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Outsource 3D Animation Services

3D Animation Services

Today visual communication has moved towards 3D animation and there has been a significant shift in visual communication. There is a heavy demand for 3D animation and animation videos have effectively transformed the way concepts are communicated. With this sudden surge and demand for 3D animation, many companies have initiated to outsource their work to creative studios that offer 3D animation solutions.

Outsource2india (O2I) is a leading service provider of 3D animation and has over 19 years of industry experience. Whether it’s a blockbuster from a Hollywood studio or a 3D animation project from a smalltime inventor our team has highly experienced personnel who can create attractive 3D animations of the highest quality.

Over the years, we have been engaged with various marketing companies, entertainment studios, publishing houses, and academic institutions and have provided them with the best in class solutions for their 3D animation requirements.

Services We Offer

The creative team at O2I uses the latest technology and software to bring creative concepts to life through 3D animation. We offer solutions for -

  • 3D Character Animation/Cartoon Animation
  • 3D Product Views
  • 3D Tours (Real Estate/Property/ Interiors)
  • 3D Prototypes
  • 3D Logo Design
  • 3D Simulations
  • 3D Graphics
  • 3D Animated Movies/Short Film/Videos
  • 3D Modeling
  • Special Effects

Leverage the Best-in-class 3D Technology

Outsource2india uses the best and the latest software in the industry for 3D animation compilation, these include -

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe After Effects
3ds MAX
Cinema 4D
Mental Ray

3D Animation Workflow and Process

Outsource2india has a clear edge in the 3D animation market as an outsourcing partner. With a sound workflow and process in place, we can deliver end-to-end solutions starting from ideation and conceptualization to delivering the final product.

With the rising demand for 3D animation and the dearth of manpower, talent and software, O2I has tapped into this potential opportunity of offering individual processes as part of the 3D animation services. We have the expertise to undertake 3D animation projects at any point in the process and our animators can create the best-in-class 3D animation.

Outsource2india’s process for 3D animation includes the following steps, and as mentioned we can handle the whole Process or engage in individual processes as an applied service -

Concept and Storyboard

Understand initial concept - Create storyboard - Provide insight into layout, character design, story flow, etc.

Layout Design & Animatics

Design layout from storyboard - Use animatics to pre-visualize film/cartoon


Art team turns 2D concept to high detail 3D models


Give texture to model


Develop skeletons - Animate specific parts character

Key Frame

Develop key frames - Define movements and timings

Cleanup, Coloring, & Motion Capture

Clean up animation - Create final drawings - Add color for finished film


Bring life to 3D character

Lighting, Compositing, & FX

Define light properties and interaction of light with different material - Collate 3D elements - Edit sound and video of animation

Voice Over

Integrate voice, music, and special effects

Final Render

3D model generated to bring the animation to life

Why Choose Outsource2india for 3D Animation?

  • Expert 3D Designers and Animators - Outsource2india’s professional 3D animation team works with single objective of delivering realistic and creative 3D animation experiences. To bring life to the concepts, we have a technically sound team comprising experts from diverse fields, with a keen eye for detail across the whole 3D animation domain.
  • Complete Responsibility - Outsource2india can undertake turnkey projects or work closely with the client’s in-house teams and deliver the predetermined parts of the project. The team is flexible and completely responsible for the activities undertaken.
  • Cost-effectiveness - Outsource2india undertakes projects of any size and we can customize our services to fit client needs. Our flexible pricing structure is designed to suit multiple budgets. With Outsource2india, clients are assured every penny invested is completely worth it.
  • Attention to Detail - Outsource2india’s requirement gathering phase is well detailed, and we spend quality time understanding the minutest of details. Each project at O2I is supervised by a Project Manager who oversees the entire operation and is the mediator between the client and core technical team.
  • Turnaround Time - Outsource2india has multiple delivery centers and this enables us to deliver projects on time. Project progress is intimated to clients regularly and depending on the schedules, we have can deliver projects overnight.
  • Availability - Outsource2india can be reached 24/6 and we have a sound support system in place. Our animators are open to suggestions and feedback, and are committed to deliver solutions that will not just meet, but exceed expectations.
  • Security - Outsource2india is stringent about data security and privacy. Our staff is well-trained in quality control processes and understands the importance of information security. Every project’s security is as important to us, as the sign-offs and appreciations. We ensure to safeguard and regularly back-up project files using the best security firewalls.

Outsource 3D Animation to India

O2I's animation services are all about professionalism, authenticity and accuracy. To receive high quality 3D animation services at affordable pricing contact our customer engagement team and our animation team will respond within 24 working hours.

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