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3D Animation Rendering Services

Outsource 3D Animation Rendering Services

Up your 3D animation rendering game with O2I’s professional animation rendering services from an experienced team of creative animators.

Ever thought of creating a concept, just sitting back and watching your animation take shape? Now all you need to do is define the skeletal model of the animated product and get an external team of creative animators to work for you and have the complete creative control yourself. In fact even your woes of using computers with high-end RAM, latest software and supporting infrastructure can be put to rest. This time consuming and arduous process can be outsourced.

Outsource2india has a clear edge in the animation market - with a sound workflow and process in place, our team of 3D animators and designers have the efficiency and accuracy to handle the finer nuances of the demanding animation market for a global audience. We understand the demand for exclusive cost-effective rendering services and help studios and individuals partner with us to make their models and animations come to life.

Rendering Services Offered by Outsource2india

O2I's 3D animators understand the geometry, viewpoint, texture and lighting information that are required for generating an image from a model stage to rendering. Outsource2india offers rendering services to a host of industries right from architectural companies to gaming industries where each client engages with different features and techniques.

A lot can be achieved through modeling, texturing, shading, lighting, dynamics, rigging and animation which are possible only through effective rendering. In fact O2I can handle both high-poly and low-poly modeling and our team of experts understand clearly where high and low poly modeling needs to be used along with the appropriate rendering. We also offer both photorealistic morphing and non-photorealistic rendering where we can make subjects look life-like or in an artistic style.

We offer our rendering services to the following -

  • Conceptual Walkthrough Services

    Our conceptual walkthrough renderings use the impact of shadows, sunlight or artificial light. We provide architectural renderings for commercial buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings, exterior views of any type of building, interior views of buildings, modular/custom furniture, engineering low poly modeling, landscape designing.

  • Exterior/Interior Walkthrough Services

    As part of our rendering services we capture product design from all angles and in motion which will demonstrate how a product will look and perform. We offer a photo-realistic dimension to a constructed space from any angle. Be it landscaping, interior lighting, natural lighting, we can render the animation according to your requirements.

  • Product Animation & Presentation Services

    As part of our rendering services we have an outstanding global experience in rapid prototyping. We convert virtual drawings to cross sections and create functional or non-functional models of end-products which eliminate the whole concept of traditional old fashioned prototyping.

  • Assembly Animation & Architectural Walkthrough Services

    As part of our portfolio, through our rendering services we can create detailed 3D models and provide photo-realistic rendering and modeling.

Software Used for Architectural Rendering and Modeling

3ds MAX  Maya  SketchUp  Rhinoceros   Cinema 4D  AUTODESK REVIT   SOLIDWORKS

3D Animation Rendering Process Flow

The 3D animation industry is hit by a dearth of manpower, talent and software. Against this backdrop, O2I has taken full advantage and tapped into this opportunity by offering individual processes as part of the 3D animation services. Our expertise has evolved and today we have the potential to handle large 3D animation projects at any stage in the process. With the support of expert animators, we create the best-in-class 3D animation and are cued in to handle the whole process or engage in individual processes as an applied service.

Concept and Storyboard

Understand initial concept - Create storyboard - Provide insight into layout, character design, story flow, etc.

Layout and Animatics

Design layout from storyboard - Use animatics to pre-visualize film/cartoon

Model Execution

Art team turns 2D concept to high detail 3D models

Texture Rendering

Give texture to model

Skeletal Rigging

Develop skeletons and animate specific parts character

Develop Key Frames

Develop key frames and define movements and timings

Cleanup, Coloring, and Motion Capture

Clean up animation - Create final drawings - Add color for finished film


Bring life to 3D character

Lighting, Compositing, and FX

Define light properties and interaction of light with different material - Collate 3D elements - Edit sound and video of animation

Voice Over

Integrate voice, music, and special effects

Final Delivery

3D model generated to bring the animation to life

Benefits of Outsourcing Rendering Services to O2I

At O2I we use the latest software tools and infrastructure which helps effectively reduce project time along with costs and achieve the highest level of quality. We are sensitive to client data and have regulations to ensure highest level of security, privacy and confidentiality. Backed by a talented workforce, our specialists ensure completion of projects well within the scheduled time at a highly economical pricing.

Some of the benefits of partnering with O2I for rendering services include -

  • Working on the latest software tools and infrastructure
  • Engaging with superior technical resources
  • Defining final outputs within turnaround time
  • Adhering to superior quality standards
  • Ensuring highest level of security and confidentiality of data
  • Charging cost-effective pricing

Partner with Outsource2india for Reliable 3D Animation Rendering Services

Whether it is a simple free hand sketch or CAD drawings we can convert them into photorealistic renderings. Our team of skilled graphic designers can create appealing 3D renderings within a short turnaround time.

Today our services and specifically rendering services are available to various industries - be it the high demanding real estate or highly creative gaming industry - we are the ideal partners.

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