best quotes by getting in touch with our experts.

Medical Illustration Services Process We Follow

Being a top provider of 3D medical illustration services in India, we understand what it takes to ensure process transparency. Our medical illustration services are professionally executed by expert designers who possess inside-out knowledge of the biomedical process and anatomical designs. Our 3D medical illustration process is transparent and involves the following -


01. Conceptualization and Creation

Our illustrators will collaborate with your team to understand the requirement and formalize a concept that can be translated into medical illustrations


02. 3D Modeling, Animation, and Rendering

We will use a combination of hand-drawn design and digital renders to create objects, characters, and anatomical system


03. Compositing

We will perform compositing by combing multiple frames to create a single sequence. The project will be further enhanced with client collaboration


04. Editing and File Export

O2I' team will analyze the images to add or subtract elements that are inaccurate. It will be further enhanced to match your requirement disclosed in the SLA


05. Reporting and Feedback

After completion of the project, we will dispatch reports to you and collect feedback for further improvement of the solution

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for 3D Medical Illustration Services?

Outsourcing 3D medical illustration services can bring tremendous benefits. Several advantages that await you by choosing Outsource2indias as your 3D medical illustration partner includes -

  • Certified 3D Medical Illustration Services Company

    Outsource2india is ISO 9001:2015 accredited 3D medical illustration services provider. In addition, we are a HIPAA compliant provider with professional experience in 3D medical illustration projects.

  • Data Security

    Your data is highly secure with us because we employ state-of-the-art data protection measures to ensure that the security of all your data is taken care.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We assure 100% quality in the finished illustrations because it is our goal to sign off on projects that meet your expectations to the fullest.

  • Short Turnaround

    The response time and the delivery of the project are accomplished in the shortest turnaround time because we honor our commitment and your trust in our abilities.

  • Scalability

    The 3D medical illustration services are highly scalable and meet client's expectations without missing the mark. If you have scalable needs we have just the solution you need.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The 3D medical illustration can be customized to your needs because our services are affordable and flexibly priced. Therefore, you can avail the best service without stretching your budget.

  • Single Point of Contact

    You can avail a timely report and response to queries from our contracted team's head. With direct response from the team manager, you are assured to get reports and up-to-date information anytime, anywhere.

  • Experienced Team of 3D Medical Illustration Agents, Project Managers, IT Personnel

    We have 500+ illustrators who are licensed and carry decade-plus years of experience. We are truly the one-stop-shop solutions for your 3D medical illustration needs.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    With an infrastructure that includes the latest software, hardware, and security systems, you are guaranteed better performance and accurate illustration from 3D medical illustration service providing company like ours.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    Our SFTP and VPN are secure data-sharing platforms that mitigate the risk of your data ending up in wrong hands.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can get in touch with our team anytime irrespective of the time zone because we work round the clock to process your needs.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Charge and Patient Demographics Entry for Georgian Client

Outsource2india Delivered Charge and Patient Demographics Entry for Georgian Client

Over 1200 claims a month was processed by Outsource2india for a US-based client. We delivered the service with an accuracy of 98% to which the client expressed content.

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O2I Provided Charge and Demographic Entry by Using Kareo Software to a US-based Client

O2I Provided Charge and Demographic Entry by Using Kareo Software to a US-based Client

Delivering demographic and charge entry with an accuracy of 98% coupled with 45% cost saving was an important milestone for Outsource2india. We processed over 17000 claims in just a month.

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I wanted to inform you of what a great job O2I is doing for our firm. Vinoth Kumar and his team have done amazing work and are extremely reliable. We consider O2I a part of our strategic plans moving forward. Initially, we needed to get a feel of your services and expertise in order to move forward on other enterprise accounts, and now we have the confidence in doing so. Thank you to you for all the help over the year!

Managing Director, Medical Billing Company, USA More Testimonials »

Outsource 3D Medical Illustration Services to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

Are you considering options to offshore 3D Medical illustration Services? If yes, turn to Outsource2india. We are backed by 24 years of experience in healthcare BPO and possess the traits to understand your requirements and roadblocks better than anyone else. Our medical animation services do not fall behind in quality. With exceptional knowledge of the healthcare landscape, we can make your illustrations make a strong statement. You can start by talking to our agents to explore the plans and quotes that match your budget.

Reach us now if you require 3D medical illustration services to streamline your healthcare system.

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