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If you watch older movies that were made five, four or even three decades ago, you will realize that the art of moviemaking has evolved tremendously over the years. Moviemakers have made huge strides in the last century or so, and have developed superior techniques to make movies look better. One such technique, which is used commonly in films today, is video compositing.

What is Compositing?

Imagine a scenario where you can change the environment around you - you are standing in front of the Eiffel Tower one moment, and the next moment, you find yourself at the peak of the Mount Everest. While such a scenario is still in the realms of science fiction, you can achieve something similar in videos and pictures in real life.

Video composition is the art of laying several layers - pictures or video images over one another to create a unified picture. In other words, you are combining several images to create a new one. This technique is used heavily in movies, television shows, and advertisements. However, applications of compositing are more common than you might think. Consider the weather forecast on your favorite news channel, for example. Doesn't it appear as though the weatherperson is standing in front of a weather map? In actuality, the weather map is a blank wall or screen (usually in a bright shade of green or blue). The image of the weatherperson is superimposed over the image of the weather map by film compositing software, resulting in the illusion you see on your TV.

Video Compositing Services by O2I

Any individual can composite videos as long as he/she has the right software like Adobe Premier and Pinnacle Edition. However, if you want high-quality videos, you should outsource video compositing requirements to a professional video editing firm like O2I, having the right infrastructure, resources, and personnel to meet your specific requirements.

We have tremendous expertise in video compositing. Our professionals can edit nearly all types of AV related to documentaries, short films, and training programs. To ensure that the final product exceeds your expectations, we adopt a proven and methodical approach that includes:

video editing service Video Editing
video color correction Video Correction
video Sync Video Synchronization
audio Sync and correction Audio Synchronization and Correction
channel copy services Channel Copy

How is Video Compositing Done?

Consider the example of the weatherperson who stands in front of a blank wall/screen to deliver the news. This wall/screen is coated with a specific color, usually a bright shade of green or blue. This is known as the key color. The video editing special effects software detects the key color and removes it from the video image, which now has a transparent background. However, the subject, the weatherperson, is not removed from the image. This editing technique is known as keying.

Now, the software inserts the weather map into the video image as a background. To guarantee flawless video composition, care is taken to ensure that the weatherperson does not wear clothing with the same shade of green or blue that is used in the background. Otherwise, the weather map will appear on that person as well.

Creating Video Composites

Moviemakers and video professionals use green or blue screens usually since they contrast with the other things in the video. The good thing about screens is that they do not require heavy financial investment, unlike video equipment. Before shooting the video against the screen, care is taken to light the screen uniformly.

This ensures that the software removes the key color accurately. A fluorescent bulb is installed above the screen also. This helps to eliminate shadows caused by the subject when he/she stands in front of the screen. Once the video is prepared, it is imported into the program for compositing visual effects. This is a simple process that only requires a few actions.

Outsource Video Compositing Services to O2I

Choosing us as your digital compositing provider provides you several benefits. Few of those are mentioned below:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Top-quality video output with the use of latest technologies
  • Bulk image/video compositing capability
  • 24/7 communication and customer support through e-mail or phone
  • Commitment to pre-agreed deadlines
  • Dedicated personnel for each job
  • Short turnaround times
  • Experienced and skilled video editors, CAD professionals and Photoshop experts

Video compositing work is best done by skilled professionals. Outsource2india has the ability to help you with small requirements as well as bulk requirements for video compositing.We have edited hundreds of videos related to business products, conferences, training, corporate presentations, TV, ad films and YouTube videos, etc. Our professionals do a high quality job at fastest possible turnaround time.

Get in touch with us for your specialized video compositing requirements; we will be glad to assist you on your ambitious project.

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