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Medical Peer Review Services

Outsource Medical Peer Review Services

Effectively establish patient safety, accountability and quality medical care in your healthcare practice at prices starting at $1280 per FTE per month

Medical peer review is an extremely critical process needed to establish patient safety, accountability, and quality medical care in healthcare centers. Outsource2india has 25 years of experience in providing top-notch medical peer review services for the best hospitals and mid-sized clinics in the US. Driven by a team of medical experts with experience in peer review services, we guarantee a fair process for all peer review cases and complete consistency with hospital policy.

As a well-known medical peer review service providing company, our peer review services are marked by timeliness and accuracy. We ensure this by abiding strictly to hospital policy and peer review panel manual guidelines. Over the years, we have earned a reputation for objective observations, robust and unassailable conclusions based on current practices and medical literature, and established widely accepted rules and conventions. It's because of this focused approach that our clients prefer to outsource medical peer review services to us.

Our Medical Peer Review Services

We undertake a range of peer review services cutting across fields of healthcare. These include reviews for medical cases as well as reviews of write-ups for publications. Some of our services as a medical peer review company include -

  • Single Blind Medical Peer Review Services

    Single Blind Medical Peer Review Services

    In this type of review, the physician of the medical diagnosis or procedure will not get to know who the reviewer will be. However, the reviewer will be able to know whose file is being reviewed. It's because of this knowledge that reviewers can accept or reject to review the file of a particular peer.

  • Double-blind Medical Peer Review Services

    Double-blind Medical Peer Review Services

    In this type of peer review, neither the reviewed nor the reviewer get to know about each other's identity. As a result, the question of rejecting a review by a reviewer doesn't arise. We take all steps to remove indicators such as names, roll numbers, affiliations, etc.

  • Open Medical Peer Review Services

    Open Medical Peer Review Services

    In this type of review, both the physician under review and the reviewer are aware of each other's identity. Consequently, when we undertake this type of review, we reveal the peer reviewer's comments and the writer's response to all the comments.

  • Collaborative Medical Peer Review Services

    Collaborative Medical Peer Review Services

    This is an open forum review in which a group of reviewers sit and discuss with the physician under review on how to improve the diagnosis or procedure. However, the reviewer's identity is not revealed to the physician at the time of the review. It is only made known after the review gets completed and the suggestions are passed on to the concerned physician.

  • Retrospect Medical Peer Review Services

    Retrospect Medical Peer Review Services

    This is a review undertaken after treatment is completed or in retrospect. In this review, all peer reviewers can post their comments after reading the case. The comments come with the name of the peer reviewer. Likewise, the identity of the physician is also made known to all the reviewers.

  • Cascading Medical Peer Review Services

    Cascading Medical Peer Review Services

    This is a special type of review service related to the publication of a thesis on medical observations. In this type of service, if a particular thesis does not meet the requirement of a particular publication, it is rejected and instead recommended for some other publication where the write-up may find greater acceptance.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Peer Review Services

There are several benefits of outsourcing medical peer review services. These include -

  1. Access to Qualified Doctors

    Practices can't always have access to experienced doctors with the right licensures, qualifications, and adequate exposure to verify the medical need and appropriateness of pursuing a particular course of treatment. This handicap can be overcome by outsourcing it to medical review agencies. These agencies have a battery of retired doctors across different fields of treatment.

  2. Address Disruptive Physicians Quickly

    Reviewing a disruptive physician is always a difficult task for a lot of reasons like internal politics or reluctance of peers etc. But since a hospital is legally bound to take action for larger interests, it needs to conduct a peer review. By outsourcing the task it becomes easy for a hospital to carry out an objective peer review.

  3. Educate and Train Doctors

    Trying to educate doctors internally with the help of peers often leads to confrontational issues which generates a lot of misgivings. Such fallouts of an internal peer review can be averted by outsourcing the task to competent and established third parties. The biggest advantage of outsourcing is that it assists in tracking, identifying, and resolving improper clinical performance without triggering disputes.

  4. Access to an Established Review Process

    Third-party medical peer review agencies specialize in this service because they have a well-established process and a range of experts to carry out the review. These companies set the right standards, expectations and compensate doctors accordingly. This ensures that doctors do not have lethargy in executing the task after their hectic work. The best agencies have physicians committed to the peer review committee for a stipulated period.

  5. Complete Quality Control

    Third-party agencies also have a well-established quality control process in place. Every review undergoes a check to ensure standards are maintained. This also ensures that at no point in time can physicians treat reviews as a pushover task. Holding them accountable for their observations helps to build a foolproof learning process for your doctors.

Our Medical Peer Review Process

As a reputed medical peer review services providing company, we follow a well-defined process for medical peer review. It consists of the following steps -


01. Understand Cases and Initial Review

We sit with you to understand the case you have identified to undergo a review. Once we understand it we go through all the medical information regarding the case in question. Thereafter, the case is entered into our database through scanning of documents or transferring the soft copies provided by you


02. Form a Peer Review Committee

We form a peer review committee for each assigned case. The committee consists of practitioners and primarily includes a chief medical officer under whom medical directors and contracted specialist practitioners are selected on an ad hoc basis, depending on the specific specialty care review


03. Establish a Peer Review Process

While we already have a peer review process in place, the chief medical officer will once again take the committee members through the process to acquaint them with the expectations, which usually varies from case to case. This helps in establishing accountability and consistency for the case at hand


04. Documentation of Activities

Once the review process begins, every observation is documented. The confidentiality of the documents is strictly maintained. The documented portion is scanned by the quality control team and chief medical officer. Even the observations of the medical officer are documented completely


05. Additional Corrective Action

The quality team goes through the documented details to eliminate errors if any and suggests additional corrective actions. This is usually done with the consent of the chief medical officer and the supervising practitioner. Based on our SLAs, we add terms that help in defining the steps of the remediation process


06. Appeals

The peer review committee stands in place for 10 days after the report is submitted to the client. As the practitioner under review is entitled to appeal to the peer review committee for a review or to address queries, the committee is in place to review the appeal and answer all questions raised by the practitioner

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Medical Peer Review Services to Outsource2india?

Our clients prefer to outsource peer review services to us because we have a proven track record that makes us one of the most reliable medical peer review service providers. Some benefits of partnering with us include -

  • We Treat Peer Review as a Business Process

    We treat peer review as a business process which is why we can help our clients fix things in a way that helps in improving both effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Peer Review Based On Credentialing

    We make sure all physicians meet the threshold criteria. This ensures that only the right physician gets to review the documents.

  • Set Review Standards

    We set the standard for a peer review by first defining factors like patient safety, professional conduct, standards of practice, etc., and setting the right expectations. This ensures there is no capricious review.

  • Establish Roles for the Review Committee

    We make sure that all the members of the committee understand their roles, obligations, and responsibilities as part of the committee. This helps in keeping disputes and disagreements in check.

  • Setting Timelines

    We set timelines to ensure physicians proactively identify issues and act quickly to rectify an error. It helps in avoiding confrontation and keeps them focused on an activity that will set a pattern right.

  • Trained Reviewers

    We ensure that all the peers in a review committee are trained and have the specialized knowledge to confidently carry out a review. It helps all the members be on the same page and have knowledge of standard practices.

  • Objective Peer Review Service

    As a reputed medical peer review service company, we provide result-oriented services for our clients. In the process, we assist practices to improve patient care, eliminate liability, and even tackle negative publicity from the media. In addition, we help you identify peer review system breakdowns so that the effectiveness of your internal peer review system remains intact.

  • Observe Data Trends

    With our services, you can look at the qualitative diagnosis process of each doctor in the hospital and ensure they follow the set standards of quality patient care and correct themselves where needed.

  • Establish Right Policies for Review

    As hospitals are bound to maintain high-quality standards, our peer review services help hospitals have an expert, objective, and trained resource for assessing disputes and quality of care concerns.

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Outsource Medical Peer Review Services to Outsource2india

Outsource2india has 25 years of experience as a medical peer review service provider. We have, over the years, developed a robust process to review the diagnosis of medical professionals for all types of practices in the US and around the world. We provide balanced reviews taking into consideration both minority opinions and views of the physician who is being reviewed. Our process entails using proof-based guidelines and best practice parameters followed by medical societies and approved and vetted by institutions. The best part of our process is to provide the best possible review to help the physician under review rectify their skills, and achieve expected competency levels.

If your practice is looking for the best medical peer review service in India and globally, get in touch with our experts now.

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