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Provided Creative Content Writing Services to a Renowned HR Management Software Firm

Case Study on Creative Content Writing for HR Management Firm

The Client

The client is an international leader in the HR management software industry and specializes in developing enterprise software that helps businesses manage their teams across all departments. Managing people is the most difficult aspect of running a business, so the mission of the client is to assist in tasks like employee development, training, performance evaluations, and appraisal interviews. On top of all that, the client's software will also analyze data to determine certain policy and vision development steps that will help companies move in the right direction.

The client also helps businesses create new partnerships and find creative ways to operate, primarily focusing on the improvement of employee relationships. They needed new content and found Outsource2india (O2I) online and reached out to them with the following project requirements -

  • The client provided all the topics, structure of the content, and the point that each article had to cover. So O2I would be expected to follow these points perfectly.
  • All articles were expected to be highly researched by experts.
  • Outsource2india would need to be able to provide 15,000 words every month of high-quality content.
  • Content had to be sent to the client as a Word document.

Project Challenges

Outsource2india quickly identified several challenges that they would need to overcome in order to provide high-quality content writing services.

  • Additional research would need to be provided for every topic since Outsource2india had access to highly experienced content creators.
  • The client's unique voice had to be maintained through the content. So O2I would need to take time to research their website in order to decide on a tone for writing.

The Solution

Outsource2india addressed all of the project requirements by following a specific process that was outlined as follows -

  • All of the detailed instructions were sent by the client and then reviewed by the professional writer assigned to the project.
  • An expert writer then performed additional research on the topic, making sure to cover all points that were mentioned in the instructions provided by the client.
  • The articles were written, making sure that the client's unique voice was conveyed. It's always important to ensure that content is written in a tone that matches the brand's personality.
  • All content went through vigorous editing to ensure that it was polished and ready-to-publish. This step improved the overall quality of the articles, pushing them over the top.
  • Articles were sent to the client for approval. Based on the client's inputs, our content team revised the content and sent the final drafts to the client.

The Result

Outsource2india provided content writing services that not only met the client's expectations but soared above them! Producing high-quality content that matches the client's voice is essential to these services, the fact that O2I recognized and put into every word they write. This project kicked off a long-term working relationship between the client and the Outsource2india.

Are you getting the results you need from all of your web content? If not, then contact Outsource2india to see how our team of creative writers can help boost your online presence through content that excels in search engine optimization, quality, and consistency!

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