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Outsource Character Designing Services

Character Designing Services

If you are a gaming houses, ad agency, publisher, aspiring web designer, 3D artist, gaming company etc., looking for high-quality character design support, at the most affordable costs, opt for Outsource2india (O2I). Our professional designers illustrate or model unique characters for films, books, websites, games and more. Whether you require a new character drawing, character illustration, or character animation we can assist you.

To help you visualize the end product, we can also supply storyboards, accurate scripts, and previews throughout the project. Our skilled artists, illustrators, and animators illustrate free hand, adhere to creative briefs and develop eye-catching characters for comics, books, games, animation, storyboards, web content, mascots, marketing collateral and more.

O2I's Character Designing Services

Our designers are well versed in advanced principles of drawing, character design, drawing forms in 3D space, painting characters in Adobe Photoshop, design basics (lighting, composition, perspective, texturing, colors, etc.). They also have proven experience in drawing, painting, modeling/texturing and designing characters for comics, graphic novels, video games and more. Our character design services include -

  1. Comic Characters

    Comic Characters We help you visually communicate ideas through character illustrations that speak volumes. We draw a character figure starting from the stick figure, understanding the underlying structure of character faces and figures, breaking down existing characters to their basic elements. Next we use the first principle of animation- squash and stretch in our drawings. We incorporate a sense of movement and life into each character. From first time authors to well established authors, we can create characters for short comic strips and full fledged comics.

  2. Gaming Characters

    Gaming Characters

    From scripting and storyboarding to character design, animation, audio and graphics, we possess the skills set to conceptualise, design, develop and take a game to market. If you're an aspiring web designer, 3D artist, gaming company or more, partner with O2I

  3. Mascot Characters

    Mascot CharactersIf you need an eye-catching, quirky mascot to hike your latest marketing campaign, opt for O2I. We bring your brand to life at major events, through quality design, original artwork, and expert illustrations. Help your brand engage with global audiences through our custom character mascots that capture your companies vision exactly.

  4. Book Character Illustration

    Book Character IllustrationOur illustrators will work closely with you to refine your brief, ensuring you end up with the most beautiful book possible. Professional designers discuss character style requirements, and create characters for book covers and inner. From children's books and school textbooks to scientific, medical, and technical journals, we offer unique illustrations that make reading easier.

  5. Characters for Branding Collateral

    Characters for Branding CollateralAt O2I we ensure that the design and style of each character is customized to compliment the brand of your company. We create unique characters for ads, banners, flyers and more., for both print and digital marketing materials.

  6. Character Animation

    Character AnimationWe produce 3D characters for video games, film and television, advertising, apps, online content, broadcast design, online videos, music videos and more. Our 3D character animations help communicate complex messages in an easy-to-understand and visually engaging way. By adding motion to your characters we bring another dimension to your presentation, enhance your story and amplify your message.

O2I's Character Designing Services Process Flow

At O2I, we start with a character brief from the client. Rough sketches of the character design follow, tailored to the client brief, and taking into account target audiences. The steps involved in our character creation process include -


01. Briefing

Briefing received from client on project requirements, and Scope of Work (SOW) prepared


02. Input

Client transfers script and character samples to O2I via secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Dropbox, email etc., in JPEG/TIFF/PDF formats

Design Allocation  

03. Design Allocation

Tasks allocated to artists, illustrators, animators or designers and work initiated

Illustration/Animation Execution  

04. Illustration/Animation Execution

Illustration or animation initiated with Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max, Maya, Adobe After Effects etc. (3D animation process includes skeletal animation, motion capture, crowd simulation and 3D rendering)

Quality Check  

05. Quality Check

Quality Control specialist conducts a Quality Check


06. Approval

First draft files created and sent for client approval


07. Edits

Design or animation edits carried out according to client specifications (if any)

Final Upload  

08. Final Upload

Final files uploaded to a secure (File Transfer Protocol) FTP or Dropbox for client download, in PDF, TIFF, EPS or JPEG files output formats as per client specifications

Benefits of Outsourcing Character Designing Services to O2I

At O2I, our character creation and character modeling services are cost-effective and reliable. Other benefits include the following -

  • Service Expertise

    30+ trained and experienced designers, illustrators, and animators, able to craft exceptional characters for comics, books, games, social media platforms, online videos and more.

  • High-quality

    We ensure 99 percent Service Level Agreements (SLA) adherence, adopt many quality surveys and checks and follow ISO quality guidelines.

  • Easy Outsourcing

    Work in any time zone, scale as per your requirement, get 24/6 support.

  • Security

    100 percent security (NDA's and other security protocols) and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

  • Skilled Team

    Skilled professionals in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, 3DS Max, Maya, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • Fast Delivery

    At O2I we are able to deliver 12-15 illustrations within 24 hours (depending on the project).

  • Accurate Character Illustrations

    We ensure every illustration is carried out as per client specifications. Our designers have an eye for detail, and are visually aesthetic.

  • Cost-effectiveness

    Hourly and project rates, full-time equivalent (FTE) option, and customized pricing packages to suit your budget requirements.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    With exceptional quality control guidelines, we ensure every project meets its agreed time of delivery.

Choose O2I for Character Designing Services

If you have a requirement, call or email O2I today to learn more about our character creation services. At Outsource2india we offer fast deliveries and cost savings for our outsourcing services, that include Creative Services, Finance and Accounting, Data Management and other business services.

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