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Outsource Healthcare BPO Outsourcing FAQs

Here's a list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers, when they outsource healthcare BPO to Outsource2india. In case the question you are looking for is not answered below, or not addressed satisfactorily, please feel free to contact us.

  1. How can I outsource healthcare BPO to O2I?

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    In order to outsource healthcare BPO to Outsource2india, you can call us or fill in the contact us form to tell us your requirements. We will contact you to understand your requirements, answer your questions and provide you with a price estimate. You can avail a free trial, after which you can either choose to opt out with no obligations or send your files to O2I in these manner

  2. Do I have to outsource my entire project, or am I allowed picking certain tasks that I want to outsource?

    At Outsource2india, we believe in providing customized solutions for each and every customer, and you can choose to outsource either an entire project or the specific tasks. Just tell us your requirements and we will build a custom workflow and assign a team to work on your specific requirements.

  3. How many years of experience do you have in healthcare outsourcing?

    Outsource2india is a pioneer in outsourcing healthcare BPO, and has been providing outsourcing solutions across a wide range of industries since 2002.

  4. What are your working hours?

    Our usual working hours are from Monday 7.30 PM EST (6 AM IST) to Saturday 3.30 PM EST (2 AM IST). But, we are open to do work on weekends if informed about the same by Thursday evening or Monday morning.

  5. How long does it usually take to complete a project?

    Quickest turnaround time is the USP of our healthcare BPO. We guarantee 24 hours TAT and 2-4 hours TAT for STAT services. However, completion time may vary based on a number of factors like project complexity; type of services offered, project size, etc. Once you send us your specifications, we can update you with the exact time required to complete your requirements.

  6. What is your pricing structure?

    Our prices are highly competitive and help you save up to 60% on your operating costs, and depend on a number of factors, like:

    • The term of the contract
    • Project complexity
    • The technology used
    • Required skill and experience level of agents

    Please contact our team with your specifications for exact quote.

  7. What according to you are the key factors that determine a project's success?

    At Outsource2india, we strongly believe that the key success factors for the project are -

    1. Communication

      This is the most important aspect where all expectations, instructions, timelines, metrics, and changes must be communicated and documented. Similarly, the execution team must not make any assumptions all queries, clarifications, requests for additional information must be documented and requested and the responses must again be documented. Most outsourced projects fail not because of the complexity of the task but because of a failure in communication.

    2. Transparency

      The second most important success factor that goes hand in hand with the first is transparency. This ensures the early detection and resolution of potential problems. We ensure that the execution process is as open and transparent as possible.

    3. Transition

      The transition phase of the project is critical to the success of the project, minor aspects overlooked during the transition phase come back to haunt in the later stages of a project, and when this is combined with lack of communication and transparency it leads to several problems.

    4. Involvement of senior management

      In any outsourced project, the involvement is senior management is crucial to ensure the success of the project. This is very important because often the staff involved with the transition and day to day interaction on the project, view the task and an addition to their regular work and are not as committed as senior management to ensure the success of the project.

    5. SPOC

      There must be a single point of contact whose KRA is to ensure the success of the project, he needs to be responsible to ensure that the team gets what they need to execute the work. He/she must have the required authority and access required; often a task is delayed because of reasons like someone in IT is waiting for approval to provide the required access etc.

  8. What are your payment modes?

    We accept payments through PayPal, Credit Card, Check within the USA, and Wire Transfer.

  9. What if I don't have any billing software?

    We can provide you with our comprehensive and easy-to-use billing software suite (free of cost).

  10. I am very particular about data security. Do you follow any data security measures?

    We take confidentiality, copyright, and privacy of data very seriously, and ensure that any client related information is not published, distributed, sublicensed, sold or disseminated to the third-party. Additionally, we make our employees sign confidentiality agreements, service-level agreements, & non-disclosure agreements at the onset of every project to ensure safety of our clients' data.

  11. What are the quality control processes at Outsource2india?

    We follow stringent quality control processes at every stage to ensure that customers are provided with high-quality health care services. We are also HIPAA and RBMA compliant.

  12. What are the advantages of outsourcing healthcare BPO to O2I?

    Outsourcing healthcare BPO to O2I offers you multiple advantages, key among those are:

    • Task executed in less time and cost
    • No Infrastructural or administrative hassles
    • Increased productivity and efficiency
    • Easy access to skilled resources
    • Streamlined revenue generation and business transformation
    • Less turnaround time due to time zone advantage
    • Less dependency on internal resources
  13. Who are your health care customers?

    Hospitals, Clinics, Physicians, Healthcare Consultants, independent medical practitioners, and anyone associated with the healthcare industry are our clients.

  14. Do you do provide free trial?

    We provide a free, no obligation 5 day trial to demonstrate our capabilities

  15. Will I be communicating to India directly?

    O2I has excellent client support executives both in the US and in India handpicked for excellent client management and English speaking skills. Initially, a US client manager will answer your queries and directly manage your ramp-up process. Once your team is in place, you will be assigned an Indian client manager who will directly work with your team. You can communicate with your client manager between 9 AM - 6 PM EST through phone, email and/or chat. In addition to this, weekly or monthly conference calls will be scheduled with your client manager to discuss your account needs.

  16. Will I incur long distance calling charges when I make a call to India?

    No, you will not incur any international calling charges. All the phone calls that you make will be to the US phone numbers that will be directed to our operations center at India. You might only have to call a different state in the US and most call plans provide free inter-state calls.

Service Information

  1. Do you use any software?

    We use software like, Kareo, Advance MD, Advantx, Docutap, NextGen, Medical Manager, MEDICS, MEDISOFT, E-Clinical Works, LYTEC, IDX, PRACTICE ADMIN and GE CENTRICITY among others.

  2. Can you re-adjudicate EOBs?

    Our proprietary technology enables us to scan your EOBs (Explanation of Benefits) directly into our rules-based engine. This process converts paper into a standard electronic EOB file, making it easier to auto-post payments and EOB details. Our internet message center will report reversible denials, underpayments and positive edits, or what we call missed revenue opportunities.

  3. Can O2I provide eligibility and claim status from insurance companies?

    Yes, we provide electronic eligibility and claim status.

  4. Can anyone access O2I's Rules Based Engine from any billing software program?

    Yes. HIPAA has standardized the way claims and EOBs are transmitted. Since we are HIPAA compliant, it is very easy for our customers to access our artificial intelligence from any billing software program.

  5. Is your Internet Message Center easy to use?

    Yes, since it is based on customer surveys, the information is straightforward and relevant. Training a person to use the internet message center only takes a few hours.

  6. Is your information current?

    Yes, our information and intelligence is dynamic. If there are any changes caused by trends or modification in claims processing, payment policies, or the payer's adjudication logic, the rules-based engine alerts the processors to prevent errors. Changes are identified and applied to claims when they are transmitted via the internet. The rules-engine includes:

    • Local medical review policy guidelines
    • Matching CPT and diagnosis codes
    • HIPAA guidelines & security rules
    • HCFA mandatory fields
    • Payer-specific application of rules
  7. Can you provide a demo?

    Yes. We can schedule an appointment with you, so that you can access our message center. Simply contact us and our representative will make all the arrangements. If you have a PC camera, we will provide a live meeting demo.

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