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Mascot Design Services

Outsource Mascot Design Services

Bring your brand identity to life with a slick mascot design that perfectly reflects your brand's value and story at prices starting at $10/hour

A mascot is an integral part of any company's branding strategy and its scope is not limited to a design or illustration. Mascots are like virtual brand ambassadors, depicting the brand values and identity. Creating mascot characters demands a creative and expert team of visualizers, designers, and marketers. Outsource2india (O2I) is one of the most renowned companies in the world with an exceptionally skilled creative team for mascot designing. We have created more than 500 mascots for clients in 50+ countries, helping many of our customers to win accolades and awards for innovative and creative branding ideas.

A mascot, however, should not be confused with character design or even a mascot logo as they differ from one another. Character design is more of a concept-art dealing with designing personas for the brand in the form of characters. They are commonly used for various marketing and advertising purposes. Mascot design is the creation of one distinguishing character that reflects the brand qualities through its demeanor, colors, poses, and everything else. A mascot logo design is its extension where the mascot is also incorporated in the brand logo for improved brand identification.

Our Mascot Design Services

When it comes to mascot designing solutions, we not only provide well-rounded services but also extend out-of-the-box ideas to our clients. Here is the complete list of mascot design solutions we offer -

  1. Mascot Design Consulting Services

    Whether you want a life-like mascot character design or a mascot logo design with future scope of scalability, or you do not have any concrete plans for what you need, our team can help you out in all of these scenarios. We understand all your requirements, brainstorm within our team and with you, and advise you on the best possible mascot branding strategy.

  2. Custom Mascot Design Services

    The whole idea of inculcating a mascot in your branding plan is to make your brand stand apart. So, the mascot design must be not only memorable but original, too. O2I's expert visualizers and mascot development team put in hours of effort and time to create a completely novel, lively, and recognizable mascot design.

  3. Mascot Naming

    For a mascot to completely justify your brand, it must have an equally catchy name. Our team brainstorms and comes up with multiple options for the name and refines it further until it perfectly suits the mascot as well as the brand's name.

  4. Mascot Visual Strategy Solutions

    Our team of designers and strategy makers also defines a guidebook on how the mascot can be used and visualized for various marketing purposes. It entails different characterizations, poses, campaign ideas, etc., of the mascot that can be used in a multitude of ways for physical and digital marketing of the brand.

  5. Mascot Mockup Solutions

    Mascots can be used for various other branding purposes like printed materials of the company, life-size mascot model, brand stationeries, mascot printed t-shirts, etc. We provide multiple options along with product mockups to help you understand how the mascot design will look on varied products and print materials.

Our Mascot Designing Process

Mascot design is a highly creative process and takes deep expertise to deliver outstanding results. Here is the comprehensive methodology we follow to deliver you an innovative and memorable mascot design portfolio -


01. Brainstorming

The first stage is the discovery stage where it all begins with just an idea. Our diligent team along with yours indulges in extensive brainstorming sessions to ideate and visualize appropriate character designs and concepts. We put down all these thoughts for our design team to oversee and convert them into character sketches


02. Producing Hand-sketched Mascot Designs

In this phase, the team of designers brings the idea to life with pen and paper to draw out a few rough sketches of the mascot. The design concepts can be revised multiple times as per the client's suggestions and we encourage the same to make sure the final sketch is exactly what the client and our team have collectively envisioned it to be


03. Converting the Design into a Digital Model

Now, the highly experienced photoshop and 3D expert graphic designers get into action to digitalize the finalized design concept. Under this phase, the design is turned into a vector to enable varied sizing options to the clients without any loss to the quality


04. Colorization of Vector

Another very crucial aspect, the color theme of the mascot is well thought of and is always in-sync with the brand guidelines to eliminate any mismatch. Under this phase, we explore a mix of flat color, gradients, and even 3D colorization to see what fits the mascot design the best


05. Variety of Poses, Outfits, Expressions, and More

On the client's specific requirements, our team can develop various portfolios of the mascot. Whether you want different poses, varied facial expressions, options of outfits, or any other adaptation for multiple platforms, our team can deliver you the same


06. Secured Delivery

After the project is completed, we transfer all copyrights and designs in your chosen formats through secured networks

Our Expertise in Mascot Designing

We have created mascots for a variety of industries and have vast experience in designing mascots for diverse fields. Some of those industries are -

Food-related companies

Food-related companies

Sports organizations and events

Sports organizations and events

Events, exhibitions, etc

Events, exhibitions, etc.

Entertainment industry

Entertainment industry

Educational institutes

Educational institutes

Healthcare industry

Healthcare industry

FMCG industries

FMCG industries

Companies dealing with kids products and services

Companies dealing with kids' products and services, and more

We have the capability to design mascots for any of your customized requirements in addition to the ones mentioned above. Contact us for your specific needs.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose Outsource2india for Outsourcing Mascot Design Services?

There are many reasons to partner with us, including -

  • Reasonable Prices

    We have worked for 500+ clients across various industries and our superior-quality services at cost-effective rates make us one of the favorites in the field of mascot design.

  • 100% Original Concepts and Exclusive Mascot Designs

    Stock mascot designs are not unique and can be copied by anyone. O2I offers novel design concepts and a one-of-its-kind mascot design that can be trademarked.

  • Passionate Team

    The idea-generators, visualizers, and creators in our team come with out-of-box design concepts to produce one outstanding mascot design just for you.

  • Multiple Choice and Revisions

    Our team does not shy away from making revisions and changes. They fully cooperate with the clients to ensure the final result completely justifies the brand values. While there is no limit to revisions provided, the scope of work and the reasonability of the demands are always taken into consideration.

  • Assured Privacy and Security

    We never compromise on data confidentiality and privacy. We ensure that all your data is completely protected and securely transferred to you after project completion. We also transfer complete copyrights and trademark rights to the client for the finalized designs.

  • All Formats Supported

    Our team provides you all the master files and editable files of the mascot designs in the formats of your choice.

  • Reliable Partner

    We are an ISO-certified company with over 25 years of experience in the field of design services and our work portfolio includes clients from the Forbes 500 lists to small businesses, making us one of the most trusted partners for outsourcing mascot design services.

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Outsource2india has a fabulous team of highly creative designers that can come up with authentic and pristine design ideas for mascot designs. Mascot design is not just a skill but an art that has been perfected by our team over the years with extensive experience in the field of character and mascot designs for companies of all sizes. So, if you are looking to launch or relaunch your brand with a mascot, outsource mascot design services in India to the best mascot design service provider.

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