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Radio Program Editing Services

Outsource Radio Program Editing Services

Our editing wizards convert recordings of radio programs into captivating audio by enriching its quality and adding bespoke sound effects at rates starting at $12 per hour

Editing radio programs have become a vital process which needs immense expertise and state of the art technology. Before a decade or so, radio program editing was done with analog microphones and magnetic tapes. But everything has become digital now, and it requires specialized software, experts, tools, etc. Having all of them in-house is overwhelming, thus, making you choose a top outsourcing partner like Outsource2india (O2I).

O2I has become a radio program editing service provider with 25 years of experience. We have worked with top radio stations around the world and have successfully provided memorable and appealing radio shows. O2I professionals follow exceptional radio editing processes that include bgm score addition, audio trimming, noise removal, and many other factors that help in producing high-quality radio shows. Outsourcing radio program editing services to us helps you get quality service at affordable prices.

Radio Program Editing Services We Offer

With more than 25 years of experience as a radio program editing service providing company, O2I has gained immaculate expertise and techniques to offer effective radio program editing services. We know the competition level between the radios and what it takes to stand atop among all. Hence, we make sure to deliver creative yet appealing and cost-effective radio program editing services. The major services that we offer include -

  1. Voice Management Services

    Voice Management Services

    The pure and clear voice is the most cardinal part of any radio shows. So, we make sure to make the right arrangements, filtering, and smoothing in the audio to output the best voice to the audiences.

  2. Program Production

    Program Production

    Radio editing experts at O2I are highly talented in managing things like radio show recordings, editing, and smoothing programs to make sure that everything in the production department is properly handled.

  3. Music Enhancement Services

    Music Enhancement Services

    Music is the prime USP of most radio shows. At O2I, based on the theme of your radio show, we produce, manage, and optimize the tracks, tunes, and enticing music that attracts a lot of audiences to your show.

  4. Program Planning

    Program Planning

    O2Is radio editing experts will come up with exciting radio show plans that help in showcasing host's strengths, advertise or promote the chosen content or topics, and make the show flow affluently by giving significant experience to the listeners.

  5. Addition of Sound Effects

    Addition of Sound Effects

    O2I radio program editing services include smart use of sound effects to make pleasing and influencing radio shows. We have hundreds of sound effect catalogs that are of the best quality and can be used for several situational programs.

  6. Audio Layering

    Audio Layering

    We do layering for your radio shows to make sure that there is consistent audio playback without any kind of dead air. We enhance a radio show by improvising music, clips, atoms, dialogues, and other various things that contribute to radio shows.

  7. Technical Services

    Technical Services

    At O2I, our radio program editing experts provide you with technical services such as audio importing, preparing playlists, ID3 tags, burning CDs, MIDI control, and many more administrative activities.

Radio Program Editing Process We Follow

At o2I, we follow a stringent process in our radio program editing services. We are very well aware of creativity, auditing expertise, sound effects, and dead air removal, etc. required to develop appealing radio shows. This is why we follow a systematic process flow to achieve it. The steps included in it are -


01. Project Scope

O2Is radio program editing services begin with defining the scope of the project that includes pricing, program editing, and turnaround time.


02. Analyze and Assign Manager

We meticulously understand client requirements and assign a dedicated manager who closely works with clients and gives timely project updates to them.


03. Allocating Team

Depending on the requirements, we allocate a suitable team of experts for the project. The radio experts edit the programs and complete it according to specific guidelines given by clients.


04. Quality Assurance

The finished project is subjected to internal quality reviews to ensure high-quality radio show output. It's sent back to the editing team if the QA team finds it that it lacks quality.


05. Final Delivery

The QA approved radio edited programs are delivered to the clients through a secure FTP or encrypted channels in their required format.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Radio Program Editing Services to Outsource2india?

Outsource2india has been providing successful radio program editing services for a wide range of studios and radio shows. Our audio experts can put life into your radio shows by using necessary resources to eliminate dead air, produce creative content with attractive scripts and concepts.

Additionally, by outsourcing radio program editing services in India to O2I, you get a lot of benefits such as -

  • Flexible Pricing Options

    You can explore our budget-friendly editing services before customization of internal radio program editing services. By considering the number of services you need in total, we customize the price to ensure that you pay what you need.

  • ISO Certified Company

    O2I is an ISO certified company that follows international quality standards. For each client, we follow their local radio studio law regulations to ensure that we offer our best services.

  • Highly Secured Data Management

    We prioritize client confidentiality. As errors or mismanagement of data can induce financial losses, we give a lot of attention to your data to manage it rightly and save it from getting into the wrong hands. As we are an ISMS certified company, you can be assured of high security.

  • Creative Vision

    O2I helps in coming up with fascinating radio shows by knowing creative processes and generating ideas, storyboard creation, conceptual scenarios, show scripts, and a variety of other aspects.

  • Tailor-Made Services

    Having served hundreds of clients around the world, we are well aware of the varying requirements of clients. With the industry's experienced professionals on our side, we personalize our services as per your requirements. By knowing your needs and researching on a variety of radio shows, we ensure to make your show appealing to the listeners.

  • Appealing Words in the Content

    O2I possess talented editors and content writers who can provide persuading content for the show. We develop scripts, produce kickass captions, and all other radio-related written content requirements.

  • Legal Competency

    With global SME (Subject matter experts) on our site, we make sure that all our radio program editing services are compliant with local broadcasting law regulations.

  • High Scalability

    When you outsource radio program editing services to O2I, you can experience scalable services from us. We have enough resources in technology and manpower. So, we can effortlessly cater to your fluctuating radio show requirements.

  • State of the Art Infrastructure

    O2I possesses modern-day infrastructure consisting of the latest software technologies, high-end security system, aesthetic workspace, and a huge workforce.

  • Secure Data Transfer

    O2I uses a strong SFTP and VPN for an end-to-end data transfer. We give prime importance to our client's data, thus, ensuring that your data is handled by the skilled professionals.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    With multiple customer support centers in four different parts of the world, O2I operates 247 to attend all clients from various time zones. Our team responds with a quick reply to resolve your queries or issues. You can contact the support team through email, live chat, phone, etc.

  • Short Turnaround

    At O2I, we have skilled professionals working with well-organized infrastructure and a streamlined process to deliver radio editing output on time. We are known to deliver services with a 35% faster turnaround time than our competitors.

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Outsource Radio Program Editing Services to Outsource2india


I am overjoyed with the support and level of understanding of your team. The effort you spent on working on my project diligently with a very quick turnaround time has helped my company earn immense profits.

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A leading electronics company from South Korea
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Being a leading radio program editing service providing company in the world, at O2I, we feel proud of ourselves for delivering the best quality radio shows with our excellent radio program editing services. We use the latest software technologies, tools, experienced team, vast collection of sound effects, and a huge workforce to provide the top-notch radio editing service with quick turnaround time. That's how we became the best audio editing services provider in the world. More favorably, O2I deploys global and local broadcasting regulations to make sure that our clients produce legal, ethical, and entertaining radio shows for the audience.

When you outsource radio program editing services to us, you not only eliminate the overhead cost of hiring and setting up an office but also save a lot of time. By adhering to ISO quality standards, we provide you hassle-free radio program editing at affordable prices within a quick time. So, Contact us now to outsource radio program editing services right away.

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