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Outsource Home Video Editing Services

Home Video Editing Services

Videos share of bandwidth is anticipated to go up to include more than up to 80 percent of the consumer Internet traffic by the year 2020, making video as one of the most sought after content formats of the future. Your graduation, your baby's first steps, or your first trip abroad are the special life events that you would like to record and revisit later.

However, due to lack of space, your video clips/photos might get deleted or destroyed. So, it is ideal to have them made into a movie to preserve it for a lifetime. Today, people have the luxury to record every little moment they want to capture for a lifetime, in the form of a film and edit the footage to make it look better. At Outsource2india, we offer flawless home video editing services to global clients.

Home Video Editing Services We Offer

For important events like weddings or silver and golden jubilee anniversaries, people usually prefer to outsource home video editing services to an agency. This is because they want the video and editing quality to be of the best quality. Videos of life events like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, etc. which need to be distributed to close family members and friends, need editing of good quality as they would be watched by many people. Shooting a home video or directing it is the easy part. The tough part of the job is editing and compiling the video together.

In such scenarios, you don't have to look too far. We, at Outsource2india, offer a gamut of home video editing services, which include -

  1. Home Video Clipping

    Our home video editing experts will identify the right video clips, which showcase all your special moments better. This ensures that you get perfectly edited home videos, which can be played as and when you feel like revisiting your memories and treasure it for life.

  2. Home Video Re-editing

    If you are planning to shorten your existing videos of your home movie for broadcasting it somewhere, then we can help you with that as well. We provide efficient home video re-editing services where our professionals will successfully remove objectionable content and make it ready for your use.

  3. Home Video Stabilizing

    Often, many home videos have numerous imperfections, which have to be sorted out to get a smooth video. Our video editors will remove all the imperfections and remove unnecessary motion making your video just perfect.

Home Video Formats We Work On

People who are passionate about photography and shooting, who spend their time making home videos themselves, can outsource their video editing requirements to us. Stop spending time and energy on a job that can be done by us, the quality of which is much better than those of other service providers in the market.

We have a team of experienced video editors who have a good knowledge of different video editing software in the market, and a deep understanding of video editing techniques. Our professionals are highly experienced and well trained in editing different formats of home videos. We have the required skills and techniques to work on editing videos in the following formats (not limited to) -

  • Video8
  • DVD
  • Mini DV Tape
  • VHS and VHS-C
  • Hi8
  • Digital8

Home Video Editing Process We Follow

Editing home videos isn't too difficult, especially when you are working with us. Outsourcing home video editing services to a home video editing services company is a logical step for most people who wish to get beautifully edited home videos without spending a lot of time over it. A simple procedure consisting of the following steps, ensures your video editing project is completed in a seamless manner.

  1. Capture special family moments from any device and share it with us by uploading it to our secure server
  2. Inform us which photos or footage you would like us to retain and enhance, and which ones we can delete
  3. We work on your video by editing it as per your requirements
  4. Review our work and let us know if any more changes are required or not. If the editing is as per your requirement, you can download the final version after making the payment

Why Choose Outsource2india for Home Video Editing Services?

Do you have several hours of unedited video footage lying in your storage drive or camera? Are you worried that your precious video footage in an old VHS cassette format will be of no use going forward? We have the answers to all your queries as our expert video editors don't just edit home videos, but they aid in transforming your video footage in old formats to newer formats, with or without editing, depending on your preference.

There are several reasons why you should opt for our family video editing services, some of which are -

  • Cost-effective Services - Our services are quite reasonable and affordable when compared to other service providers in the market. Besides, our affordable home video editing services are compliant with ISO standards
  • Easy Process - Our video editing professionals work on your video as per your instructions, and then share with you the first cut or first draft. You then can review and share your feedback such as what you would like to see changed or edited further. Based on that, they work on the iterations until you get what you wanted
  • Efficient and Simple - Our video editing services are available online as it is more convenient and helps you get the jobs done without wasting much time and energy on going to a physical store, spending time there and waiting. While sitting in one place, you can just upload your videos and explain your concept, and we can work on your video and send it back through the Internet to you. Even payment and review can be done online, which only makes the job faster and much easier
  • Experienced Team - Our services are provided by senior video editors, who have a very professional approach towards video editing. The outcome and execution is top notch. Besides, they have been trained to provide personalized and customized services, keeping in mind your unique requirements
  • Safe and Secure - The video footage that you upload on our server platform is highly secure. You can be rest assured that your video is safe and will not be shared with any irrelevant people
  • Updated Software - We use the updated version of all the video editing software, such as Pinnacle Studio, Edius Pro, Adobe After Effects, Camtasia Studio, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro

Get Perfectly Edited Home Videos at Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a global outsourcing firm offering top-quality home video editing services to clients across the globe. We have been providing a gamut of video editing services for over 19 years now. These include corporate video editing services, wedding video editing services, GoPro video editing services, etc. We provide quick and efficient services that precisely cater to your needs. If you aren't able to edit your home videos, are having trouble editing it, or you do not have the time or the energy to invest in making and editing home videos, you can reach out to us. We provide the best possible home video editing services in India.

Contact us to outsource home video editing services to India. We will get in touch with you to understand your requirements.

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