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YouTube Video Editing Services

Outsource YouTube Video Editing Services

Leverage our professional YouTube video editing services to increase your online visibility. Save time and up to 60% on costs

Did you know that YouTube is the world's second-largest search engine? When it comes to user engagement, YouTube videos tower head and shoulders above other channels of communication. Brands and businesses striving to improve their social media presence cannot ignore YouTube as a platform. But editing bulk videos regularly is trying and time-consuming. It requires infrastructure; it demands resources. It can turn out to be expensive and time-consuming.

Outsourcing YouTube video editing services to professionals seem to be the one-stop solution to this evident challenge. We are an ISO-certified YouTube video editing company that caters to businesses and individuals. Are you a full-time YouTuber with a subscriber list exploding? Or are you just starting? Either way, you should outsource YouTube video editing services to a reliable service provider like us to yield the best results.

Our YouTube Video Editing Services

Our professional YouTube video editors increase your online visibility. Double your likes, shares, comments, and subscriptions with our services that include -

  • Basic Video Editing

    Basic Video Editing

    Our video editing service for YouTube includes merging videos, standardizing formats, re-arranging footage, editing unwanted clips, etc. We ensure that your video does not have minor glitches and is well-liked by your viewers.

  • Effects and Transitions

    Effects and Transitions

    We specialize in special effects, voice-overs, animations, transitions, creative tilting, zooming, etc. We ensure that these effects don't go overboard and maintain the professional look of the video.

  • Audio Integration

    Audio Integration

    We add music and other background sounds to the video. Sounds and music make the video more appealing and attract more views and channel subscriptions.

  • Video Stabilization

    Video Stabilization

    Live YouTube videos are usually shot without a tripod or support. As a result, the filming can get shaky. Our team leverages the latest video tools to reduce the shaking and random movements of the camera.

  • Subtitling


    We work with a team of language translators and content writers to provide subtitles to the videos you create in various languages. Since YouTube attracts global visitors and YouTube's Closed Caption system is not that accurate, our subtitle services ensure all people can understand and enjoy your videos.

Our YouTube Video Optimization Services

Visually enhanced videos are not enough to build your brand. The trick is to ensure their visibility to a global audience. To that end, partner with us and leverage the following benefits -

  • Keyword Research

    YouTube keyword research is a crucial part of YouTube optimization. Keyword research helps identify all the relevant keywords that can be incorporated into the video description and title.

  • Video Elements

    The YouTube video description, captions, and title are the most crucial part of the video optimization process and are responsible for boosting your video rankings in the search results.

  • Category Selection

    The video category can depend on the content. We categorize you in appropriate genres like education, gaming, comedy, entertainment, etc.

  • Annotations Usage

    Video annotations are a new way to add interactive commentary to video clips. These video annotations help make the video look professional and keep your audience engrossed. Our annotation services help explain and interact with your audience.

  • Thumbnail Creation

    The thumbnails created for your videos must stand out during YouTube and search engine clicks. Thumbnails are the first impression viewers have when they search for a video and help to determine whether they click on it or not.

  • Video Tags

    YouTube videos must have search-friendly tags taken from the keywords and YouTube's keyword tool. Our professionals ensure that throughout the procedure.

  • Engagement

    Keeping the viewers engaged around the video helps to keep them hooked; it attracts new viewers onto the page. Keeping the videos updated and interacting with viewers in the comments section helps boost viewership.

  • Analyze Insights

    One needs to analyze the response from viewers and tweak the marketing strategy accordingly. Our experts can help you design and change your marketing strategies as the situation demands.

Why Choose Us as Your YouTube Video Editing Company?

Our video editing service for YouTube gets you noticed; we leverage the best-in-class tools and software to provide quality outcomes. Partner with us now to explore the following benefits -

  • Short Deadlines

    Our timelines depend on project complexity, and the deadline may vary depending on the quality and duration of the footage provided by the client. We ensure that the finished product is delivered well within the scheduled delivery time.

  • Quality Processes

    We adhere to strict ISO standards, ensuring quality deliverables for every client within the project guidelines and timeframes.

  • Quality Checks

    We perform quality checks at every stage of the video snipping process to ensure guidelines are met and work with the client to review and maintain the requirements through the completion of a project.

  • Customized Pricing

    We align our pricing to fit the project and overall budget with options for hourly rates, per-project rates, and FTE (full-time equivalent) rates.

  • Exceptional Data Security

    Data security is a primary concern for O2I. We use Virtual Private Network (VPN) and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) to ensure.

Additional Creative Services We Offer

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Augment your branding efforts with our artwork services. We extend our artwork services to independent artists and production houses as well.

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Animation Services

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Audio Editing Services

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Video Editing Services

Our qualified video editing team enables you to reuse footage to create new videos and tweak the existing ones to increase usability.

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Outsource YouTube Video Editing Services to Outsource2india


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Being a well-known video editing service provider, global clients benefit from our services. We have been in this industry for over 25 years now and have served hundreds of clients around the world. Some of the key reasons why you need to choose us for YouTube video editing services include -

  • Our team consists of individuals from premier institutes who excel at various video editing tools to produce high-quality results.
  • We provide highly accurate video editing services.
  • We provide customized pricing options for customers with different requirements.
  • We adhere to ISO standards and ensure that the results produced are of extremely high-quality.

For video editing services within a quick turnaround, reach out to us. Talk to our experts for a free trial now!

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