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Music Video Animation Services

Outsource Music Video Animation Services

Make your video standout and give your video a sense of character by choosing our professional music video animation services at prices starting at $10/hour

Animation and music videos have exploded in recent years and interest in online video content has increased, particularly with the rise of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Music videos are a great way to advertise your music, allowing you to get extra airtime, increase revenue, and generally raise awareness of your band or artist. You can also use animated music videos to enhance your/artist's website and as an effective social media marketing tool to promote the music. By seeking professional support in the development of your video, you can reduce the risk of poor music performance.

As an experienced music video animation company, we specialize in producing handcrafted, 2D animated, 3D, and 4D animations for all types of music and dance videos. We help you choose the animation style that best suits your music video, including animation style, animation technique, and animated character design. Whether you're animating a cartoon or an illustrated music video, we can produce great-looking video content with the right animation style for you.

Music Video Animation Services We Offer

Animated music videos are an exceptional way of telling a story using unique characters, extraordinary techniques, and a whole lot of creativity. Here are the services we offer for animated music video production.

  • Lyric Video Services

    Lyric Video Services

    Compared to traditional animated music videos, lyric videos are less expensive and most importantly allow fans to sing along. Lyric videos get more views on social media.

  • Promo Video Services

    Promo Video Services

    Promotional music videos are a great way to reach out to your audience informing them about your latest music. A stunning promo video can be promoted on all social media platforms.

  • 2D Animation Video Services

    2D Animation Video Services

    2D animation allows you to bring your music and ideas to life using two-dimensional motion images. 2D animation makes a strong connection with the audience and keeps them engaged for a longer period.

  • 3D Animation Video Services

    3D Animation Video Services

    With 3D animation, the details are brought to the forefront and it also creates a lasting impression. Compared to 2D animation, 3D animation is more realistic and has depth.

  • 2.5D Animation Video Services

    2.5D Animation Video Services

    2.5D animation is a combination of elements taken from 2D and 3D in a video. Some elements are created in the 3D space and merged and animated with graphics in the 2D space.

  • Black & White Video Animation Services

    Black & White Video Animation Services

    In this type of video animation, we can create your music videos completely in black and white.

  • Combination of Animation and Live-action

    Combination of Animation and Live-action

    A combination of both animation and live-action shots in a music video brings a different dimension to not only the music but also story-telling.

Music Video Animation Process We Follow

We follow a streamlined process to provide you with a minimum turnaround time while ensuring you get the highest quality. We make sure to keep you updated at all stages of the animated music video production. Steps in our process include -


01. Creative Brief

First, tell us about your music and the song you want the animated music video for. We offer a detailed form on our website where you can fill in all your details. The form has several questions to help you explain your project, thoughts, and ideas more easily. If you have any drawings or sketches send them to us so we can keep that in mind while creating the unique artwork for your music video. Also, let us know the length of the song.


02. Script

After understanding your project we assign you a scriptwriter to create the script for your music video as per your brief and requirements. Our experienced writers will write an engaging script and an initial draft is created and sent to you for your approval.


03. Storyboard

Once we have a story and the length of the song our experts in the field will create a storyboard that will break down the script and story into different scenes and the length of each scene.


04. Characters

Once we have finalized and agreed upon the budget and you have provided us with all the details of the song, our team will start working on creating character designs for the animated music video for every scene on the storyboard and send it to you for approval.


05. Animation & SFX

Once the storyboarding and the characters are finalized and created, our team will start blending each component, creating your animated music video.


06. Quality Assurance/Testing

Once the complete animated music video is ready, we will test the video on multiple platforms, including smartphones and desktops, operating systems, and browsers to get optimal results and making sure the video is working on the various platforms.


07. Finalization

After we have completed the entire animation of the music video, we will test the performance of the video on various platforms. Once we are satisfied, we will send the final outcome to you for finalization. You can send the video to us if you need any revisions or changes.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Choose O2I for Music Video Animation Services?

Creating effective and attractive music video animation is not easy. Outsource2india's music video animation services provide the best animators and artists for getting the job done and for getting the best results. Some other reasons to choose us include -

  • Cost-effective Music Video Animation Service Provider

    We offer a cost-effective music video animation service that will suit the budgets of upcoming artists as well as seasoned artists. There are no hidden costs.

  • ISO/ISMS Certified Music Video Animation Service Provider

    We are an ISO/ISMS certified music video animation service providing company that adheres to high-quality standards. Our quality team performs a strict quality check before any project is delivered to the client.

  • Access to Highly Skilled Professionals

    Our music video animation experts keep themselves updated with the latest tools and technologies. Our team of proficient animators provides the best and highest quality of animation services in the animated music video production industry.

  • 100% Unique Content

    Every animated music video we create is 100% unique. We do not use any stock photos or templates. Our team of animators draws every scene making it standout and one of a kind.

  • Help Develop Your Ideas

    We help you develop your animation ideas to create the best possible end product, whether you have an idea for a character, a background idea, or even just a concept for your music video. We create characters and background ideas, which are designed, illustrated, and presented in color for the animation.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    The production time of animated music videos with Outsource2india is 6 to 10 weeks depending on the length of the music, the graphics, and the style. However, if you are in a rush to get your music out to the world soon, you can request a quick turnaround time.

  • HD Animated Music Video

    We can offer you a customized high definition music video that is tailored to your requirements. We work in 1080p HD and deliver on time and within the schedule, and we can offer it in a variety of formats including 3D, HD, VR, 360deg, and more. We offer you an amazing range of options for your music videos, from low resolution to high resolution.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Our clients are from across the globe. To assist each one of our clients, we have put together our customer support team that is available 24/7 to provide the support they need and help them with queries and concerns.

  • Single Point of Contact

    For every music video animation project, we appoint our clients a personal project manager who keeps the client updated at every stage of progress.

  • World Class Infrastructure

    At Outsource2india, we use the best state-of-the-art infrastructure in the industry which enables our team to provide the best and highest quality of music video animation services within the scheduled time.

  • High Scalability

    We have a team of over 100 music video animation experts and specialists who can handle all types of animations and any size.

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Outsource Music Video Animation Services to Outsource2india


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As an experienced animated music video production company, Outsource2india specializes in producing and creating high-quality 2D, 3D, and 4D formats of animated music videos. If you have an idea for your animated music video, we can help you develop those ideas to craft the best video that compliments your music and song. We can also help you make a short promotional sketch as it will make it easier for you to spread the word about your new song or album even before you start working on your music videos.

We are one of the best music video animation service providers of most artistic 2D, 3D, and animated videos. So, for any of your music video animation requirements, contact Outsource2india now to get a free quote.

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