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Italian Wedding Photographer Gets High-quality Photo and Video Editing Services from Outsource2india

Case Study on Photo and Video Editing for Wedding Photographer

The Client

The client is a wedding photographer based in Italy, with more than twenty years of experience and offers a range of wedding photography packages including drone photography. They cover every kind of wedding location including the beach, hills, underwater, gardens, city and more.

Their unique wedding photo shots can be used as wedding invitations, slideshow presentations, posters or album displays during the wedding reception.

The Requirement

The client had accumulated a high volume of wedding photos and videos in the course of their work. The client required an outsourcing partner to edit the pictures and videos and add the subtitles in Latin. An essential requirement was that the outsourcing partner could communicate in Latin with the client.

The Challenges

  • Communication was in Latin and proved challenging
  • Video footage was shaky and taken with multiple cameras (2- 6 cameras for each wedding including drone cameras)
  • Drone camera footage proved challenging
  • Subtitling in Latin required a Latin translator

The Trial

The client requested a free trial and transferred a checklist (Word document) via email, samples in JPEG and video format, 300 images and one hour of video footage in a raw format. O2I completed the trial with one business resource within one business day.

O2I’s resource edited the images with Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop software and the video footage with FCP and Adobe Premiere Pro. The 30-minute output (MP4 format) and XML working files were uploaded for client review via Dropbox.

Full-time Contract

Due to the success of the trial, the client signed an annual contract to outsource seventy weddings to O2I in the first project. Each wedding contained 3,000 images. The images were edited with the help of three full-time resources.

Video footage was edited with two full-time resources and ranged from 1-10 hours. Four wedding images and two wedding videos were completed weekly.

Client Benefits

  • 70 percent cost-savings
  • One-stop-source for photo and video editing and subtitling in a foreign language

Choose O2I for Wedding Photo and Video Editing Services

At O2I, we offer high-quality Photo editing and video editing services. Our services also include Data Management, Translation, KPO, and more. To get a free quote or to outsource a free trial, call or email today. We will revert within one business day.

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