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Outsource 3D Logo Design Services

Logo is a visual representation of your company, product, or brand, and is therefore extremely important. The best logos are not only designed well, but are also easily identifiable. Creative logos capture viewer's attention and imprint themselves in the customer's memory, ensuring better brand recall, which also prompts customers to know more about your company.

3D logo designs are a variant of simple two dimensional logos, and are more dynamic and eye-catching in nature. They look especially good in video presentations, TV commercials, web animations, mobile phones, etc. and create a strong company image. At Outsource2india, our logo design services have helped global businesses achieve a strong brand identity, and our custom 3D logo designs aim to project your brand identity in the best possible light.

Our 3D Logo Design Services

A well-designed logo is critical for your success, as it enhances your brand's appeal by making it popular and recognizable among your audience. While designing a logo for a client, we keep several considerations in mind, such as -

  • Understand the nature of your business
  • How the logo will look on your products
  • How the logo will look like in an advertisement, marketing materials etc.
  • What sort of color palette, shape, style etc. would suit your logo, and create a positive impact on customers

Our 3D logo design services are categorized into the following -

  1. Symbol / Icon 3D Logo Designs

    Our symbol or icon based logo designs ensure they represent your company in a simple, yet bold manner. We design an abstract and stylized image while keeping the nature of your business in mind, ensuring easy recollection amongst customers. Some common examples of a symbol logo designs are -

  2. Logotype / Wordmark 3D Logo Designs

    A wordmark logo design is usually created if you would like to have the name of your company as a part of the logo. We decide the custom fonts which would suit the logo best and discuss it with the clients, and upon approval, incorporate it within a striking, memorable 3D logo design. Some examples of this type of logo are -

  3. Lettermark 3D Logo Designs

    Lettermark 3D logo designs tend to be predominantly typographic, and utilize your company's or brand's initials as part of the logo. This sort of logo is especially useful if the name of your company or brand is too long. Some famous examples of lettermark logos are -

  4. Combination 3D Logo Designs

    Combination logos designed by our expert graphic designers allow you the flexibility to choose a combination of a wordmark and a symbol together to create an impactful logo. A well-designed combination logo will ensure that your logo looks good even when the design elements are separated. Some common examples of this sort of logo are -

    target 3d logo pepsi 3d logo puma 3d logo
  5. Emblem 3D Logo Designs

    An emblem type logo is designed in such a way that it incorporates your company or brand name within the logo itself. Some common examples of such logos are -

Features of Our 3D Logo Design Services

Our 3D logo graphic designs are expertly designed with a precise use of images, text and symbols to ensure that they are distinct, versatile and extremely memorable. Some of the highlights of our professional 3D logo design services are -

  • Creating Fresh, Original 3D Logo Designs

    Our team of expert graphic designers can create original, memorable and meaningful custom 3D logos as per your requirement. We follow the below mentioned procedure to create original 3D logo designs -

    • Our graphic design team conducts an initial interview with the client to understand his exact requirements
    • The designers then conduct extensive industry-focused research into successful logos, and current styles being followed
    • The designers then develop initial sketches and logo concepts which are then shared with the client
    • Upon client's approval, our designers deliver a high quality final 3D logo design with all original work files for enhanced client satisfaction
  • Converting Existing 2D logos Into Impactful 3D Logo Designs

    By converting your existing 2D logo into an eye-catching 3D logo, you can refresh your brand image. Our expert designers will tweak and modernize your existing logo into a stunning 3D logo design based on your input and relevant research into industry-specific successful logos. All our designs are 100% original, and ensure your brand identity stands out from the rest.

  • Creating Animated 3D Logos

    Our highly efficient and expansive 3D Animation services ensure we can help create some of the best animated 3D logo designs in India. An animated 3D logo design can convert your static 2D company logo into a dynamic, attention-grabbing logo. Our animation designers utilize the latest 3D, Flash and Animation software to give your logo an impressive makeover for online marketing, TV commercials, etc.

Benefits of our Logo Design Services

Over the past 18 years, Outsource2india has provided exceptional logo design services to global clients. All our 3D logo designs are created with the clients brand image in mind, and provide the following value-added benefits -

  • Fully customizable and original logos which are designed with the clients requirements in mind
  • Fast turnaround times to ensure you receive final, completed designs within the desired timeframe
  • Latest graphic design software is utilized by our team of designers to ensure high quality 3D design logos without any inaccuracies. Software used for creating and animating 3D logos include Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
  • High quality, affordable services which ensure a cost saving of almost 60% as compared to other Logo design companies
  • A constant support structure with 24/7 availability ensure that any last minute changes or feedback is incorporated as soon as possible

O2I - Your Destination for High Quality Custom 3D Logo Design

Whether it is conventional 2D logos, or impressive 3D logos, we deliver exceptional logo designs which express your company's brand identity in a positive light. At O2I, we are constantly striving to merge design and technology to provide the best 3D logo design services to our global clients.

Contact us now to discuss your logo design requirements, and receive highly customized and personalized logo designs for your business.

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