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Outsource Book Illustration Services

Book illustration is a type of fine art, but at the same time, illustrations are meant to be much more than pretty pictures. Carefully drawn book illustrations allow readers to grasp themes and concepts easily, while enhancing the effectiveness of the written content. Although book illustrations are predominantly found in children's books, they can serve an effective purpose in various other types of books which require a lot of diagrams and charts, such as instructional books, medical and health books, wildlife books, etc.

At Outsource2india, we offer a wide range of book illustration services. Our expert illustrators work alongside authors and publishers to produce original artwork using traditional methods such as paints, pencils and watercolors, or top-end computer illustration software, based upon the requirement. With over 18 years of experience in creating exceptional book illustrations, we are able to approach all illustration projects with exciting, fresh ideas instead of using typical clipart and layouts preferred by most of the competitors.

Our Book Illustration Services

Our book illustration services set themselves apart from our competitors because of several factors. Chief amongst them is our team of professional, talented book illustrators with years of experience. Our illustrators can turn your concepts into beautiful artwork, ensuring you are 100% satisfied with the final product. Our book illustration services include -

  1. Book Cover Illustration

    Most readers still judge a book by its cover. Book covers with good illustrations, graphics, and catchy font attract more readers. At Outsource2india, we believe that book covers can only be designed with proper knowledge of the plot of your book, its tone, and style of writing. Our professional book illustrators ensure they go through a concise manuscript of your book before starting the design process so as to ensure extremely relevant and stunning book covers.

    We can also optimize our illustrations for eBook cover designs, which are custom designed to ensure they look good on any eReader or eBook application such as Amazon Kindle, Nook, Google Play Books, etc.

  2. Comic Book Illustration

    Our comic book illustrators are proficient at illustrating both full-page comics as well as single-strip comics. Comic books and strips have been a source of entertainment for children and adults alike, and our comic book artists have years of experience illustrating for leading comic publishing houses. All illustrations are either drawn using leading-edge computer software, or hand-drawn, penciled and colored based upon your requirement. Comic books use visual illustrations to tell a story, and our experienced illustrators ensure they focus on the storyline you have in mind to replicate your ideas on paper.

    Our comic book illustrators work with you to develop comic panels which are then put together using storyboards, so as to ensure cohesiveness between the different panels and artwork.

  3. Cartoon Illustration

    Cartoons, be it for animation movies, creative designs, comics, or mascots, need to be unique and at the same time, endearing in nature. Our cartoonists are highly accomplished at designing the perfect cartoons and caricatures for your books. With their single-minded dedication to their craft, you can be assured of creative and unique cartoon illustrations.

    Our cartoon illustrations are hired by various organizations such as print shops, and even professional cartoonists who needed help with their work. We also offer children's book design services, if you require beautifully illustrated cartoons for a kids book, we can help.

Benefits of Outsourcing Custom Book Illustration to O2I

Outsource2india is your one-stop-shop for outsourcing original artwork, book cover illustrations, sketches, cartoon designs, and comic illustrations for entertainment, business, as well as educational purposes. Advantages we offer over other professional book illustration companies are -

  • Whether you are a publisher or an author, we work in tandem with you to ensure the style and tone of the illustration is suitable for your intended audience
  • All our illustrators are highly reliable and experienced, and our stringent quality control procedures ensure that the finished illustrations are always up to the mark, just as you requested
  • We can provide finished illustrations in a number of different formats such as JPEF, PNG, TIFF, GIF etc. based on your preference
  • All our workstations are equipped with cutting-edge graphic design and illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw Graphics Suite etc.
  • We ensure all illustrations throughout the book are consistent in their style and color palette, allowing for a comprehensive, finished final product
  • Our prices are one of the best in the industry, and the quality of our book illustrations have enabled us to get repeat clientele
  • We adhere to strict turnaround times so as to ensure the finished product is delivered on time, and you don't have to face any delay in publishing the book

Outsource Creative Book Illustrations to Outsource2india

Our team of dedicated illustrators, designers and artists can help you convert your dream projects into reality with original, striking illustrations. Be it book cover illustrations, comic books, caricatures, avatars, educational books or even instructional illustrations, all our designs are created with the utmost care ensuring they are ready for printing in as short a time as possible.

All our illustrations are completely novel and supplied to you in the form of resolution-independent vector art files, and high-resolution final images in your chosen format. In order to further ensure client satisfaction, we also provide all the work files upon project completion.

contact us now for professional, attention-grabbing book illustrations to perfectly complement your books content.

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