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Case Study on 3D Character Animation Services

Creative Design

The Client

Outsource2india was approached by a renowned Canada based company for expert 3D animation services. Our client has been developing highly successful online games for different platforms for the past 6 years, and approached us for creating animated expressions for a variety of in-game characters.

The Client's Requirements

The client was seeking a professional 3D animation studio or company who could help them create accurate facial expressions for a wide variety of emotions, which were then to be used for their characters. After approaching different service providers, they finally chose O2I based on the following-

  • Our detailed creative trial output convinced them about our in-house capability
  • 3D animation and rendering is one of our strong points, and the photorealistic animations created by our designers helped them make their mind up
  • Our competitive pricing which also guaranteed quality results

Project Challenges

During the course of the project we faced certain challenges, including the following -

  • The client was very particular about the creativity and variations in the animated expressions
  • Since the client's character roster consisted of many different male and female characters, we had to develop unique expressions for both

Our Solution

In order to ensure we were able to deliver a high-quality final product, we took the following steps -

  • A dedicated 3-member team was assigned to the project, which directly interacted with the client regarding all project related requirements
  • All our workstations were equipped with the latest versions of CrazyTalk Animator and Autodesk Maya software so that our animators could create and edit 3d animated expressions with ease

The Result

The project was completed on a very satisfactory note, as the client was extremely satisfied with our creative 3D animation output. Some of the high-points of the project include -

  • All 3d character animations were created to replicate a variety of human emotions, and were life-like in nature
  • The client decided to outsource several other projects to us based on our expert handling of the first project
  • Outsourcing the project to O2I ensured the client was able to save almost 40% in costs, and is now one of our largest billing clients

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From individual assets to full-scale projects, Outsource2india has worked with organizations belonging to diverse verticals such as architecture, medical, film, etc. in order to deliver life-like 3D animations. Our 3D Animation services serve as a one-stop-shop for all your requirements, including delivery in a format of your own choosing; such as raw models and textures, rendered videos or images, etc.

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