Orthopedics EMR Services

Orthopedics EMR Services

Completely managed orthopedics EMR services to remove your business challenges and back-office load

Are your Orthopedic doctors in need of simplified and one-stop access to patient records, lab reports, X-rays, MRI scans, CT scans, and other ailments to deliver accurate and timely diagnosis? Orthopedics is an advanced field of healthcare that requires completely personalized patient care. In order to tend to patients efficiently, orthopedics specialists need systematic practice management solutions that cater to their field. Nobody does it better than Outsource2india using Orthopedic EMR services.

Outsource2india is currently supporting hundreds of hospitals, clinics, orthopedics departments and independent practitioners with their EMR requirements. We leverage EMR technology for automating your workflows and optimize your clinical processes to reduce costs. If you want to streamline your EMR process outsource orthopedics EMR services to us.

Outsource Orthopedics EMR Services We Offer

We understand the unique demands of the field and so our services are specially designed for orthopedics. They include -

  1. Orthopedics EMR Consulting

    Orthopedics EMR Consulting

    Orthopedic surgeons and physicians require a unique set of capabilities from their EMR tools. If you want to implement a new EMR tool, Outsource2india can help you in identifying the best solution for your needs and help you put it into operation seamlessly. If you want to enhance or replace your current system into a new, advanced one, then we can help you make the transformation with the right support, wherever needed. We have enabled hundreds of healthcare institutions to implement EMR tools that have not only reduced their everyday back-office burden but also streamlined their medical practice at a lower cost. We can customize the solution to meet your personal preferences. We would also help you in hardware selection, network set-up, security management, database management, back-up management, updates, maintenance, and staff training. Our completely managed, end-to-end consulting services will help you make a smooth transition to the latest technologies.

  2. Orthopedics EMR Tool Migration and Integration

    Orthopedics EMR Tool Migration and Integration

    O2I can shift your operations to a new system, replace your old processes with optimized workflow using orthopedics EMR services. We can increase integration with external institutions in a planned manner with minimal disruption to your functioning. We would enable single-point access to all the diagnostic reports and information like X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, ultrasounds, etc. You can get an integrated EMR system, that talks with network hospitals, labs, pharmacies, departments, inventory, insurance providers, and more. An integrated system will save you time and increase transparency across your organization.

  3. Forms and Templates Customization

    Forms and Templates Customization

    None of the EMR tools can give perfect results unless they are aligned for the specific medical specialties as well as doctor preferences. O2I can customize your selected EMR tool with several forms and templates that cater to the field of orthopedics such as musculoskeletal trauma, spine diseases, sports injuries, degenerative diseases, infections, tumors, pediatric orthopedics, congenital disorders, and many more. These templates allow you to quickly and easily record patient information as well as get suggestions about symptoms, treatment plans, drug interactions, flow sheets, lab orders, patient portal, and so on. We create templates for various procedures according to your preferences and needs. This high level of customization helps you achieve your business objectives through the EMR tool.

  4. Orthopedics EMR Billing

    Orthopedics EMR Billing

    Revenue leakage, delayed payments, insurance eligibility checks, data verification, take up a lot of time and resources for healthcare institutions. We reduce your back-office burden by simplifying your billing and making it extremely systematic and error-proof. We implement the ICD-9/ICD-10 Codes and keywords, so your staff can easily select the right one. O2I can handle the billing procedures, alert your staff if there is any incorrect data or errors, integrate billing with the EMR solution, ensure that the billing process is happening on time and payments are received, and a lot more. We handle all the back-office tasks for billing so that you and your team can focus on taking care of your patients.

  5. Orthopedics EMR Software Development

    Orthopedics EMR Software Development

    The readily available EMR management tools available in the market often fail to meet the personal preferences and working styles of orthopedics practitioners. Outsource2india has over two decades of software development expertise. We can build cutting-edge solutions from scratch. Our focus is on making technology work for your preferences and business scenario. We fill the gaps in your existing process through the right technologies and turn your system into an advanced and feature-rich one.

The Orthopedics EMR Process We Follow

The process for implementing EMR services are transparent. We ensure that you get the best value adds without compromising the quality. Here is the process we follow for Orthopedics EMR services -


01. Requirement Discovery

Through collaboration, we will analyze your requirement and the challenges in the project. the preliminary assessment will help us plan the next step


02. EMR Planning and Prototyping

We will design a schema to include features that are mandatory in your EMR. We will integrate the essential functionality customized for your preference


03. EMR Development

We will design the EMR that comes complete with features that are essential or your practice. We will ensure that the outcome reflects the requirement in the SLA


04. Testing

We will provide near-real-time inputs to observe the response. If necessary, we will calibrate the system to ensure that the outcome is accurate


05. Reporting and Feedback

We will collect feedback from your end to enhance our service. Additionally, we will provide reports that will help you measure the performance

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should you Outsource Orthopedics EMR Services to O2I?

Many healthcare businesses across the globe have chosen Outsource2india as their orthopedics EMR service providing company. Our services are reliable, consistent and fast. By partnering with us, you'll get several advantages -

  • Certified Provider of Orthopedic EMR Service

    We offer ISO 9001:2015 accredited managed range of services where you can rely on us for end-to-end execution and delivery of the project. We can take care of everything like IT services, EMR tool management, data entry, dictation transcription, referral management, reporting, quality analytics, staff training, and much more.

  • Secure Data Management

    When you partner with us, you can be sure that your patient data and hospital information is in safe hands. Outsource2india has an ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accreditation for handling your data with care and concern. We have secure data transfer and access protocols to keep your information safe.

  • Quality Guarantee

    We have appointed quality assurance experts who ensure that the entire process is optimized and there are no errors. They constantly monitor the team to ensure compliance with international medical standards, codes, and norms.

  • Scalable Service

    The Orthopedic EMR services are scalable making a versatile answer to all challenges in your practice management system. Whether you have a surge or fall in peak requirement we have just the solution to accommodate your needs in a scalable manner.

  • Seamless Solution at Quick TAT

    O2I will get you single-point access to all the network hospitals, clinic locations, healthcare facilities, other physicians, insurance providers, pharmacy, labs, and departments. You will have all the patient information and lab data at your disposal, to facilitate quicker diagnosis and treatments. We will define suitable workflows for your organization so that all the patients get treated in a pleasant and systematic way.

  • Budget Friendly

    Our global model is not only faster but also highly cost-effective. Our clients achieve 40-50% cost reduction by outsourcing orthopedics EMR services to us. Contact us to get a quick estimate of how much you can save.

  • SPOC for All Orthopedics EMR Services

    O2I can become your solution provider for everything related to outsourcing orthopedics EMR services. We appoint a single point of contact who works with you and ensures that all your EMR needs are met consistently and transparently.

  • Experienced and Certified Team

    O2I brings a certified team of licensed medical professionals and qualified resources who are well-informed about the various categories of drug codes and compliance standards, HIPAA, Medicare Part D, and more. The team has extensive experience of working on all the popular EMR tools available in the market and they are more than capable of handling all your customization needs.

  • High-quality Infrastructure

    Whether you have simple or complex challenges we have the resources and technology to make your concerns vanish in no time. Our high-end EMR software and hardware infrastructure make it easier for our EMR professionals leverage the flexibility to operationalize your EMR in no time.

  • Global Delivery

    O2I provides offshore orthopedics EMR services that are available 24x7. Our round-the-clock support provides great operational reliability and you can trust us for quick turn-around and efficient services.

Client Success Stories

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Outsource2india Provided Full-service Billing for an Urgent Care Practice

By harnessing the processing capabilities of AdvancedMD we carried out AR follow-up with insurance providers for a US client. This enabled the client to secure the outstanding dues in time.

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O2I Provided Full Service Billing by using the Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Comprehensive Billing with the help of Medisoft Software

Over 1000 claims were processed by O2I while resolving BCBS challenges to prevent the delay in the settlement of claims. The process was completed in just 3 weeks much to the client's satisfaction.

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Your efficient response to this urgent request is greatly appreciated Thank You! Many thanks again for all your help over the last very busy week!! Much appreciated.

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Select us for outsourcing orthopedics EMR services. We are an ISO-certified company that offers completely reliable and professional orthopedics EMR services in India. For over 24 years, we have been helping medical professionals, clinics and hospitals with our wide-range of EMR and healthcare BPO solutions and back-office support services. We have worked with many orthopedic surgeons, doctors and super-specialty hospitals over these years and know what it takes to meet the specific requirements of this domain. Our EMR services are highly flexible and customizable, and we offer unmatched capability in delivering excellence in all types of services related to orthopedics EMR.

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