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Outsource Home Video Editing Services

Home Video Editing Services

If you want to preserve your home videos from being deleted or destroyed, have low storage space and several hours of unedited video footage or wish to convert precious video footage from an old VHS cassette format we can help. At Outsource2india (O2I), we turn home videos into movies you can preserve for a lifetime.

From weddings and birthdays to anniversaries and your baby's first steps, O2I's skilled and efficient video editors can cater to your needs. We add color, visual metaphors, enhancements, narrations, rectify resolution, and much more. Simply record every little moment you want to capture for a lifetime, and send it to O2I. Professional video editors will work with you on any style of video and create perfect, captivating videos you can preserve for a lifetime.

Outsource2india's Home Video Editing Services

Our experienced video editors have a sound knowledge of different video editing software, and video editing techniques. We can assist with high-quality videos that can be easily copied to various devices and stored as other digital formats including USBs and flash drives. In addition to VHS conversion, we also deal with all film formats including 8mm, 9.5mm, 16mm and Super 8.

A reputed outsourcing company, we offer high-quality home video editing services across the globe. At O2I we are fully equipped with the latest version of Avid, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere Pro etc. Whether it's a simple removal of unwanted elements, audio synching or including motion graphics, we can assist. O2I offers comprehensive home video editing services including -

At O2I, we ensure that the style of your production matches the feel of your video. Professional video editors create videos you can proudly distribute to family and friends. We offer a host of video editing services including -

  • Home Video Clipping

    Our home video editing experts identify video clips that showcase all your special moments better. We help you reserve special life events that you would like to record and revisit later. We use cutting-edge technology to transfer your video cassettes and VHS tapes to DVD and memory sticks or hard drives, complete with chapter selection and menu creation.

  • Home Video Re-editing

    If you are planning to shorten your existing home videos, we can help. We provide efficient home video re-editing services where design professionals successfully remove objectionable content and make it ready for use.

  • Home Video Stabilizing

    Home videos often have imperfections that have to be eliminated to obtain a smooth video. Our video editors remove all these imperfections, and random motion to make your video just perfect. We correct poor quality footage coming from chroma instability and underexposed or poorly laminated film.

Our Home Video Editing Process

At O2I, we create beautifully edited home videos in the shortest time frames, offer ISO quality video editing processes, exceptional communication, unparalleled quality, and fast delivery. The steps involved in our home video editing process include -

Statement of Work  

01. Statement of Work

Video editing requirements discussed with O2Is Business Development Managers and SOW finalized (including timeframes, cost, resources, etc.).


02. Input

Client transfers video footage via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox.

Video Editing  

03. Video Editing

Video editors skillfully edit footage using professional video editing tool like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut, etc.

Review and Edits  

04. Review and Edits

First draft reviewed by the client, edit (if any) are carried out, final design sent for approval.


05. Approval

Client approval obtained and final designs uploaded to the client via the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or Dropbox.

Benefits of O2I's Home Video Editing Services

At O2I, we don't just edit home videos, we also transform your video footage into other formats, (with or without editing), depending on requirement. The advantages of choosing O2I's family video editing services include -

  • Hassle-free Outsourcing - With O2I you can choose to work in any preferred time zone. We also offer 24/6 support for your outsourcing comfort.
  • Preserve Memories - Existing film projectors or VCRs no longer exist or are unreliable, and videotapes etc., need to be converted into compatible formats before they become obsolete.
  • Experienced Editors - Our range of work is genuinely diverse. We have created thousands of videos, tailor-making every single one of them to suit individual needs. We can skillfully scale raw footage down to a short clip that captivates viewer attention and evokes emotion.
  • Cost-effective Services - Our home video editing services are affordable and can cater to any budget requirement - hourly rates, customized pricing and Full-Time Equivalents (FTEs).
  • ISO Processes - At O2I, we offer affordable home video editing services compliant with ISO standards.
  • Experienced Team - Our skilled and trained video editors, have a professional approach towards video editing, and are trained in the latest video creation software including Adobe Premiere Pro etc.
  • Data Security - O2I ensures your video footage is highly secure with Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) and other security protocols.

Choose O2I for Perfectly Edited Home Videos

If you require assistance to edit your home videos, contact O2I. Our quick and efficient services cater to every video editing requirement.

With years of experience in the video editing arena, we offer a host of video editing services including corporate video editing services, wedding video editing services, GoPro video editing services, etc.

Contact us today to outsource video editing services, tell us your requirement and get a free quote within one business day.

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