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Outsource Animated Logo Design Services

Nowadays, logos representing brands and products are everywhere, and have almost become another layer in our field of vision. Animated logo designs are finding an increased audience owing to their eye-catching animations, and are being widely used on TV commercials, video productions, web animations, and even on smartphones.

At Outsource2india, we believe that the best creative animated logo designs are not mere representations of your brand or product, but also appeal to the consumers because of a dynamic narrative which taps inner emotions and stimulates visual appeal. Our expert designers can create professional flash animation logo designs customized according to your requirements from scratch, or by animating your static logos.

Our Animated Logo Design Services

At O2I, our logo design services speak for themselves, and have enabled global companies achieve better brand recognition and increased consumer awareness. We make use of cutting-edge software to create both 2D and 3D animated logo designs, which are ideal for the following -

  • Film companies looking to spice up their logos
  • Business owners looking for enhanced brand awareness
  • Organizations involved in web marketing
  • YouTube, Twitch, and Vimeo channels looking for animated logos for their intro show reel

We provide expert creative animated logo designs services for the following -

  • 2D Animated Logo Design

    Most company logos displayed on the websites and other advertising material are two-dimensional in nature. Animating your 2D logos with the help of our expert graphic designers will not only make it eye-catching, but also convey your message in a subtle, tasteful manner. During every step of the design process, our designers seek clients' input to add animation effects to your existing or new logo such as Fade-in, fade-out, overlay images and text among others.

  • 3D Animated Logo Design

    Our graphic designers are also adept at creating stunning 3D animated logos ideal for TV, film, web, and other multimedia channels by building an original 3D object from a vector form of your logo. Our workstations are equipped with the latest 3D animation software such as Adobe After Effects CC, etc. enabling us to add a variety of animations such as particle effects simulating fire, smoke, snow etc. or apply motion effects based upon your requirements. Once created, we can export the 3D animated logo as a video, animated GIF, or even as a sequence of images ensuring you can implement it effectively, as and when required.

  • Flash Animation Logo Design

    The Flash format (.SWF) still remains an effective way to deliver web content in a small package. Our animated flash logos offer following advantages to the clients -

    • It is easier to create interactive logos and display them on web pages
    • Flash works independently of operating systems and browsers. Anybody with a flash plugin can view your logo
    • Our animated logos and banner designs have a higher click-through rate than the static ones
    • Flash animations we create are incredibly light weight and do not slow your website down

    Incorporating a lively flash animated logo can make your website look more attractive and appealing, while ensuring optimum page speed, ensuring that the website performance and experience is never affected during the whole process.

Advantages of Outsourcing Professional Logo Designs to O2I

At Outsource2india, our exceptional custom animated logo design services have helped global businesses refresh their brand identity and gain new customers. Our graphic designers are experienced logo specialists and have created successful brand logos, and would love to work with you to bring your brand ideas to life. Some of the advantages of our services are -

  • Considerably lower rates as compared to most of our competitors, resulting in almost 60% cost savings for your business
  • All our logo designs are unique and meet the highest international quality standards to further ensure a streamlined and comfortable outsourcing experience
  • Each project is handled by a dedicated in-house designer who handles all your inputs and ensures they are incorporated in the final design
  • A wide variety of customizable services at different price points ensure we meet the exact logo design requirement you are looking for
  • All logo designs are created in-house without the use of any clip-art, overdone visual clichés, or other temporary solutions
  • We use original, up-to-date software such as Adobe Photoshop CC, and Adobe After Effects CC to design all our logos
  • A streamlined workflow and efficient design process ensures significantly fast turnaround times for all animated and flash animation logo designs
  • All our icons are constructed as a vector based image, as a result of which there is no limitation to the size or scale of the final output

Outsource Animated Logo Design to O2I

The process of designing an animated logo is complex and requires a significant amount of creativity, attention to detail, and accurate knowledge of modern design principles. At O2I, all our graphic designers have a minimum of 2-5 years of experience, allowing us to deliver animated logo design services with great attention to quality, and workmanship second to none.

Contact us now and find out how our affordable animated logo design services can help you improve your brand image.

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