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Rheumatology EMR Services

Outsource Rheumatology EMR Services

Stay on top of collections and stay focused on patient interactions rather than backend process by leaving Rheumatology EMR development and maintenance to us

Are your Rheumatology professionals stretched between managing patient rush and maintaining records? Are you discontent with the efficiency in setting up databases, payers, referring physicians and more? Rheumatology EMR services from Outsource2india can assist Rheumatology healthcare centers to streamline each of the mentioned aspects of service and weed out inefficiencies in a paper and resource-dependent process.

Rheumatology EMR services handle specific clinical documentation content, well-tailored plan of care for patients, and awareness creation customized for practices. However, having all of this electronically can be most beneficial as it would enhance the precision. We, at outsource2india, have over 25 years of experience in assisting numerous Rheumatology centers across the US with specialized Rheumatology EMR services. From implementing features for specific needs to educating doctors on how to use the software we help Rheumatology centers with their end-to-end needs.

Rheumatology EMR Services We Offer

We offer a range of Rheumatology services to our clients. Our experience is shaped by our experience in dealing with the diverse needs of both small and big Rheumatology practices. Our specialized Rheumatology service includes -

  1. Rheumatology Centers EMR Tool Selection

    Rheumatology Centers EMR Tool Selection

    Most Rheumatology practices find it difficult to choose the best Rheumatology EMR tool for their needs. This is because the market is flooded with a plethora of tools with similar features which leaves most practices confused in identifying a relevant tool. Some tools have overkill features whereas some are underequipped to meet your requirements. Whatever the case, we help you choose the best tool for your practice. Our know-how of all the tools available in the market and understanding of your requirements will help you identify the best tool to meet your needs.

  2. Rheumatology EMR Tool Migration

    Rheumatology EMR Tool Migration

    It's a common practice for Rheumatology centers to depend on select Rheumatology EMR tool even if it becomes outdated. This is primarily because they get used to the ebb and flow of the tool. We have experience in assisting many practices to migrate to the latest Rheumatology EMR tool without affecting their workflow. We extract, evaluate, and convert existing clinical data from one EMR system to another and guarantee speed as well as accuracy with every conversion irrespective of the source system. Our process is transparent and proven and is based on strong cross-reference mapping, testing, and project management.

  3. Rheumatology EMR Integration

    Rheumatology EMR Integration

    EMR integration helps in having one interface for multiple EMR systems. Also, it helps in automatically initiating a patient query and directly getting the patient's prescription records. EMR integration should seamlessly fit into the workflow of every practice. Integrations enable real-time or near real-time presentation of data within the EMR. During the course of the treatment, the rheumatologist may need recommendations, get information on lab results, educate patients, etc. Integration helps to bring all the answers that the rheumatologist needs into the workflow at the point of care. Our experience in EMR integration can help you have access to all the clinical support decision you need.

  4. Rheumatology-specific Templates

    Rheumatology-specific Templates

    Your Rheumatology practice requires a specific template for collecting patient information. We offer a range of physician-developed and tested Rheumatology EMR templates that make information storage consistent. We build templates to note down clinical visits, consultations, procedures, and custom-fit it into the daily routine of your clinic. Our templates cover areas such as U/S Ankle/Foot, Therapy Referral & Order, U/S Synovitis Ankle/Foot, Referral Letter Templates, ESI Thoracic & Cervical, Splint Procedure Clavicle, etc. For each of these areas we include a section for patient information, consultation details, findings of the consultant, suggested action, report findings, etc.

  5. Rheumatology Care EMR Billing

    Rheumatology Care EMR Billing

    The financial strength of your Rheumatology practice depends on accurate billing and timely account reimbursement. We offer end-to-end and cost-effective Rheumatology EMR billing to fulfill your medical billing and practice management needs. We have years of experience in providing comprehensive Rheumatology billing, collections & practice management to all types of Rheumatology practices in the US. We specialize in Rheumatology billing and collections and denial management. Our account executives have a minimum of 7 years of experience in Rheumatology billing. Their knowledge, ability, and dedicated follow-up have ensured that the adjustment rate is consistently lower. Our clients have also leveraged our specialized services to strengthen payer and patient relations, reporting and analysis.

  6. Rheumatology Care EMR Inventory Management

    Rheumatology Care EMR Inventory Management

    With our medical inventory service for Rheumatology centers, we centralize your purchasing and your distribution process. Our end-to-end services for inventory management include medical inventory management, logistics management, and materials management. We leverage advanced bar-code processing and online reporting methods to access, track, and maintain inventory levels. We also maintain accurate records of when your equipment, medical supplies, and other items were received, the number of days they were on the shelves and the date of usage. Our clients have made use of our services to enhance efficiencies and enhance patient experience.

  7. Rheumatology Care Software Development

    Rheumatology Care Software Development

    Sometimes a readily available tool in the market may not fit your practice's requirements snugly. This is because your process work-flow may be different and unique. To overcome this challenge, your practice may require customized EMR software. We, at outsource2india, have over two decades of experience in developing customized software for Rheumatology practice centers. We build Rheumatology EMR software after acquiring deep knowledge of your process. Based on the knowledge we add important functional requirements to the application such as custom chart summary, e-prescribing, medication information, prevention program, patient education, etc.

Rheumatology EMR Development Process We Follow

As a renowned Rheumatology EMR service providing company, we partner with you to build Rheumatology EMR solutions together. By getting you onboard, we make sure that we are building solutions that are aligned with your practice workflow. Our development process consists of the following steps -


01. Understanding Requirement

Our expert consults with you to understand your requirements. We carry out an analysis of the existing EMR tools for Rheumatology centers and prepare a checklist of tools relevant for your practice


02. Wireframe Development

Our experts prepare the wireframe. The wireframe is shared with you for suggestion and improvements. Once the wireframe meets your specification, we move on to the development stage


03. EMR Development

Our senior developer will supervise the EMR development process. The development phase is executed in stages where we ensure all your specific requirements are met successfully


04. EMR Testing

During the development phase, each stage is tested for functionality of the application. Any issues are brought to the attention of the developers


05. Deployment

After the completion of the development, we test the product once again as a complete unit before it deployed at your end


06. Reporting Feedback

We acquaint your staff on how to use the EMR solution and keep ourselves available to deal with any knowledge sharing or performance issues

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Why Should You Outsource Rheumatology EMR Services to Outsource2india?

Our clients have leveraged Rheumatology EMR services to automate procedure report and billing, enable referral tracking module, interface with all important information collection and imaging devices, e-prescribing, sending customized letters, enabling electronic lab/diagnostic ordering and receipt, etc. As one of the most reliable Rheumatology EMR Services in India, we have supported needs of many US-based practices with great success. Outsourcing Rheumatology EMR services is a must for the following reasons -

  • Certified EMR Company

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 accredited Rheumatology EMR services company that has assisted clients to improve their work processes, provide timely technical assistance, and sort out unforeseen challenges related to their practice. We have earned ISO accreditation after demonstrating our ability to provide services that meet customer needs and all statutory and regulatory requirements.

  • Data Security

    We are ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited company. We have in place all legal, physical and technical controls to manage risks. So, when you avail our services, your data will be completely secure and fully HIPAA compliant.

  • Assured Quality

    All our services go through strict quality control. This ensures that there is always efficient availability of meaningful, accurate and complete data to optimize clinical workflows. We also ensure the data is preserved in the safest possible way.

  • Cost-effective Service

    Our EMR services have been built on a model that helps the budgetary needs of all types of Rheumatology practices. We have grouped our services in different pricing models. You can make your pick from what suits your budget.

  • Advanced Infrastructure

    To deliver advanced services and solutions we depend on advanced infrastructure. We bank on the latest hardware, software, and security systems to guarantee you the best services along with fool-proof security.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We have a well-developed process to deliver our services. The process is customized as per customer needs. This ensures services get delivered within the agreed timeline. In case of any issues at our end, we ramp up our services with additional resources to meet deadlines.

  • Scalable Service

    Our services can be scaled up or down as per your needs. We serve from 8 global centers and always have additional resources to meet scaling requirements. We assist you to scale up with least budgetary constraints. Likewise, we help you scale down your dependence on our resources as per your need.

  • Certified Team with Single Point of Contact

    Our services are driven by a team of licensed medical professionals. Each member of our team is well versed with drug codes and compliance standards of Rheumatology practices. We also provide you with one point of contact for ease of communications.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We operate from 8 global delivery centers which help us make our Rheumatology EMR services available 24/7. All our centers work across different time zones which is why we work round the clock to deliver services on time.

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I wanted to compliment you and your staff on the quality of the resent work. The turnaround has been excellent, the reports coming back on denials and unpaid dates are easy to follow, and your accuracy has been very good. Currently, I am considering dropping the other Indian companies because your overall quality has been measurably better. I will continue to move more of our work in your direction.

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Outsource Rheumatology EMR Services to O2I - Healthcare BPO Experts

Outsource2india Has over 2 decades of experience in delivering outstanding Rheumatology support services to several big and small practices. Our streamlined EMR services have helped our clients reduce errors, improve communication among health care providers and facilities, and keep set up costs under control. Our dedicated services have also assisted our clients to improve patient care, staff coordination, enhance patient participation and patient outcomes.

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