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2D Animation Services

Outsource 2D Animation Services

Mastering complex 2D animation techniques, we ensure dynamic, culturally sensitive content for global brands, transcending boundaries for effective visual communication

We are a full-service outsourcing partner to some of the largest global 2D animation studios. Our mastery of intricate elements of 2D animation like squash and stretch, anticipation, and overlapping action, allows us to create fluid, dynamic movements that echo the rhythm of real life. We use these complex techniques to add depth and realism, making characters and scenarios more relatable and engaging. Our proficiency in staging and timing paves the way for effective visual communication, ensuring brand messages are delivered with the intended impact.

For global clients, we mitigate pain points like language barriers, cultural differences, and time zones. Our team is adept at creating culturally sensitive content that resonates with diverse audiences. We offer seamless project management across time zones, ensuring timely delivery without compromising on quality. Our competitive edge lies in our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer-centric approach. Our vast portfolio of successful projects for some of the world's leading brands attests to our capability to deliver 2D animation services with precision craftsmanship and imaginative storytelling.

Align with a business partner that transcends boundaries and expectations. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence with a comprehensive project proposal customized to your strategic goals. Contact us now for a free consultation!

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm

Sticker Design Services for an Advertising Firm

Top Scandinavian medical research company gets 3200 full-time work hours and delivery of fully-functional 3D animations and 3D modeled videos.

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O2I Provided Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company

Logo Vectorization for an Australian Company

Australian startup specializing in marketing and web development gets logo design and vectorization services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

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Clients Speak


The quality of Artwork delivered during the trial period was exceptional and that helped us to decide on our new Outsourced Partner from a couple of quotes from companies across the globe.

Director - Operations,
Leading pharmaceutical company in Netherlands

Professional 2D Animation Services We Offer

We deliver scalable, multi-platform optimized 2D animations that provide our clients with the strategic advantage of producing content with universal appeal and unsurpassed visual consistency. Partner with us now to captivate audiences worldwide with superior graphical storytelling.

  • Creative 2D Animation Services

    Creative 2D Animation Services

    Our services are engineered to support high frame-per-second (FPS) rates, ensuring smooth motion and a premium feel in every frame. We integrate proprietary software with traditional animation principles to create a balanced, state-of-the-art final product.

  • 2D Video Animation Services

    2D Video Animation Services

    We leverage advanced skeletal animation and deformers to bring characters to life with more fluidity and natural motion. Our pipeline includes the use of HDR color palettes and dynamic texturing to enrich visual storytelling.

  • Motion Graphic Animations

    Motion Graphic Animations

    We implement complex compositing techniques, integrating 3D layers into 2D spaces to craft depth-rich motion graphics. Our expertise in expression-based animation enables us to automate intricate sequences and interactions within the graphics.

  • Animated Explainer Videos

    Animated Explainer Videos

    Our explainer videos utilize cognitive load balancing through visual and auditory channels, ensuring information is presented in a user-friendly manner. We apply principles of gestalt psychology to design layouts that focus viewer perception where it's most impactful.

  • Whiteboard Animations

    Whiteboard Animations

    We refine whiteboard animations with high-end vector graphics for scalability and crisp visuals at any resolution. Our process includes frame-by-frame synchronization with voiceovers to create a seamless narrative flow.

  • Stop Motion Animations

    Stop Motion Animations

    We couple traditional stop motion techniques with digital image capture technology to achieve a high level of detail and subtlety in the animation. Advanced post-production color grading and image correction provide a polished, professional look.

  • Animated Commercials

    Animated Commercials

    Our team applies cinematic storytelling techniques, utilizing story arcs and pacing for maximum impact. We use high-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI) for more realistic lighting and reflections that enhance the product's appeal.

  • Infographic Videos

    Infographic Videos

    We implement data-driven design, ensuring that each infographic is not only visually stunning but also accurately represents complex datasets. Our animators use interpolation and easing algorithms to animate transitions between data points smoothly.

  • Cut-out Animation

    Cut-out Animation

    Our cut-out animation workflow includes digital rigging and mesh warping to simulate 3D movements in 2D characters. We apply advanced compositing techniques to integrate characters seamlessly with their backgrounds.

  • Shape Animation

    Shape Animation

    We use sophisticated shape morphing algorithms that allow for seamless transitions between complex geometric animations. Our shape animations are enhanced with gradient meshing to add depth and volume.

  • Frame-by-frame Animation

    Frame-by-frame Animation

    Using high-resolution digital tablets, our artists hand-draw detailed frames, providing organic fluidity that is unachievable with automated tweening. Our approach to 2D hand sketch animation services include the use of lightbox techniques for precise line work and character consistency.

  • Kinetic Typography

    Kinetic Typography

    Our kinetic typography animations are crafted with Bezier curve manipulation for smooth motion paths. We apply physics-based animations to text elements to mimic natural dynamics and forces.

  • 360 Animation

    360 Animation

    We specialize in spatial audio design to accompany 360 animations, creating a fully immersive audio-visual environment. Our team uses advanced rendering techniques such as ray tracing to achieve photorealistic lighting in these environments.

  • Mechanical Animation

    Mechanical Animation

    Our mechanical animations are built with CAD integration, translating engineering models directly into visually striking animations. We simulate real-world physics to ensure the mechanical movements are both accurate and visually compelling.

  • Chuckimation


    We employ high-speed photography to capture the essence of Chuckimation, allowing for precise timing and synchronization with traditional frame animation. Our post-production team enhances this with digital effects for added visual interest.

  • Puppetry Animation

    Puppetry Animation

    Our puppetry animations are enhanced with real-time motion capture technology to imbue the characters with lifelike gestures and expressions. We also use digital rotoscoping to refine the puppet's movements post-capture.

  • Clay Animation

    Clay Animation

    We leverage non-linear digital editing to sculpt our clay animation sequences, allowing for edits and adjustments without disrupting the flow. Our high-resolution texture scanning ensures that even the smallest details in the clay's surface are captured and presented.

  • Augmented Reality Animation

    Augmented Reality Animation

    We develop AR animations with an emphasis on low latency tracking and rendering to ensure seamless integration with the real world. Our animators create assets optimized for AR to ensure high performance without sacrificing visual fidelity.

Optimized Workflow Schema for Our Custom 2D Animation Services

We use the latest animation software to provide the highest-quality animations. This is possible by following a time-tested process, which has the following key steps -


01. Project Scope

Define project requirements, turnaround time, and pricing and capture relevant data about target customers


02. Resource Allocation

Resources allocated, and project manager appointed to act as the go-between and provide regular updates on progress



Professional designers carry out the animation according to the client's specifications. This includes concept art, character design, bg design, storyboard, animatics, animation, and compositing


04.Quality Check

Multi-stage quality checks to ensure 99 percent SLA adherence and compliance with ISO quality standards


05. Output

Final output delivered to the client in their chosen format (JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, etc.)

Software We Leverage for Crafting Multiple 2D Animation Styles

Autodesk Maya 3Ds Max Adobe After effects Silhouette Nuke

Additional Services We Offer

Animation Service

We utilize advanced rigging and keyframe interpolation to create fluid, lifelike animations, enhancing narrative impact and audience immersion.

Graphic Design Service

Our expertise in vector graphics and visual hierarchy delivers crisp, engaging designs that effectively communicate complex messages.

3D Animation Service

Through photorealistic rendering and sophisticated motion capture, our 3D animation brings unparalleled depth and realism to visual content.

Character Animation Services

Employing morph targets and custom skeletal systems, we craft character animations with detailed expressions and dynamic movements.

Illustration Services

Leveraging digital painting and vector illustration, we produce high-resolution artwork that captures attention and defines brand identity.

Product Animation Service

With precision modeling and animation, we create detailed product visualizations that highlight features and functionality.

Storyboard Services

Our storyboard services utilize cinematic techniques and sequential art to pre-visualize scenes for efficient production planning.

Artwork Services

Combining traditional artistry with digital techniques, we provide bespoke artwork that enriches visual storytelling and enhances thematic elements.

Why Choose Us as Your 2D Animation Company?

We provide a fusion of artistic mastery and precision engineering, leveraging advanced rasterization techniques and skeletal kinematics to deliver animations that are both well-crafted and scientifically optimized for various platforms.

  • Dedicated Expertise in Character Animation

    We infuse each project with personality and depth, using advanced deformation tools to achieve nuanced 2D character animation services that capture the subtleties of emotion and interaction. Our service is recognized for its ability to create characters that not only move but also connect with audiences on an emotional level.

  • Streamlined Outsourcing Model

    As your 2D animation outsourcing company, we employ a robust pipeline and project management tools that ensure transparency and alignment with your strategic goals, delivering exceptional results in a fraction of the time. Our client-centric approach streamlines the production process, making outsourcing smooth and reliable.

  • Advanced Hand Sketch Techniques

    Our artists excel in transforming 2D hand sketch animations with textural overlays and digital painting, preserving the warmth of traditional techniques while utilizing the precision of digital tools. This service revives the timeless appeal of classic animation, bringing a hand-touched quality to modern narratives.

  • Innovative Technology Integration

    We push the envelope with particle systems and dynamic simulations within our 2D animation suite, ensuring your content is not just seen but experienced. Our commitment to technological innovation means your animations benefit from the latest advances in the field.

  • Customized Creative Solutions

    Every frame is crafted with intention, from conceptual art to final output, ensuring our customized creative solutions resonate with your target demographic while staying true to your brand's core message. We go beyond standard templates to provide a truly bespoke 2D animation experience.

  • Strategic Project Management

    Our rigorous workflow optimization and risk management strategies ensure that your project is executed with the utmost efficiency, making us the 2D animation outsourcing company that stands for reliability and excellence. We provide dedicated support throughout the lifecycle of your project, from initial concept to post-production and beyond.

Outsource 2D Animation Services to O2I

Outsourcing to us means entrusting your animation projects to a team that is deeply invested in pushing the boundaries of digital storytelling. With a relentless focus on innovation and quality, we offer a partnership that extends beyond mere execution to become a collaborative journey of creative excellence.

Our expertise in optimizing production workflows translates directly into cost efficiencies and enhanced market competitiveness for our clients. By choosing us, you leverage a synergy of artistic talent and technological advancement, ensuring that your animations are not just produced, but meticulously crafted to captivate and impress your audience.

Optimize your production with an industry leader with two decades of experience! Discuss your animation needs with our specialists and discover the cost-effective solutions we can offer.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do I Determine the Best 2D Animation Service Provider for My Needs?

Assess a provider's technical capabilities, review their past work for complexity and industry relevance, scrutinize client testimonials, and ensure they maintain high-quality deliverables in line with industry benchmarks.

How Will My Business Benefit from Outsourcing 2D Animation?

Outsourcing to specialized 2D animation experts can enhance narrative engagement, drive innovation, reduce operational costs, and free up your internal resources for strategic initiatives.

What Are the Cost Considerations for Producing A 2D Animation?

Consider the project's scope, animation complexity, duration, character and environmental detail, and level of bespoke requirements when budgeting for 2D animation production.

Can I Request a Team Specifically Focused on My 2D Animation Project?

Yes, requesting a dedicated team for your project is possible, ensuring a concentration of expertise and resources tailored to your project's unique demands.

What Post-Delivery Support and Maintenance Services Are Available?

Post-delivery services typically include technical support, feedback-based revisions during an agreed period, and updates or enhancements to the animation as necessary.

Do You Offer Scriptwriting Services as Part of The Animation Process?

Scriptwriting services can be provided, encompassing the entire development process from concept to final script, aligning with the creative direction of the animation.

Are There Multiple Format Options Available for The Delivery of The Final Animation?

The completed animation can be delivered in various formats suitable for web, broadcast, and mobile, including HD, 4K, and other digital formats tailored to different platforms and distribution needs.