Population Health Analytics Services

Population Health Analytics Services

We collect patient data from disparate healthcare information records to broaden the scope of population health through analytics and research at rates starting at $1280 per FTE per month

Population health analytics is a critical and highly important software service requirement for healthcare providers. It assists healthcare providers and government organizations to identify patient populations and diverse care needs. Besides, it assists providers to measure the care provided to patient populations and identify gaps in the care process to make clinical decision intervention more precise, accurate and timely. Likewise, population health analytics leverages data to predict the risk of chronic disease.

Outsource2india has over two decades of experience in delivering population health analytics services to healthcare stakeholders in the US. We have extensive experience in handling and consolidating large and disparate datasets, to gather actionable insights. We are driven by a team of experts with wide experience in leveraging hybrid datasets to shows the complete picture of population health management with revealing patterns and trends. As an accomplished population health analytics service provider we have assisted our clients to come to the right conclusions on predicting disease outbreaks, analyzing outcomes and raising the levels of their services.

Population Health Analytics Services We Provide

We are an established population health analytics services providing company and offer a range of population health analytics services. Our end-to-end population health analytics services include -

  • Descriptive Health Analytics for Population

    Descriptive Health Analytics for Population

    Descriptive analytics is a basic level of health analytics for the population which describes the data with explorations, inferential analyses or the relations between data variables. Our descriptive analytics services for the population assist to study different healthcare decisions and the impact on the patients, and overall impact on society. We present information in simple tables and graphs in which important figures such as discharges, average stay, hospital occupancy rates, and several other health-related indicators are depicted. With this service we use a lot of data visualization to find answers to important questions or spot healthcare trends, thus providing an end-to-end view of evidence-based clinical practice. In the process we enable organizations to manage real-time, or near real-time data, and capture all visual data of a well-defined section of the population. Our clients have leveraged this service to identify unnoticed health patterns in a population, some of which include patterns concerning hospital readmissions, to find a better balance between cost and capacity.

  • Diagnostic Health Analytics for Population

    Diagnostic Health Analytics for Population

    With diagnostic health analytics, we help providers understand why something has happened with a section of the population. It involves end-to-end exploration and targeted analysis of the data at hand with the most sophisticated data tools and visualization techniques to find out the actual causes of a problem and enable providers under the impact and exact nature of the problem. By leveraging this service our clients have been able to have a better understanding of the input factors and find ways to improve operational processes to meet the impact. One such issue is increased waiting time among the population for some healthcare services. Diagnostic analytics helps to identify the factors leading to this wait time be it provider related or patient-related or other extraneous factors.

  • Predictive Health Analytics for Population

    Predictive Health Analytics for Population

    Predictive health analytics for the population is directed towards the use of information to come to definite conclusions. It involves analyzing past readings and indicators to forecast happenings and performance in the future. For instance, if the population of an area is prone to a certain disease at some point of the year, the pharmacist has to have a correct calculation of the quantity of the drug to stock anticipating an outbreak of the epidemic disease. Based on the previously collected data, such as duration of patient stay, patients who may opt for surgery; patients who are unlikely to choose surgery and consequently may have complications it is possible to build an accurate prescriptive analysis. With our prescriptive analytics, providers get a peek into consequences and outcome of their decisions and in the process adopt the best course of action to ensure there are no exigencies. We make use of hybrid data, comprising structured and unstructured data types, and combine it with adaptive algorithms to develop reliable and robust feedback mechanisms.

  • Discovery Health Analytics for Population

    Discovery Health Analytics for Population

    With discovery health analytics, we assist providers to utilize knowledge to discover new medications or other types of treatments or find new symptoms or diseases or find out unknown side effects of a disease. With this service, we assist our clients to rise above and electronic medical records and hospital information systems that primarily provide horizontal clinical information at a unit level. By analyzing data at a granular level it is possible to obtain population-level inferences and outcomes, such as the nature of the association between patients, medical products and subsequent results. A proper understanding of knowledge discovery methods can assist providers to stay prepared for any eventuality and deliver optimal and high-quality care to patients.

Population Health Analytics Process We Follow

We are a reputed population health analytics company, and so follow a well-defined process to analyze population health. It comprises steps such as -


01. Build a Multi-faceted Health Analytics Team

Population health requires a thorough understanding of quality reporting requirements. To build this, we start by cultivating a range of skill sets in your staff and develop team-based approaches to distribute workloads, carry out proper care coordination, acquaint teams with data analytics etc. The correct compiling of a cross-departmental team of health care and big data analytics experts helps us set the process of gathering data from multiple sources, and transforming this data into a usable format


02. Choose the Right Technology Tools

Having the right health information technology at your disposal assists in getting the right analytics solutions. Some such tools include EMR and EHR and other advanced tools. However, all EHRs do not have sophisticated risk stratification features built into them. To get over this problem we choose the right risk categorization and clinical decision-making tools and back it with sophisticated NLP, data lake technology and semantic computing. This will ensure segmenting populations for precise monitoring, and applying analytics to the data –reports, metrics, graphs, trends, rosters, etc.


03. Develop a Strategic Roadmap and Governance Plan

Once the correct team and technology are in place we assist providers, to leverage them, and achieve their ultimate goal. With the pre-requisites in place, we build a roadmap to generate quick and accurate results. The plan is built taking into consideration a wide variety of factors such as local health information exchange that provides access to population health insights and a clear picture of the socioeconomic issues facing our patients. The road map outlines the process of managing the care and includes work lists for care managers, reminders and alerts for providers, mail intimation to patients, reminders to patients on their electronic patient portals etc.

Other Services you can Benefit from

Benefits of Outsourcing Population Health Analytics Services

As a well-known population health analytics services providing company, we provide a range of benefits to clients. Some of these benefits include -

  • Opportunities for Operations Cost Reductions

    Population health analytics assist in developing innovative opportunities to reduce total cost of care for patients and the population at large. Today, as health systems and health plans share financial risk through governance models and value-based payment their concerted efforts towards lifting patient care could become better aligned to develop mutually beneficial business models. By digitally enabling clinical interventions, and engaging patients and physicians in new ways, population health analytics also helps in bringing down the costs of innovative care-management programs.

  • Improve Gaps in Patient Care

    Population health analytics provides new ways to assess the effectiveness and performance of health care practitioners on a day-to-day basis. By providing health data related to overall patient wellness over a while, data analytics provides continuous feedback on health care practitioners. Proper implementation of population analytics promises better ways to identify gaps and bring about positive shifts in the patient experience. Gaps in care can also be improved by complaints, aggregating data from direct observation, patient outcomes, practise patterns, and resource use. The data can be viewed alongside various performance measurements such as professionalism, interpersonal communication skills to improve patient care.

  • Predicting Risk

    The treatment of chronic diseases is one of the largest costs to the health care industry. Health predictive analytics, on a population-wide level, can help predict which patients are at higher risk and arrange an early medical intervention, before health issue crops up. This is primarily achieved by collecting data on a variety of factors such as demographics, medical history, socio-economic profile, and comorbidities. Such predictions also take into account factors outside the purview of traditional health care such as patient health habits and behaviors, physical environment etc.

  • Identification of High-risk Patients and Populations

    Population health analytics helps in accurate risk stratification. It helps providers ensure patients have the quality of life with healthy outcomes ensured by preventing chronic disease, steadying prevailing chronic conditions, and reducing the chances of leaping into higher-risk categories and costs. High-need and high-cost patients include patients with three or more chronic diseases that impact their self-care and daily activities. As these patients contribute to over 50% of provider income, proper identification helps in improver financial outcomes along with patient care.

  • ISO Certification

    O2I is an ISO 9001:205 certified population health analytics company that complies with the ISO framework when it comes to quality.

  • Skilled Medical Experts

    We have medical experts with thorough knowledge of the process and does exceptional work via analytics. They have shown incredible accountability and commitment to the project.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    We have a robust infrastructure, supporting our teams to deliver great comes without extending the stipulated time.

  • Quick Services

    We offer lightning-fast services because our team relies on a powerful infrastructure to deliver results. We have full expertise and competence to complete the service in a record time.

  • 24/7 Support

    We offer support to our clients on a round-the-clock basis. We have the bandwidth to support clients nearshore and offshore via phone call, email, and webchat.

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Outsource2india has over 24 years of experience in assisting healthcare providers in the US use advanced analytics to collect, aggregate and interpret data into customized insights on population health. Our service experts leverage their health care expertise to help healthcare organizations interpret and apply population-related data to their organization, and make operations better and more prepared to deliver the best of healthcare services. Further, our population health management analytics assist providers to reduce the cost of operations and become more efficient in responding to sudden and unexpected crises such as the outbreak of an epidemic or pandemic.

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