3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

Get exceptionally creative animations that instantly captivate your target audience with our 3D Animation Services

Are your 3D animations failing to narrate your story and catch the audience’s attention? Are fluctuating animation requirements increasing uncertainty and draining your resources? Get custom 3D animation services that precisely cater to your specific needs by switching to outsourcing.

We are a reputed 3D animation outsourcing company with 24 years of industry experience. Our team of skilled animators creates high-quality 3D animations that instantly captivate your target audience. We serve ad agencies, entertainment studios, publishing houses, and academic institutions, among others. Transform your stories and ideas into rich visuals that stand out with our 3D video animation services.

3D Video Animation Services We Offer

We bring your creative concepts to life through stunning and high-quality 3D animations using the latest 3D technology and software. Our 3D animation outsourcing services include but are not limited to -

  • 3D Animation for Storytelling

    3D Animation for Storytelling

    Get high-quality 3D animations to tell your brand story and convey the message without ambiguity. As a top 3D animation provider, we orient our thinking in the same way you do to create a barrier-less interaction opportunity by showcasing your brand image with superior animations.

  • Explainer Video Production in 3D

    Explainer Video Production in 3D

    Create 3D explainer videos that help you walk in their shoes and make them understand your perspectives. Leverage our 3D explainer video production services to maximize your reach, stand out from the rest, and sell your ideas to the right people.

  • 3D Animation for Product Demos

    3D Animation for Product Demos

    Make simple yet impactful 3D animations that are easy to consume with our services. As a top 3D animation service provider, we use minimalism and powerful transitions within the animation to double the impact.

  • Commercial 3D Animation Videos

    Commercial 3D Animation Videos

    Get started with 3D animations that come with a touch of innovation and intelligently embedded media to strengthen your narration and make your content stand out. Our modeling and texturing skills are put through paces to create excellent 3D animations that convey your message.

  • 3D Animation for Cartoon Video Trailers

    3D Animation for Cartoon Video Trailers

    Planning to release cartoons for children across different age groups? Get custom animations that are specifically targeted to unique demographics with our 3D animations for cartoons. We design characters with various energy levels based on your audience and their age group.

  • 3D Product Animation of Medical Device

    3D Product Animation of Medical Device

    We provide 3D animations for healthcare companies that are trying to sell their medical devices. We create awareness and educational 3D animations that focus on technical specifications and usage instructions. The motion graphics in 3D ensures quicker product recognition.

  • 3D Explainer Videos for Manufacturing Firms

    3D Explainer Videos for Manufacturing Firms

    We render business-oriented 3D animations that not only educate but also show where the true values are. It’s also easier for customers to make decisions when they learn information from videos that are tough to convey through words.

  • 3D Animation for VR

    3D Animation for VR

    We bring you the most futuristic technology you've ever seen to create 3D animations in virtual reality. Be it educative or real estate 3D animations, we have no boundaries when it comes to innovation. We'll make your VR video highly enticing to users no matter where and how it is used.

  • 3D Animated Explainer Videos for Technology Clients

    3D Animated Explainer Videos for Technology Clients

    Accelerate your marketing goals with the right 3D animations that are ready to use on social channels. With our approach, you could have another highly sophisticated explainer video showing your tech solutions in action than telling the science behind it like a watered-down beverage.

  • 3D Animation for Overview Videos

    3D Animation for Overview Videos

    Get extraordinary 3D animations that ensure the delivery of succinct information, giving cues than placing answers into people's hands. This is what you get by partnering with a 3D animation company like ours.

Our Approach to Deliver 3D Animation Outsourcing Services

As a global 3D video animation company, we leverage advanced tools such as MAYA, Photoshop, NUKE, and Rendering Manager, and adhere to an impact-driven, multi-step workflow process, which involves -


01. Project Scope

We define project requirements, turnaround time, and pricing. Later, we capture the relevant data about your target audience.


02. Resource Allocation

Resources will be allocated, and a project manager will be assigned to act as a go-between and provide regular updates on the progress.


03. Creation

We conduct pre-production research, progress to 3D production and asset making, and finally, create 3D models.


04. Review

We have a multi-stage internal quality check process in place to ensure the final output is of the highest quality.


05. Output

Lastly, we deliver 3D animations to our clients in the file format of their choice, across secure file transfer platforms.

Why Should You Outsource to Our 3D Animation Company?

When you partner with us for your 3D animation needs, we walk the extra mile to deliver exceptional services. As one of the reputed 3D animation service providers, we provide some unique benefits, which include -

  • Expert Team

    Gain access to a technically sound team comprising designers and 3D animators from diverse animation fields, with a keen eye for detail.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    We ensure swift project delivery. However, the timelines may vary based on project complexity, input formats, and other factors.

  • Round-the-clock Support

    With a 24/7 support system in place, our animators are open to suggestions and feedback. We deliver solutions that not just meet but exceed expectations.

  • Security

    We sign Non-disclosure Agreements (NDA), General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR) compliance, and follow security protocols to ensure complete data security.

  • Easy Scalability

    Get complete customization, where you can leverage our professional English-speaking account managers to scale quickly based on your needs.

  • High-quality

    We are an ISO-certified 3D animation company following stringent quality checks to ensure you get high-quality animations.

  • Design Revisions

    Need improvements in your completed projects? Get up to two free design revisions with our customer-oriented 3D animation services.

  • Flexible Pricing

    We provide a highly competitive pricing structure where you will be billed based on the tools leveraged and the resources involved in your project.

Additional Services You Can Benefit From

Artwork Services

Create exceptional artwork that helps you develop and publish extraordinary visuals that helps you stand out from the rest.

Graphic Design Services

Get professionally rendered graphic designs and innovative visuals that enable you to stand out from the rest.

Illustration Services

Explain complex ideas and concepts with our professional illustration services that help you thrive in competitive environments.

Animation Services

Leverage our seasoned animators to create captivating animations that precisely depict your unique offerings.

Video Editing Services

Create and edit videos to make extraordinary reels and films that capture the moment and help you relive it.

Audio Editing Services

Develop clear audio or edit old audio recordings to enhance their efficacy and value with our audio editing solutions.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm

Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm

Top Scandinavian medical research company gets 3200 full-time O2I work hours and delivery of fully-functional 3D animation and 3D modeled video.

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Case Study on Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company

Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company

Australian startup specializing in marketing and web development gets logo design and vectorization services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Outsource 3D Animation Services for Exceptional Visuals that Stand Out


The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations,
Leading Pharmaceutical Company in Netherlands.
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3D Animations require complex knowledge of the design process, technology, and presentation to bring all the elements into a single frame. Our skilled team has evolved by catering to the complex needs of global clients. We also have dedicated quality assurance experts who validate the quality of the final 3D animations. Get professional 3D animation support to -

  • Create animations crafted with unique visuals and elegant designs
  • Scale quickly without extra investment or operational hassles

Are you still not sure how our 3D animation services can help you? Reach out to our experts with your unique animation needs and benefit from our free trial.

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