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Surgical Illustration Services

Outsource Surgical Illustration Services

Avail high-quality surgical illustrations to educate patients, teach doctors and share new procedures and devices at prices starting at just $10/hour

Surgery is a scary word for a lot of people. We know that your patients deserve all the information necessary to help them feel at ease with any procedure they're having done. They want to know how it works, what will happen, and why it's necessary. Since they aren't trained medical professionals, there is no better way to explain this to them than through images. Our medical illustration experts will create depictions of surgical procedures that are detailed yet easy to understand.

Have you developed a new surgical procedure you need to teach to other medical professionals? Even with their extensive knowledge of medical terminologies and procedures, there is no better way to show how the new surgery should be performed than through images that show it in process. This is especially true since new technologies, devices, and techniques are always being developed. Those you're trying to teach may need to understand more than just your new procedure - there might be other components to the process with which they're unfamiliar.

We will work one-on-one with you to create illustrations of your unique procedure which visually explains how it is to be completed.

O2I's Surgical Illustration Services

Outsource2india, a leading surgical illustration services providing company has over 25 years of experience as a Surgical Illustration Service Provider for global clients. Our services include -

  • Cardiovascular Surgical Illustration Services

    Cardiovascular Surgical Illustration Services

    Cardiovascular surgery is a very serious business and deserves high-quality illustrations that show the intricacies of these delicate procedures. Our team can create images of damaged and diseased hearts, showing why surgeries are necessary. They can also create step-by-step illustrations of cardiovascular surgical processes, including stent surgeries, bypass surgeries, transplant surgeries, pacemaker surgeries, and the benefits of each of these surgeries.

  • Plastic Surgery Illustrations

    Plastic Surgery Illustrations

    Plastic surgery illustrations can be as simple as illustrating how these procedures should be performed, or as intricate as illustrating the before and after of particular care before surgery. Our team is happy to assist with illustrations of any type of plastic surgery - from cosmetic to reconstructive and anything in between.

  • Neurosurgery Illustrations

    Neurosurgery Illustrations

    The brain and nervous system are a complex web of interconnected components and layers. Neurosurgery is one of the most delicate surgeries doctors can perform. Our neurosurgery illustrations will visualize these intricacies and the effect they have on surgical procedures.

  • General Surgery Illustration Services

    General Surgery Illustration Services

    We are excited to create drawn and computer-rendered images of any level of anatomy as needed to illustrate surgical procedures, whether you need to show the skeletal system, cardiovascular system, neurological system, connective tissues, organs, or skin. We can also create single illustrations and a series of illustrations depicting multiple layers of the human body's systems, as required.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Benefits of Outsourcing Surgical Illustration Services to O2I

  • A Suite of Related Services

    Here at O2I, we are excited to offer a range of medical illustration services, transcription services, medical billing and coding, and more. If you require more than simple surgical illustrations, we are happy to help you find any services necessary to achieve your goals.

  • A Team of Highly Trained Professionals

    The medical illustrators here at Outsource2India are not just artists. They are trained in anatomy, have medical backgrounds, and a thorough grasp of all software needed to create top-of-the-line images for your project. Working with a team of professions (as opposed to a single individual) means that you have the expertise of multiple people at your fingertips at all times.

  • The Latest in Medical Illustration

    While we are happy to provide hand-drawn, watercolor, and other traditional forms of medical illustration, we are also excited to offer cutting-edge computer renderings. These illustrations can be moved from 2D to 3D and even made to be interactive, upon special request.

  • Not Satisfied Until YOU Are Satisfied

    We know how important illustrations like these are. We know that they must be impeccably executed to deliver your message in the clearest form possible. To ensure your satisfaction our expert team will work one-on-one with you, revising the illustrations as necessary until you are satisfied.

Client Case Studies

O2I Provided Paris-based Men's Apparel Manufacturer Receives Illustration Services

Paris-based Men's Apparel Manufacturer Receives Illustration Services from Outsource2india

We provided illustrations for 200 images, delivering four images per day via Dropbox in the required EPS and PDF formats. Our services resulted in 60% cost savings.

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O2I Provided Illustrations for a Denmark-based Writer

Outsource2india Provides Illustrations for Denmark-based Writer

A leading Denmark-based writer required high-quality illustrations for a new children's book. Our team provided very-high-quality and highly affordable services.

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Outsource Surgical Illustration Services to Outsource2india


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Selecting O2I for your surgical illustration services is more than just finding someone to draw the pictures or create the computer-rendered images you need. It is bringing a professional team of expert designers on board who can assist you with multiple illustrative tasks and who are connected as part of a large network of experts with talents and skills in other areas of the medical profession.

If you are looking for surgical illustration services in India, look no further. Contact us today to begin the conversation about your particular surgical illustration needs and how we can help you bring those images to reality.

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