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Outsource Travel Writing Services

If there’s one common goal the world is working towards, despite the recession woes, it’s got to be the exotic annual vacation. With hectic lives that allow little or no room for recreation, the evolved individual today, looks forward to his / her annual vacation with bated breath. When the time comes to decide on the destination, the traveller is busy surfing the world-wide-web for more information about cities and countries that would help him / her freeze a holiday spot.

If you’re a travel agency, a travel portal or a website offering hotel and air-ticket bookings, you will need the services of a professional travel-writer who isn’t just articulate, but has been on the move enough, to write well and post up-to-date information for your travel brochure or website, which travellers will find useful. Otherwise, it can be hard getting noticed in the clutter of a thousand other travel websites, offering the same services as you are.

Outsource2india (O2I) provides high-quality travel writing services. A few different styles of travel writing services that we undertake are:

  • Promotional writing that is information-heavy
  • Travel blog-writing, which is lighter and gives a first person perspective
  • Travelogue writing, which is a healthy balance between information and entertaining
  • Travel brochure and web, writing which is advertorial

Our Team

Outsource2india (O2I) is backed by a team of professional travel-writers who know the nuances of travel writing at the back of their hands. Being travellers themselves, they know just the kind of information that will cut ice with your audience and get you noticed. Our travel writers have travelled far and wide - both within and outside India - and can provide you with in-depth information such as the names of forgotten streets that have the best bargain shops in Bangkok or the directions to the nice little eatery that makes the best cheese pizza in Naples!

Our Approach

Travel-writing is not an easy job as much as it might seem to be. Being creative, eloquent and even stylish will get you nowhere. When it comes to travel writing, information is the key. To a large extent, we base our travel writing services on what travellers want to read. If they read a travel portal or magazine, they’re looking for information that is presented well and in a simple language. And let’s face it. Nobody likes to read online. So, unless the information on your website is perfectly balanced between being informative and interesting, your audience will be onto the next site that has a flashy headline, within seconds.

How We Make a Difference

Keeping readers hanging on to every word you have to say, is not easy. It takes experience, insight, a sense of humour and most importantly, a flair for writing. At O2I, travel writers are more than accustomed to relating to their readers in a friendly, conversational way as well as in a strictly business-like style that some promotional magazines demand. They know what ticks and where, because they’ve been around long enough to tell you what type of content works and what type of content doesn’t.

The next time you find yourself attempting to churn out volumes of travel copy that would produce results in the market, think of outsourcing your requirements to O2I.

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Travel Writing Services FAQs

  • What is travel writing?

    Travel writing is writing that is done to educate readers about places, persons, and things in other places. It can also be about how to travel, when to travel, and disseminating traveling advice.

  • What is the purpose of travel writing?

    The purpose of travel writing is to educate people about specific places, persons, and things in other places. It also includes providing advice on all things related to traveling.