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Outsource Children's Book Illustration Services

Children's Book Illustration Services

Children love pictures. Children's book illustration is important since it not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the book, but also helps children associate words with objects and figures. Beautiful, hand drawn artwork and illustrations widen a child's imagination, and offer reluctant young readers the visual impetus to read books.

Our children's book illustration services stem from our respect for illustrators and artists who are able to tell a story through pictures, and the knowledge of how difficult it is to find an illustrator who can execute your vision. Our teams of contemporary illustrators have more than 5 years of experience in illustrating books for children, as well as young adults in varied fields such as children's literature, film, television, magazines etc.

Our Kids Book Illustration Services

At Outsource2india, our USP lies in making the commissioning of illustration a simple process. Our illustrators work with you at every step, ensuring a perfect illustration, which is delivered on time and within your budget. Our picture book illustration services include the following -

1. Book Illustration Services

A typical children's picture book contains about 12-30 illustrations. Our illustrators work closely with you during the Pre-design phase to ascertain the number of illustrations required in your book. The number of illustrations required can be further categorized into the following -

  • Single Illustration: Our illustrator will design a standard one page illustration for you
  • Spot Illustration: The illustrator will provide artwork for one or two characters with very little background
  • Spread Illustration: Here, the illustrator will draw for a single scene that will span the left and right pages

2. Cover Art Illustration Services

A well-designed cover is extremely important for the success of a children's book. It's the first image your potential young readers will see, and at O2I, our illustrators ensure that the book cover is instantly attractive and compels children to open the book and browse through its contents. Our meticulously drawn cover art illustration services encompass a variety of genres such as fairy tales, fantasy, mystery, adventure, horror, Sci-Fi etc. The two aspects of our cover art design services are -

  • Cover Design: Herein, we design a beautiful, eye-catching design around an illustration already provided by you
  • Cover Illustration: In cases where you require the perfect illustration to complement your cover design, or if you require both the illustration and the design, our illustrators can provide you with the perfect artwork

3. Character Art Illustration Services

Our illustrators are also highly experienced in the art of character development, which is essential to get the visual details of your character right, in order to connect perfectly with your target audience. Our character design illustrator will work with you to develop an accurate visual concept of your character based on your requirements, while taking into account several important variables such as -

  • Target audience (young kids or teenagers)
  • Culture and environment your book is set in
  • Character features, looks etc. as described in your book

Advantages of Our Children's Book Illustration Services

At Outsource2india, our visual artists and illustrators reinterpret and reimagine words into beautifully drawn images which can immediately catch a child's attention. All our children's book illustration services include a two stage creative process wherein we send initial rough pencil sketches, which upon approval from the client, are then converted into full color illustrations.

Some of the advantages of our child book illustration services are -

  • Perfectly drawn illustrations which convey your message and fit in the theme of your book
  • Client input considered for all major illustrating decisions such as character development, color palette, etc.
  • Ability to provide illustrations in various file sizes and types such as JPEG, GIF, PNG, etc.
  • Consistent attention to imagery and scenery throughout the book illustration to ensure cohesiveness throughout the book
  • Highly affordable prices which vary according to the number of illustrations required by you
  • Extremely skilled illustrators and artists who can create beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, as well as work with cutting-edge software such as Adobe Illustrator to generate perfect visual graphics
  • Short turnaround times to ensure all your custom book illustration requirements are fulfilled and you can go ahead with publishing your book

O2I - Your Outsourcing Destination for Picture Perfect Illustrations

With an experience of over 19 years, we have provided exemplary illustration services to clients all over the world. Along with children's books, we also provide artwork services for various industries such as marketing, publishing, advertising, communication, etc.

If you are looking for picture perfect illustrations to bring your text to life, or are looking for someone who can provide striking, exquisite imagery for your children's book cover, you search ends at Outsource2india.

contact us now and reap the benefits of outsourcing kids' book illustration to a global service provider.

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