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The need for outsourcing teleradiology

Teleradiology has been growing by leaps and bounds in India. Teleradiology services also ranks as the number one service outsourced in the field of telemedicine. Although in the past, such a practice was uncommon and unheard of, it has now become a reality in today's technology-driven world. The scarcity of radiologists abroad has increased the need for outsourcing teleradiology services to countries like India, Australia, Israel and many others.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) has reported that the number of available radiologists is comparatively less when to the number of radiology scans to be reviewed. While the number of scans that need attention is constantly on the rise, the number of qualified radiologists is dropping. However, the ACR has set standards to check the quality of outsourced work. This has helped in ensuring quality. In the United States, there is a mixed view, when it comes to outsourcing teleradiology services to India. While some are happy with this change and say that it saves a lot of time and effort, others fear that radiologists would loose their jobs.

Outsourcing teleradiology services to India has proved to be a boon to small, medium and rural hospitals that may not have a resident radiologist. Outsourcing teleradiology services to India also provides rest for the doctors abroad. They need not work in the night, but can come in the morning and review the teleradiology reports. This saves the US radiologists from making mistakes due to lack of sleep or overwork.

The need for outsourcing teleradiology services has seen a tremendous increase. This is because, there are a number of senior U.S citizens who require radiology services, but there is a high lack of radiologists. This need can be met by outsourcing teleradiology services to countries such as, India. Thus the hospitals in the U.S look for low-cost teleradiology services to meet the ever growing radiology needs.

How does outsourcing teleradiology work?

So how does outsourcing teleradiology actually work? The company providing teleradiology services hire certified radiologists who work out of the offshore facility. X-rays, MRIs, CT scans etc of patients in the U.S are electronically sent to the offshore partner. These are sent through a secure VPN. The radiologists work on these scans and compile reports. One advantage of this is that radiologists in the offshore center might spot some things that the physicians in the U.S might miss out. The other advantage is that even small or rural hospitals can get access to teleradiology services and save on employing an in-house radiologist.

Most hospitals in the U.S have experienced problems such as the following: time consuming processes, keeping their doctors up all night, giving the physician a day-off the next day, employing more number of radiologists, errors in the reports and much more. But thankfully, outsourcing teleradiology services to India can address all of these the problems. It is not just these problems which make hospitals opt for outsourcing teleradiology services to India. The cost is also an important factor why hospitals choose to outsource teleradiology services India. Earlier hospitals needed to hire an extra physician, because they had to give the night radiologist a day-off. But outsourcing teleradiology services to India is economical and saves such unnecessary expenditure.

Hospitals also find that there are little or no errors / mistakes with the reports that they receive from their outsourcing partners in India. This has made hospitals more confident about outsourcing teleradiology services. Moreover, most hospitals only require a preliminary report, as the reports and scans would be re-looked at in the morning by the hospitals' physicians. Hospitals are increasingly outsourcing their patients' CT scans taken during the night. Some hospitals outsource all their scans even the ones taken in the morning. With the success in outsourcing teleradiology, hospitals are now considering to outsource MRI reviews and pathology reports. Teleradiology Companies are flourishing in India, and have given a new dimension to medical imaging.

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Outsourcing Teleradiology to India

India has become one of the world's largest Healthcare BPO Providers. The number of teleradiology services being outsourced to India is steadily increasing. Although there is a scarcity of radiologists in U.S, there are a number of radiologists in India. Organizations offering teleradiology services in India, hire only well-trained and certified professionals. Moreover these organizations are HIPAA compliant and provide 24/7 teleradiology services. With such advantages, India has become the numero uno choice for hospitals that choose to outsource their teleradiology services.

Outsourcing Teleradiology Services to O2I

Outsource2india is a pioneer in outsourcing and has been providing a range of healthcare BPO from 2002. Outsource2india provides proficient and cost-effective teleradiology services to a number of global customers. Outsource teleradiology services to O2I and give your organization a cutting-edge.

Our teleradiologists are licensed, certified, experienced and well-trained in providing competent teleradiology services. Read more about the benefits of outsourcing teleradiology services to O2I.

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