Book Illustration Services

Book Illustration Services

Though print publishing appears to have lost importance there still remains a dedicated audience that cannot do without printed books containing illustrations. Every creative director and designer understands the need for illustrations and diagrams while designing instructional, medical, health and wildlife books.

Book illustration services can now be outsourced and Outsource2india leverages both traditional methods like paints, pencils, watercolors and high-end computer illustration software to create illustrations. With 24 years of industry experience, our skilled artists are original and engage in fresh, contemporary styles. The team can work closely with authors and publishers ensuring the production of original artworks.

Creative Book Illustration Services We Offer

Our book illustration services are far from the ordinary. Outsource2india has a team of talented artists who can breathe life into concepts and create stunning artworks, ensuring total satisfaction with the finished illustration. Our book illustration services include -

  • Book Cover Illustration Services

    Book covers are ideal marketing tools and making them attractive is essential for sale. While creating a book cover illustration, Outsource2india understands it is not just about attractive graphics and fancy fonts. To design relevant and attractive book covers our illustrators read a synopsized manuscript of the book before initiating design. These cover designs can also be adapted for eBook applications like Amazon Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, etc. By outsourcing book illustration services to us you can be assured of innovative designs.

  • Comic Book Illustration Services

    Today comic books and strips are popular among all ages. At Outsource2india, our comic book illustration artists are experienced in illustrating for leading comic publishing houses and can handle full-page and single-strip comics. Our illustrators engage closely with the author focusing on storyline and replicating the ideas on paper. They can work on hand-drawn, penciled and colored work or use computer software depending on the author's choice. We also develop comic panels and place them in a storyboard to check for proper flow between the panels and artwork.

  • Cartoon Illustration Services

    Whatever be the medium where cartoons are used, being exclusive and appealing is what works. Outsource2india has a team of highly skilled cartoonists who can execute cartoons according to the author's requirement. Our cartoonists have their own distinct styles yet adapt to any style and work on any medium like animation movies, creative designs, comics or mascots. In fact, O2I's cartoonists have been engaged with leading publishing and print houses who were looking for support for their cartoon illustration assignments.

Our Book Illustration Process

Outsource2india's team of illustrators can support every single client requiring book illustration services. Once you outsource book illustration services to us, our team of talented and experienced artists follows a robust process that is constantly being improved. Our book illustration services process includes -

1. Comprehension

We understand the need for book illustration & get clarity on script & graphic content

2. Creation

Depicting rough sketches, style, and storyboard of illustrations forms the second step

3. Authorization

Team then gets feedback on illustrations, style, and storyboard from the client

4. Execution

After that, we implement changes on illustration based on the feedback to create final illustration

5. Finalization

Finally, ready-for-use artwork files on required medium are created & handed over to the client

Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Book Illustration to O2I

Outsource2india offers a wide range of custom book illustration services including book cover designs. Be it for entertainment, business or educational purposes O2I is the destination for outsourcing original artworks, book cover illustrations, sketches, cartoon designs, and comic illustrations. The benefits of working with O2I are -

  • Work together with the publisher - O2I can work with authors or publishers and guarantee the style and tone of the illustration is matches the focused audience
  • Work with a style guide - Even before we start the illustration process, we put a style guide together. These guidelines guarantee consistency in style and colors making way for a comprehensive and finished product.
  • Leverage latest software for illustration - Our illustrators work on most of the world's leading illustration software and every computer is equipped with graphic design software from the Adobe suite and Corel suite.
  • Stringent quality control procedures - O2I follows strict quality control procedures and every finished illustration goes through the quality process.
  • Artworks available in multiple formats - The world has gone digital and having just a print format of an illustration is limiting. With O2I finished illustrations can be presented in a number of formats like JPEF, PNG, TIFF, GIF etc. based preferences.
  • Strict Adherence to timelines - The sanctity of deadlines is top priority and O2I understands the repercussion of not delivering an assignment on time. We maintain healthy turnaround time and ensure there no delay in publishing.
  • Cost-effective pricing with the best talent - One of the leading reasons to get repeat orders from clients is not just the quality of our illustrations but cost-effective prices which match the best in the industry.

Choose Outsource2india for Creative Book Illustrations

Outsource2india takes pride in helping authors publish their work with compelling and innovative illustrations. Be it a book cover, illustration, comic book, caricature, an avatar, educational book, or instructional illustrations, our team of skilled illustrators, designers, and artists can create it. Maintaining the highest level of quality, O2I ensures timeline, cost and deliverables in the desired format are adhered to.

So, if you are looking out for a reliable book illustration services in India, then you have come to the right place. For professional, attention-grabbing book illustrations to perfectly complement award-winning books - do contact O2I and we will be able to help make that dream come true.

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