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Outsource FAQs on Adobe Creative Suite - InDesign and Illustrator

What type of Adobe graphic services can be outsourced to India ?

Indian companies have worked hard and learned a lot in design and graphic services, and now they can do anything that is done in the West and more: magazine book and newspaper layout, cover design, graphics development, image enhancement, illustrations, web design and more.

What is different about your Adobe Creative Suite Services?

We are focused on serving International customers and we specialize in Adobe Creative Suite CS6. This includes Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive and Acrobat. This focus helps our team get deep into the software and therefore they know the ins and outs and tips and tricks. This is a big advantage for so many reasons, for example it makes transitioning ongoing work to India much easier.

What other software do you use?

We use Adobe Plug ins, Extensis Font Suit Case, Maxon Cinema 4D, Sketchup and Intellicad.

What countries outsource graphic design work to India?

Projects come to us from companies around the world but the most work comes from the USA then comes Denmark and UK. We get all kinds of companies outsourcing to us, for example, publishers produce monthly magazines in India. Real Estate companies are outsourcing the design and typesetting of their marketing material. The list is huge and growing. In two years the list of companies that don’t outsource to India will be small.

What services can you provide that enhance your Adobe Service?

Since Indian companies tend to be larger than their Western counterparts they often are more diverse and have a broader range of skills and talent. Therefore they can provide integrated solutions. For example we have departments that can provide content writing, editing and proofing.

What is the level of expertise of your Adobe Indesign department?

Since we are focused on providing services using Adobe software, using Indesign CS5.5 becomes a major part of this service. We are able to keep up to the latest advances in software and printing technology to speed up and enhance desktop publishing work. We can offer world class service.

Who will do my work?

Typically the work is done by an Indian designer with 1 plus years of experience and a college degree. He or she will be internet savvy and fluent in English.

Why outsource creative design to India?

Most companies don’t have the resources or expertise to perform this work in house. Some that have in-house teams are even moving this work offshore. The reason must be obvious because we are being flooded with companies wanting to move their graphic services to India. Outsourcing non-core activity in most organizations has become necessary for survival. And by outsourcing this, you can let us maintain computers, buy software and keep a team up to date on the latest trends and techniques.

Describe your infrastructure?

We have computers with graphic accelerator cards, flat screen monitors and extra RAM. We use MS XP professional operating systems that are networked. And we have a wireless network for laptops. In addition to our PC systems we have two Macs dedicated to an ongoing project. We have two different Internet connections and a four hour backup power supply. We are on the second floor of a building and have an awesome view of the mountains.

What is a typical outsourcing scenario?

  1. The customer asks us questions via email.
  2. Often a sample is completed as a proof of concept. Once the sample is complete and the customer approves of the quality and reliability, then a price can be established.
  3. Payment is made online or by bank wire transfer.
  4. The project is started. To get started, the customer typically has a template and FTPs the template, written content, photos and images and uploads them so that we can download them and start work.
  5. The work is completed, a quality check is done and it is returned to the customer for approval. If corrections are required then these are done and the finished product is sent to the customer.
  6. The final payment is then made.

How and when do I pay?

Payment can be made online or by wire transfer. We can provide simple instructions once the terms have been agreed upon. The payment term is negotiable and may depend on the project but typically an advance payment is made to start the project.

How do I get started?

Outsource2india can do a simple free trial sample so that you can evaluate the quality of our work and we see what is involved and give you an estimate of the cost. Please complete the form on this site to get started.

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