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Outsource Illustration Services

The quality and appeal of illustrations is often what determines the success of a book, banner, advertisement, diagram, etc. in terms of sales, popularity, and marketability. A well-illustrated scientific or technical drawing can easily explain a concept that is difficult to understand, just like a captivating cartoon that adds color and life to a simple child story. O2I, a premium illustration agency, offers authors, book publishers, universities, corporate companies and advertising agencies, high quality illustration services customized to their specific needs.

Illustration Services We Offer

Artists and animators at O2I are adept at creating digital / technical / graphical / hand-drawn illustrations, or any other kind of illustrations required by our clients. Our illustration department is staffed with industry experts who thoroughly understand various intricacies associated with a creative publishing process, such as colors, size, typeset etc., and can provide attention-grabbing and lively illustrations. Our illustration services cater to a wide range of clients, including, publishers, universities, design companies, advertising agencies, corporate houses and the entertainment industry.

The book illustrators at O2I use the latest digital illustration software to create high quality drawings and submit your desired artwork in high resolution PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPEG files. Our illustrators can help you bring your storybook characters to life or link your brand with appropriate illustrations that appeal to your target audience. Our customized illustration services also include step-by-step visualization of instructions in the technical manuals and provision of illustrative examples in the academic textbooks. There is no standard list of our services as our team can handle almost any type of illustration required by our client.

Some of our specialized services are:

  • Book/eBook Illustration
  • Children's Book Illustration
  • Graphic Design Illustration
  • Photography Illustration
  • Scientific/Technical Illustration
  • Image Illustration
  • Book Cover Illustration
  • Music Illustration
  • Fashion Design Illustration
  • Product Support Illustrations
  • Retro Illustrations
  • Website Illustration
  • Logo/Mascot Illustration
  • Ad Illustration
  • Medical Illustration
  • Geographical Illustrations/Map Creation
  • Conversion of Characters Into Photo Illustrations
  • Illustrations for School Textbooks, e-Learning Course
  • Storyboard Illustrations for Ads, Movies and Training Sessions

We also provide specialized illustrations services that are designed to support a wide variety of digital applications, digital broadcasting and the print media, etc.

Why Outsource Illustration Services to O2I?

At O2I, we have 12+ years of experience in providing customized image illustration services to clients across US, Europe, South America and other parts of the world. Our cost-competitive rates and penchant for superior quality services have made us among the top providers of image illustration, photo illustration, and children's book illustration services.

  • Use of Latest illustration Software:
    Customized hand-drawn illustrations, animations and digital drawings generated with the latest illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, etc. to provide bespoke and best quality illustration services.
  • Strict adherence to deadlines:
    Quick turnaround time with pre-set project time details that ensure no unwarranted delays during any stage of the project execution.
  • Expert Team:
    Internationally trained artists, illustrators, and designers.
  • Cross-cultural Tolerance:
    Illustrations, when outsourced, risk getting subtle flavor of the local culture. We overcome such cross-cultural issues by hiring staff with sufficient international exposure and by providing constant trainings so that there are no cross-cultural misunderstandings.
  • Huge cost savings:
    Up to 60% savings on your operating costs.
  • Multiple Formats:
    Provision of high resolution illustrations in PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPEG files as per the client specifications.
  • Stringent data security:
    We maintain strict security and confidentiality of data by incorporating policies like Secure Remote Access (VPN) and signing of Non-Disclosure/ Confidentiality Agreements.

Choosing O2I gives you a wide range of benefits, and our satisfied clients around the world can vouch for our top-quality illustrations that are always perfect for their diverse needs. Contact us today to outsource illustration services to O2I and gain the much-needed graphical edge over your competitors!

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