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Australian Online Bag Dealer Gets 3D Modeling Services from Outsource2india

Case Study on 3D Modeling Services for Online Bag Dealer

The Client

The client is an exclusive online retailer based in Melbourne, Australia. The client offers an extensive range of designer bags including handbags, clutches and more. Their luxury designer offerings include Australian and international designer labels such as Hermes, YSL, Chanel, Celine, Saint Laurent, and Dior. They offer free and fast shipping and luxury packaging across Australia.

The Requirement

The client required a high volume of 3D models for its online bag sales (ads, catalogues, posters etc). The client needed an outsourcing partner to create the 3D models and graphics for each bag.

Project Challenges Faced by O2I

Short timeframe - 10 hours for each 3D model (graphics and models), as against the normal delivery time of 12-15 hours.

O2I's Solution

On receiving the client's business enquiry, O2I undertook a Scope of Work assessment and a quality test (trial) was scheduled. During the trial, O2I assigned three full-time resources to create four model shells using 3DS Max, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator software.

The process included creating multiple 3D shells, textures, layout, tiles, visualizing spaces, giving an 8K rendered output in high resolution PDF and .OBJ files, and uploading via Dropbox. The trial was successfully completed within three business days.

Based on the success of the trial, the client signed a full-time ongoing contract to outsource 400 models to O2I. O2I allocated three full-time resources (from both graphics and animation teams) to handle the project and complete each model within ten hours.

Client Benefits

The client was satisfied with our high-quality output and emailed us mentioning that we had exceeded their quality expectations, and provided a hassle-free outsourcing process.

Choose Outsource2india for 3D Modeling Services

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