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Outsource Animatics Services

Animatics are now widely used not only in the animation industry, but also in the advertising, game and film industry to test commercials, preview scenes for live-action movies, etc. Although similar to storyboards, Animatics are more than static images and include time counters, basic sound effects and in several cases, even dialogue recordings.

At Outsource2india, our animatics services allow you to get a sense of the rhythm, pacing, and the progression of your film, ensuring the story pans out as per your requirements. This also results in significant cost savings as you are able to make any last minute modifications before going ahead with the final schedule.

Our Service Offerings

Be it a short stop-motion animation, a marketing piece, an animation film, or an educational film, we can leverage our expertise to deliver exceptional animatics services to capture the essence of what your requirements for the final product are. Our services include -

2D Illustrated Animatics

Creative Services

Our professional illustrators team up with seasoned editors, producers, animators, and sound engineers to bring forth 2D animatics tailored to meet your requirements, budget, and schedule. This further allows the director and our illustrators to work out any errors within the script before final production begins.

Although traditional in nature, this type of animatic can help your clients or research groups focus more on the story and less on the look and feel of the project, leaving that for the final production stage.

We can also superimpose flash-drawn or illustrated characters onto 3D backgrounds for a more comprehensive 2D animatic if required.

3D Animatics

Creative Services

By leveraging the latest technologies, our team of visual effect specialists is able to develop stunning 3D cinematics as per your requirements. Our 3D cinematics offer a flexible, time-saving approach to test commercial, animation and film production by developing all elements natively in a 360 degree 3D environment.

Our 3D animatics services are ideal if you require a quick turnaround and need to revise characters, wardrobe, props, and camera angles, amongst others. If required we can also provide accurate facial and motion capturing, along with photo-ealistic characters and backgrounds.


Creative Services

Our Photomatics services are ideal for broadcast commercials or celebrity spots, and provide you with an affordable, working draft for your story in as quick a time as possible. We either use custom reference photos of live talent as approved by you, or use stock images of actors for each scene. These images are then placed and animated in front of our custom-developed and photorealistic backgrounds, thereby creating a seamless and cost-effective animatic.

With our extensive experience in providing exceptional storyboarding services, our in-house team can not only help you source appropriate images and edit them to create animatics as per your specifications, but also offer you bespoke services for shooting and creating specific scenes in-house.

Why Outsource Animatics to Outsource2india?

Animatics now serve as an important previsualization and pre-production tool, and is being used by filmmakers, studio houses and media creators alike. At Outsource2india, we understand the thought process of a creator, and our services reflect our passion for creating moving animatics. Some of the following characteristics which set us apart from most of our industry peers include -

  1. We have extensive experience in providing high-quality animatics services for a wide range of creative media including films, commercials, animated features, corporate presentations, marketing media, medical and educational films, etc.
  2. Our services are tailored to suit your needs, as we provide both semi and full animatic services based on how much involvement you require from our end
  3. Each and every member of our in-house team adheres to strict ISO quality standards to ensure a quality output
  4. Highly-efficient services ensure everything from staging, voiceover sync, blocking, timing, and the overall flow is completed in the first pass, giving you more time to make necessary modifications
  5. Experienced and seasoned animation professionals, editors, sound designers, etc. who take pride in their work
  6. An extreme dedication to turnaround times ensure our Previsualization services are always delivered in time
  7. All our professionals are highly experienced in utilizing best industry-specific software such as Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Avid Media Composer for polished end results

Choose Outsource2india for High-Quality Animatics & Previsualization Services

We have over a decade of experience in offering a wide gamut of animation and animatics services which leverage the latest in technology. Having worked with renowned brands, studios, and ad agencies, our professionals understand the importance to sit with the client to understand their brief. We strive to offer the best medium for the script, and with our unnerving focus on storytelling, we ensure the final animated product is always to your liking.

With the help of our previsualization, animatics and other animation services, you can reduce costs, build a consensus with your design team, and make inspiring changes which reflect in the end product. Contact us now for reliable, focused and efficient animatics services.

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